Karl Thomas Boysen1

Male, #55084, (20 Jan 1959 - 8 Aug 2004)
Birth*20 Jan 1959 He was born on 20 Jan 1959 at Galveston Co., Texas. Karl Thomas Boysen is the son of Thomas Robert Boysen and Dora Mae Eklund.2 
SSN*1974 His Social Security Number was issued in 1974 in Texas
Marriage*27 Aug 1983 He married Diane Marie Culpepper at Harris Co., Texas, on 27 Aug 1983 at age 24.1 
Divorce*28 Dec 1984 He and Diane Marie Culpepper were divorced on 28 Dec 1984 at Harris Co., Texas.3 
Death*8 Aug 2004 He died on 8 Aug 2004 at age 45.4 
Last Edited25 Aug 2006


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    Diane Marie Culpepper, F, 18, and Karl Thomas Boysen, M, 24, married 27 Aug 1983 in Harris Co., TX.
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    Karl Thomas Boysen, born __ 1959 in Galveston Co., TX, son of Thomas Robert Boysen and Dora Mae Eklund.
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Jimmy Gordon Bland1

Male, #55086, (1 Jan 1934 - 1 Apr 2003)
Birth*1 Jan 1934 He was born on 1 Jan 1934.2 
SSN*between 1936 and 1950 His Social Security Number was issued between 1936 and 1950 in Texas.2 
Marriage*say 1960 He married Sudie Ruth Kennedy say 1960.1 
Death*1 Apr 2003 He died at Orange, Orange Co., Texas, on 1 Apr 2003 at age 69.2 


  • Kelli Allyn Bland1
Last Edited25 Aug 2006


  1. Texas Department of State Health Services, compiler, Texas Birth Index, 1903 - 1997, Online database at Ancestry.com, 2005.
    Kelli Allyn Bland, born __ 1961 in Orange Co., TX, daughter of Jimmy Gordon Bland and Sudie Ruth Kennedy.
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Cristy Gay Culpepper1

Female, #55087, (6 Feb 1970 - 14 Jul 1991)
Father*Don Owen Culpepper1
Birth*6 Feb 1970 She was born on 6 Feb 1970 at Harris Co., Texas.1 
Death of Father31 Oct 1984 Her father Don Owen Culpepper died on 31 Oct 1984 at Harris Co., Texas.2,3 
Death*14 Jul 1991 She died at Nacogdoches Co., Texas, on 14 Jul 1991 at age 21.4 
ChartsJohn Culpepper of Randolph Co, AL: Descendant Chart
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    Cristy Gay Culpepper, Female, died 14 Jul 1991 in Nacogdoches Co., TX.

Charles Malcolm Bradford1

Male, #55088, (13 Oct 1927 - 5 Jun 1993)
Birth*13 Oct 1927 He was born on 13 Oct 1927 at Jefferson Co., Texas. Chas Malcolm Bradford is the son of Mercer Alexander Bradford and Nora Nell Franklin.2 
Marriage*12 Apr 1960 He married Sudie Ruth Kennedy at Harris Co., Texas, on 12 Apr 1960 at age 32.1 
Death*5 Jun 1993 He died at Jasper, Jasper Co., Texas, on 5 Jun 1993 at age 65.3 
Last Edited15 Aug 2014


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    Charles Malcolm Bradford, M, 32, and Sudie Ruth Kennedy, F, 19, married 12 Apr 1960 in Harris Co., TX.
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    Chas Malcolm Bradford, born __ 1927 in Jefferson Co., TX, son of Mercer Alexander Bradford and Nora Nell Franklin.
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Paul Adolphus Aikens1

Male, #55103, (1 Dec 1928 - 12 Feb 1979)
African* He was an African-American. 
Birth*1 Dec 1928 He was born on 1 Dec 1928 at Bexar Co., Texas. Paul Aikens is the son of Arthur Louis Aikens and Ossiele Williams.2,1 
Marriage*2 May 1960 He married Faye Marie Culpepper at Harris Co., Texas, on 2 May 1960 at age 31.3 
Death*12 Feb 1979 He died at Houston, Harris Co., Texas, on 12 Feb 1979 at age 50.2,4 
Last Edited26 Aug 2006


  1. Texas Department of State Health Services, compiler, Texas Birth Index, 1903 - 1997, Online database at Ancestry.com, 2005.
    Paul Adolphus Aikens, born 1 Dec 1928 in Bexar Co., TX, son of Arthur Louis Aikens and Ossiele Williams.
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    Paul Aikens died 12 Feb 1979 in Harris Co., TX.

