Wigsell Pedigree
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The Proprietors of the Northern Neck

Chapters of Culpeper Genealogy

By Fairfax Harrison

A Key Chart of the Pedigree of the Wigsell Culpepers
to Illustrate their Relationship with Virginia

How to read the Chart. The HTML technology of the web does not make it easy to draw lines between boxes. Therefore, in the chart below, the connection from one generation to the next is indicated in the narrative for the parent.

o.s.p. (obiit sine prole) Died without issue
o.s.p.s. (obiit sine prole superstite) Died without surving issue.

Walter Culpeper (1475?-1516) Under Marshall of Calais. A younger son of the Sir John Culpeper of Bedgebury, co. Kent, who was buried at Goudhurst, 1480, this Walter took as his portion, under his father's will, the ancient Culpeper inheritance of Wigsell in Sussex; where his son founded a new house. (Father of William below)
William Culpeper (1509-1559) of Wigsell, co. Sussex. (Father of John below)
John Culpeper (1530-1612) of Wigsell. (Father of Thomas, John, and Alexander below)
Thomas Culpeper (1561-1613) of Wigsell. A member of the Virginia Company, 1609-1613 (Father of Sir John  below)
John Culpeper (1565-1635) of Feckenham
, co. Worc. A member of the Virginia Company, 1609-1625. (Father of Thomas and John of Northampton below)
Sir Alexander Culpeper (1570-1645) of Greenway Court and Ulcombe
, co. Kent, His will (P.C.C. Rivers, 157, and Fairfax, 153) is the key to his pedigree. (o.s.p.)
Sir John Culpeper (1st Lord) (1600-1660) of Wigsell and Hollingbourne. M.P. Master of the Rolls, etc. created 1644. Lord Culpeper of Thoresway. A member of the Virginia Company, 1617-1623. One-seventh proprietor of the Northern Neck under the charter of 1649. (Also see article from Britannica On-Line) (Father of Thomas below)

Thomas Culpeper (1602?-1652?) of the Middle Temple
of the Middle Temple. One-seventh proprietor of the Northern Neck under the charter of 1649. Emigrated to Virginia, 1649, and there died. (Father of Alexander, Anne, John of Albemarle, and Frances below)

John Culpeper (1606-1674) of Northampton Co
, Virginia.  Sometime a Virginia merchant of London, and at the end of his life, Clerk of Northampton County. (o.s.p.?Culpepper Connections Note: While Fairfax Harrison believed John may have died without issue, more recent research indicates that John of Northampton may be the progenitor of most American Culpeppers.
Thomas Culpeper (2nd Lord) (1635-1689) of Leeds Castle. Succeeded, 1660, as second Lord Culpeper. {Married 1660, Margaret Van Hesse (1635-1710), who was one-sixth proprietor of the Northern Neck under will of Alexander Culpeper, 1694-1710; and who devised that interest to her grandson, Thomas, sixth Lord Fairfax.} Member of the Council for Foreign Plantations, 1671-1674. Governor of Virginia, 1677-1683; Proprietor of the Northern Neck under charters of 1669 and 1688; viz: one-sixth until 1681, and thereafter, five-sixths. Proprietor of all Virginia under the Arlington charter of 1673; viz. one-third, 1673-1681, and the whole, 1681-1684, when he surrendered to the Crown. [Paintings of Lord Thomas and Lady Margaret are on the Home Page of Culpepper Connections!] (Father of Catherine below)

Alexander Culpeper (1631?-1694) of Hollingbourne, Esq.
Surveyor- General of Virginia, 1671-1694. One-sixth proprietor of the Northern Neck under the charters of 1669 and 1688; devised his interest to the widow of the second Lord Culpeper. (o.s.p.)

Anne Culpeper (1630-1695)
. Married in Virginia, 1652, Christopher Danby of Thorpe Perrow, co. Yorks. A daughter married Joseph Goodrich of Rapphannock Co, VA

John Culpeper (1633-post 1680) of Albemarle
in Carolina; the 'Carolina Rebel' of 1677. From him may have descended the later Culpepers of Lower Norfolk Co, VA.

Frances Culpeper (1634-post 1690)
. Married, 1st, 1652, Samuel Stephens of Warwick Co, VA, sometime Governor of Albemarle; 2nd, 1670, Sir William Berkeley, Governor of Virginia; 3rd, 1680, Philip Ludwell of James City Co, VA, sometime Governor of Carolina.  (o.s.p.)
Catherine Culpeper (1670?-1719) of Leeds Castle; married 1690, Thomas, fifth Lord Fairfax of Cameron (1657-1710). She was five-sixth proprietor of the Northern Neck, 1689-1719; devised Leeds Castle and her interest in the Northern Neck to her descendants in tail male. (Mother of Thomas, Robert, and Frances below)
Thomas Fairfax (1693-1781) of Leeds Castle and Greenway Court, Virginia. Succeeded 1710 as sixth Lord Fairfax. One-sixth proprietor of the Northern Neck, 1710-1719; sole proprietor 1719-1781; devised Alexander Culpeper's one-sixth interest in the proprietary, together with Leeds Manor in Virginia, to his nephew Denny Martin, on condition that he should assume name Fairfax. (o.s.p.)

Robert Fairfax (1706-1793) of Leeds Castle
. Succeeded 1781 as seventh Lord Fairfax. Five-sixths proprietor of the Northern Neck, 1781-1786, when the proprietary was abolished by the Virginia Assembly. Collected 13,000 as the measure of his life interest from the British government under the American Loyalists Compensation Act.  (o.s.p.s.)

Frances Fairfax (1703-1791)
. Married Denny Martin of Loose, co, Kent. (Mother of Denny, Thomas, and Philip below)
Denny Martin (1726-1800) of Leeds Castle. Assumed additional name of Fairfax, 1781. One-sixth proprietor of the Northern Neck, 1781-1786, when the proprietary was abolished by the Virginia Assembly. Sold Leeds Manor in Virginia and his claim in proprietary, to John Marshall & Co.  (o.s.p.)

Thomas Bryan Martin (1731-1798) of Greenway Court in Virgina. Emigrated to Virginia, 1751, and in 1752 was vested with the Virginia Greenway Court by his uncle, the sixth Lord Fairfax. County Lieutenant of Hampshire, VA, 1755. Devised Greeway Court to his housekeeper, Betty Powers. (o.s.p.)

Philip Martin (1733-1821) of Leeds Castle.
  A general in the army. Succeeded to Leeds Castle, 1800, on the death of his brother Denny, and being without issue and the last heir male of Catherine, Lady Fairfax, devised that property to a remote kinsman on his father's side, Fiennes Wykeham, who assumed the additional name of Martin. (o.s.p.)

(Continued in Chapter 1)

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