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The Proprietors of the Northern Neck

Chapters of Culpeper Genealogy

By Fairfax Harrison (1926)

The evidence for the participation of the Culpepers
and their descendants in the planting of Virginia

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Table of Contents.

bullet Overview by Warren Culpepper
bulletWhere is the Northern Neck?
bulletThe Proprietors of the Northern Neck
bulletWigsell Pedigree
bullet1. Pageant
bullet2. Wigsell
bulletIX. Walter Culpeper (Sir John8 of Bedgebury), 1475?-1515, of Calais and Wigsell
bulletX. William Culpeper (Walter9 of Calais), 1509?-1559, of Hunton and Wigsell
bulletXI. John Culpeper (William10 of Wigsell), 1531-1612, of Wigsell
bulletXII. Thomas Culpeper (John11 of Wigsell), 1561-1613, of Wigsell
bullet3. Hollingbourne
bulletXI. Francis Culpeper (William10 of Wigsell), 1538-1591, of Greenway Court
bulletXII. Sir Thomas Culpeper (Francis11 of Greenway Court) 1575-1661, of Hollingbourne, called 'the elder'.
bulletXIII. John, First Lord Culpeper (Thomas12 of Wigsell), 1600-1660, first baron Culpeper of Thoresway [i.e., First Lord Culpeper]
bulletXIV. Thomas, Second Lord Culpeper (John13, first Lord Culpeper), 1635-1689, of Leeds Castle, second Lord Culpeper
bullet4. Feckenham
bulletXI. Dr. Martin Culpeper (William10 of Wigsell), 1540-1605, of Feckenham, co. Worcester
bulletXII. John Culpeper (John11 of Wigsell), 1565-1635, of Feckenham
bulletXIII. John Culpeper (John12 of Feckenham), 1606-1674, of Northampton.
bulletXIII. Thomas Culpeper (John12 of Feckenham), 1602? - 1652?, of the Middle Temple.
bulletXIV. John Culpeper (Thomas13 of the Middle Temple), 1633 - Aft. 1680
bulletXIV. Alexander Culpeper (Thomas13 of the Middle Temple), 1631?-1694, of Hollingbourne, Esq.
bullet5. Leed's Castle
bulletXV. Catherine Culpeper (Thomas14, second Lord Culpeper), 1670?-1719.
bulletXVI. Thomas Fairfax (Catherine Culpeper15, wife of Thomas, fifth Lord Fairfax), 1693-1781, Sixth Lord Fairfax.
bulletXVI. Robert Fairfax (Catherine Culpeper15, wife of Thomas, fifth Lord Fairfax), 1706-1793, Seventh Lord Fairfax.
bulletXVI. Frances Fairfax Martin (Catherine Culpeper15, wife of Thomas, fifth Lord Fairfax), 1703-1791.

The Roman Numerals above refer to the generation number since Sir Thomas Culpeper of 1170. The parenthetical expression identifies the individual's Culpeper parent.

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Overview by Warren Culpepper

There have been two major publications on Culpepper family genealogy. The first was The Sussex Colepepers by Col. F.W.T. Atree in 1904. The second, drawing upon and extending the first, was The Proprietors of the Northern Neck, by Fairfax Harrison in 1926.

Subsequent research has suggested that some of Harrison's conclusions relative to the Culpepers in America may be in error. In particular, Harrison believed that John Culpeper of Northampton (1606-1674) died without issue. Harrison also believed that John born 1633 and son of Thomas of the Middle Temple was John of Albemarle, alias the Carolina Rebel. This, too, seems in doubt.

For a discussion on the most recent theories about these and other American John Culpepers, see Four Johns vs. A Full House.

Where is the Northern Neck of Virginia?

Curiously, Harrison does not make clear the location of the Northern Neck. Basically, it is the land that lies between the Potomac and Rappahannock Rivers, starting down at the Chesapeake Bay and extending northwestwards to encompass all of the present-day Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC. For a more complete description, and partial map, see Culpepper Connections' Northern Neck.

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