Hans Jakob Morf1

Male, #55105, (say 1710 - 1762)
Father*Hans Ulrich Morf1
Mother*Anna (?)1
Birth*say 1710 Hans was born at Effretikon, Illnau, Zurich, Switzerland, say 1710.1 
Marriage*18 Mar 1733 He married Elisabeth Bosshard at Illnau, Zurich, Switzerland, on 18 Mar 1733.1 
Birth of Son24 Jan 1734 His son John Murff was born on 24 Jan 1734 at Zurich, Switzerland.1 
Death*1762 He died at Saxe Gotha, Craven Co., South Carolina, in 1762.1 
Research noteApr 2011 Morf/Murff/Murph Settlers of Colonial South Carolina

     Holcomb, Brent H. Petitions for Land from the South Carolina Council Journals, Volume II: 1748-1752. Columbia SC: SCMAR, 1996.
     Holcomb, Brent H. Petitions for Land from the South Carolina Council Journals, Volume VII: 1771-1774. Columbia SC: SCMAR, 1999, p. 147:
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     South Carolina Department of Archives and History, www.archivesindex.sc.gov, source for plats and indexing of grants, Memorials, deeds, etc.

Holcomb, Petitions, Vol. II, Pp. 110-111: Meeting of 26 January 1749/50

*     The Humble Petition of Jacob Morf was read setting forth That your Pet’r came in the Ship Greenwich, Capt. Randolph, on the Encouragement given to foreign Protestants, hath a Wife and one Child and never had any Land granted unto him, prays to run out to him 150 acres of Land in Orangeburgh Township free of Charge and that he may have the Bounty of Provision. The prayer thereof was granted and Bounty for two & half.
[Plat, 150 acres, Orangeburgh Township, Four Hole Swamp, Berkeley County, 18 May 1750; granted 6 Nov 1751. His wife died soon after arrival in SC. He married Christina Hessy on 5 Jun 1750. If Jacob and Christina Morf had children in SC, they did not baptize them at the Orangeburgh church.]

Disposition of land:
Langley, Vol. IV, p. 7-8:
SC Deed Book I-3, 13 & 14 Mar. 1762, L & R. Jacob Morf, laborer, of Berkeley Co., to Valentine Shumacker, laborer, of Amelia Township, for £200 currency, 150 a. in Orangeburgh Township, Berkeley Co., granted Morf 6 Nov. 1752 by Gov. James Glen (see Secretary's Book F.F., fol. 31); on a N branch of Four Hole Swamp Creek called Pope's Spring Creek; bounding SE on lower line of said Township; other sides on vacant land. Witnesses: Jacob Hungerbeuler, Conrad Hungerbeuler, Rudolf (his mark) Morf. Before Fenwicke Bull, J.P. & P, Register, on 28 Feb. 1768. Recorded 5 Mar. 1768.

*     The Humble Petition of Felix Morf was read setting forth That your Pet’r came into this Country by the Ship Greenwich, Capt. Randolph, on the Encouragement given to foreign Protestants and desires to settle with others of his Country Men in Orangeburgh Township, has a Wife and never had any Land granted unto him, prays to run out to him 100 acres of Land and that he may have the Bounty of Provision. The prayer thereof was granted and Bounty. [Grant, 100 acres, Orangeburgh District on Polk Spring Creek, 6 Nov 1751. Memorial for 100 acres filed late on 26 Aug 1765, possibly in connection with his estate. Felix Morf married on 22 Jul 1749 in Rikon, Illnau Parish, Zürich.]
Child baptized on 3 Nov 1751: Hans Ulrick, son of Felix and Margaret Morff; born April 10th. Last. Suscept. John Giessendanner, John Heller, Margaret, wife of Peter Larry. Later SC records do not mention an Ulrick or John Ulrick Morff, and the child may not have survived to maturity. If Felix and Margaret Morff had additional children, they were not baptized at the Orangeburgh church.

*     The Humble Petition of Barbara Morf (Hindermeister, per 22 Jul 1749 marriage records in Illnau) was read setting forth That your Pet’r came in the Ship Greenwich, Capt. Randolph, on the Encouragement given to foreign Protestants, that her husband is Sick in the Town and not able to attend, is desirous of settling in Orangeburgh Township, prays to run out 100 acres of Land in Orangeburgh Township and that he may have the Bounty of Provision. The prayer thereof was granted and Bounty. [Plat, 100 acres to Conrad (sic: his name was Ulrich) Morf, adj. Casper Cunn in Bull Swamp, Orangeburgh Township, Berkeley County, 21 Jul 1750; granted 24 Apr 1752. Memorial for Conrad Morf [sic] for 100 acres on Bull Swamp filed 26 Aug 1765, 15 years after Ulrich's death. Barbara, widow of Hans Ulrich Morf, married Henry Whetstone Sr. on 24 Dec 1750 in Orangeburgh. Barbara was living as of 1768, when she signed deeds with Henry Whetstone. Heinrich Wezstein, bapt. 15 Nov 1729 in Illnau, Zürich, arrived in Orangeburgh SC on 1 Dec 1737 on the ship Samuel.]

*     No petition recorded: Plat, 500 acres to Hans Jacob Morf, south side of Broad River, Saxe-Gotha Township, adj. Hermond Geiger, 21 Nov 1750; granted 20 Apr 1752. [Hans Jacob Morf with wife Elizabeth Bosshart and 8 children left parish Illnau, Zürich, in 1749 with the three other Morf couples (settlers in Orangeburgh Township) on the ship Greenwich. Since petitions were required prior to the issuance of a land warrant, the absence of a petition must be due to the oversight of a clerk who skipped over petitions from two same-named persons. The size of the grant indicates a family of 10 persons.]

Disposition of land:
Langley, Vol. III, p. 311: SC Deed Book E-3, p. 735, 10 & 11 Mar. 1763, L & R. John Morf, planter, of Saxegotha Township, Berkeley Co., to Michael Moulbare, planter, for £50 currency, 250 a. (half of 500 a.) in Saxegotha Township, on S side Broad River, bounding SE on other half; other sides on vacant land; being ½ of 500 a. granted 24 Apr. 1752 by Gov. James Glen to Hans Jacob Morf, bounding SE on Harman Geiger; other sides on vacant land. Hans Jacob Morf died intestate & his eldest son John, inherited. Witnesses: Henry Gallman, John Conrad Geiger. Before John Hamelton, J.P. Recorded 2 July 1766 by Fenwicke Bull, Register.

     “     SC Deed Book E-3, p. 741, 9 & 10 Apr 1764. John Morf, planter, of Saxegotha Township, Berkeley Co., & Susannah his wife, to John Gottfrey, wheelwright, for £60 currency, 250 a., half of 500 a. in Saxegotha Township granted by Gov. James Glen on 24 Apr. 1752 to Hans Jacob Morf; who died intestate; & his eldest son John inherited; the 250 a. bounding NE on Broad River; S on Harman Geiger; NE on other part sold to Michael Maulbare (p. 735); other sides on vacant land. Witnesses: Fite (his mark) Risinger, John Conrad Geiger. Before John Pearson, J.P. Recorded 2 July 1766 by Fenwicke Bull, Register.

Memorial filed on 14 Oct 1766 for Hans Jacob Morff, 500 acres on Broad River, Berkley County. This document was filed by the estate, in order to enable the transfer of title by the heirs. Purchasers Moulbare and Gottfried filed the Memorials on their purchases on 15 Oct 1766.

Other passengers from parish Illnau on the ship Greenwich:

Four men from Rikon in parish Illnau, Zürich, petitioned jointly for permission to emigrate. They were listed as Junghans Klöti, Caspar Kuehn, and “Jacob and Felix the Morfs”. They were among several emigrant families who left various Swiss parishes in July 1749 and sailed to Charlestown SC on the ship Greenwich.

Hans Klöti married Elisabeth Frauenfelder (from Würglen in Illnau) on 14 Jan 1738. They baptized 4 children; 3 were living when they left in 1749. Hans Clety petitioned for 150 acres of land in Orangeburgh Township on 26 Jan 1749/50. Only one of his children had survived the voyage. His land was surveyed on the north side of Four Hole Swamp, on Fleabite Creek (location currently in Calhoun Co, but within Orangeburgh Township in 1750).

Gasper Cunn petitioned with a wife and two children. Kaspar Kuhn (b. 24 Jan 1717 in Rikon, Illnau) and wife Barbara Bosshard (b. 19 Jan 1710 in Fehraltorf) were married in Illnau parish on 31 Jan 1741. They had 5 children, 2 of whom died in infancy. They left parish Illnau with children Anna (b. 6 Oct 1743), Hans (b. 1 Aug 1745), and Hans Heinrich (b. 26 Jan 1749); they arrived in Charlestown with 2 of them. His wife Barbara died shortly after arrival in SC, and he second-married Anna Barbara XXX Hersperger Tapp Ernst in Jun 1750. His third wife (and widow) was Anna Maria XXX, whom he had married by 1758 (when they witnessed a baptism at Orangeburgh Church together with Rudolph and Elizabeth Theiler; Elizabeth married John Murph after 1764). The 200-acre tract of Gasper Cunn was surveyed on 19 Jul 1750, on Bull Swamp adjacent to the tract surveyed for Conrad [sic: Ulrich, deceased] Morf.

I. Morfs of Saxegotha/Lexington Co SC:

Family of Jacob Morf, born 16 Nov 1706 in Effretikon (son of Hans Ulrich Morf, Butcher) married Elisabeth Bosshard from Egetswil, parish Kloten, on 18 Mar 1733 in Illnau. She was the widow of Hans Ulrich Vollenweider of Egetswil (4 Jun 1700 – 15 Oct 1730). Her Vollenweider children were Johannes (21 Nov 1730 – 27 Nov 1730) and Maria, b. 4 Nov 1731. Maria Vollenweider remained in Egetswil with her uncle Kilian Vollenweider-Kloti, married Hans Rudolf Morf from Nürensdorf on 12 Feb 1753. Jacob and Elisabeth Morf arrived in SC in 1749 on the ship Greenwich with 8 of their 10 children; he was survived by wife Elisabeth and 6 children. Jacob Morff signed his will in Saxegotha SC on 16 Oct 1762, proven 12 Nov 1762.
1. John/Johannes, born 24 Jan 1734 in Effretikon, parish Illnau, Zürich, d. bef. 1790 in SC (family tradition says killed at Battle of Cowpens). Married (1) Susanna (maiden name unknown) by 1763. Married (2) Ann E. [maiden name unknown: Elizabeth, widow of Rudolph Theiler], per tombstone of daughter Margaret Children were Margaret (1 Apr 1771 – 13 Oct 1856 in Lexington Co SC), who married Henry Sitler/Sightler (1 Dec 1760 – 3 Jun 1832); John (1775 – 14 Mar 1842 in Lexington Co SC; Frederick, d. 1830<40 in Montgomery Co TN; Elizabeth Murff (11 Jul 1778 – 10 Sep 1855 in Edgefield Co SC), who married John Randolph/"Randall" Geiger (15 Feb 1773 – 18 Jan 1836), son of Herman Geiger (Jr.) and Margaret Theiler.
2. Margaretha, born 20 Feb 1735 in Effretikon; survived her father in 1762; no further record.
3. Hans, born 22 Jan 1736 in Effretikon, no further record.
4. Hans Jakob, born 14 Apr 1737 in Effretikon, no further record.
5. Barbara, born 15 Jun 1738 in Effretikon (died in infancy)
6. Barbara, born 28 Sep 1740 in Effretikon. Married (1) in ~1762 John Conrad Geiger (b. 1736 in St. Gall, d. 2 Mar 1773), son of Herman Geiger (b. Dec 1707 in Widnau, St. Gall, d. Dec 1751 in Saxegotha SC) and Elizabeth Habluzel (b. 11 Dec 1711 in Trullikon, Zürich, d. aft. 1753 in Saxegotha SC). Children were Jacob Geiger (Nov 1763 – 25 Dec 1801); Ann (married Maj. Daniel Tateman, who died in 1789; Capt. William Rea/Rae in 1789; and Dr. John J. Martin); and Elizabeth (~1770 – 1863, married Alexander Bell on 26 Dec 1785). Barbara Morf married (2) Mathias Liebecap (Richland Co SC will signed 15 Dec 1790, proven Feb 1791).
7. Anna, born 14 Apr 1744 in Effretikon (per parish record and her tombstone), d. 16 Jul 1831. Married John Geiger (8 Jan 1748 – Sep 1817), son of Herman Geiger and Elizabeth Habluzel (as above). Surviving children were Herman (1769-1852, married Sarah Sharpe); Abraham (1770-1841, married in 1802 Dorothy/"Dolly" Kinsler [Küntzler of St. Margrethen, St. Gall], widow of double-first-cousin Jacob Geiger above); William (1773-1855, married Margaret Kersh); Elizabeth (1776-1856, married George Kaigler); Ann/"Nancy" (b. 1778, married William Baughman).
8. Verena, born 9 Aug 1744 in Effretikon (died bef. 1762).
9. Jakob, born 16 Jun 1746 in Effretikon; in 1790, his household included 1 son born bef. 1775, 4 sons born 1775<90, a wife and 4 daughters; died 1830<36 in Lincoln Co GA, to which he moved in 1815. Three of his children accompanied him: John, b. 1781; Jacob, b. 1782 (wife Elizabeth/Liza A. Mosely, married 24 Sep 1831 in Lincoln Co GA); Catherine, married John Caver (son of Henry) in April 1798 in Lexington Co SC (per Bible of their son Joel Caver). Catherine Caver was listed as a widowed head-of-household in 1820 in Lincoln Co GA.
10. Hans Rudolf, born 3 Aug 1749 in Effretikon, no further record.

SC Will Book QQ 1760-1767, p. 200:
Jacob Morff, his mark, Saxegotha Township, planter. Wife: Elizabeth [Bosshart], plantation for life, then to son Jacob. Sons: eldest John, plantation purchased of Jacob Reister, part of plantation where I now live; younger Jacob, under age, land being part of my plantation in said township where I now live. Daus: youngest Ana, Margreth and Barbara. Exor: son John. Wit: John Freymouth, Christian Theus [Swiss Reformed pastor of Union church on Sandy Run Creek, also of Reformed church organized 1768 at Savannah Hunt Creek—Elders were John Gallman, George Keith, Jacob Theiler and John Morf], Geo. Keith. Signed: 16 Oct 1762; proven 12 Nov 1762.

Accounts from the Cherokee Wars, SC Commons Journal.

15 Jan 1759-February 16, 1759:     A Certificate from Henry Gallman to Jacob Morff for Carriage of Presents to the Cherokee Indians 27th of November 1758, Six Pounds.
No. 107. Morf, Jacob, for Carriage of Goods to the Congrees at 40/per Cent, Amount £6, To be allowed.
March 8, 1759          [The] 107th, For allowing Jacob Morf £6
April 4, 1759          To Jacob Morf          £     6:00:00

March 29, 1760     Then the Accounts of the following Persons being for the Service of the late Expedition against the Cherokee Indians were severally read, Vizt.

Jacob Murch for wagon hire.

May 28, 1760     258. Jacob Murf, for the use of a Waggon, £28, allowed.
February 4, 1760 – August 6, 1760     381. Jacob Murph, an Account certified for hire of a Waggon and 5 Horses 76 Days at £5 per day, £380 allowed: N.B. in the Certificate of agreement for the hire of this Waggon, "at £4 per diem" are obliterated and appears to have been done after writing the said Agreement. Also an Article for 32 Bushels of Corn not allowed.
     The 52d (No. 381) on Jacob Murph's Account;
     Jacob Murphy [sic] (for Waggon hire)     £380:00:00
July 19, 1760     Jacob Murff (for Waggon hire)     £28:00:00

p. 258: Meeting of Wednesday 5 May 1773:
The following Petitions on the Bounty were presented and Read vizt
John Morff     100     [Note: Bounty grants were officially available only on the first petition from a European-born immigrant. The General Duty Act of 1761 made Bounty grants accessible to all European-born settlers, even if they had already received Bounty land in the household of a parent. The bounty applied only to the European-born individual, not to his/her spouse or children. Location: Saxegotha Township, Savany Hunt Creek (residence of John Morff, son of Jacob Morf).]

Memorial. John Morff, 5 Oct. 1774; 100 acres in Saxagotha Township on the main road leading from Chas. Town to Congaree. Bounded NE on said Morff; NW on Risster [Jacob Reister] and vacant land; SW on vacant land; SE on Ulrick Booser. Survey certified 29 July 1773; granted 25 May 1774. Quit rent in 10 years. Philip Pearson, DS. Delivered this day to Morff. [13-41:3] Source: Motes & Motes, Memorials, p. 133.

Deed Book B-3, p. 681, 1 & 2 June 1763, L & R. Leonard Roof, planter, & Rachel (her mark) his wife, to John Morf, planter, both of Saxegotha Township, for £400 currency, 2 tracts of 25 a. each. Whereas Gov. James Glen on 20 May 1747 granted Christian Brabant 50 a. in Saxegotha Township bounding NE on Santee River; SE on Christian Brabant; SW on vacant land; NW on Henry Gallman; & whereas Christian Brabant & Frownick [Vronegg/Veronika], his wife, for £100 currency, by L & R dated 9 & 10 July 1755 sold the 50 a. to John Martin Miller; & whereas Miller was entitled to a bounty of another 50 a. in said Township, bounding on all sides on vacant land; & whereas for £300 currency, Miller sold Roof 2 tracts of 25 a. each, in Saxegotha Township, the 25 a. in pine land, granted Miller, bounding SE on part of said tract now owned by Roof; other sides on vacant land; the other 25 a. bounding NE on Roof; SE on Brabant & Roof; SW on vacant land; NW on Henry Gallman (see L & R 28 & 29 Sept. 1758). Witnesses: Christian Theus, John Conrad Geiger. Before John Hamilton, J.P. Recorded 25 July 1764 by Fenwicke Bull, Register. Source: Langley, Deeds, Vol. III, p. 237.

Deed Book M-3, p. 120, 25 Oct. 1768, Gift in Trust. John Gallman, of Saxegotha Township, Berkeley Co., for good & pious considerations, to Jacob Theyler, George Keith, John Gallman, & John Morf, elders of the German Congregation of the Dissenting Protestants in Saxegotha township, & their successors; 1 a. in said Township, part of 150 a. between Jacob Moach & John Morf; said a. bounding S on John Morf (Murpf); other sides on said 150 a; with the Meeting House thereon; for the sole use of said German Protestants of the Helvetie or Wallone Confession. Witnesses: Christian Theus, Q.D.M., John Geiger, John (German script) Murpf. Before Fenwicke Bull, J.P. & P. Register. Recorded 26 Dec. 1768. Source, Langley, Deeds, Vol. IV, p. 56.

Deed Book S-3, pp. 187-192, 8 & 9 July 1760, L & R. William Seawright (N.B.: Signature is Robert (his mark) Seawright), gentleman, of Berkeley Co., to George Stroub, planter, of Saxegotha Township, for £300 currency, 150 a. in Saxegotha Township, Berkeley Co., bounding NW on Santee River; NW on Robert Lang, Sr; SW & SE on vacant land. Witnesses: Jacob Morf, George Stroub. Before William Tucker, J.P., on 25 Feb. 1771. recorded 1 Mar. 1771 by Henry Rugeley, Register. [The 1760 date identifies witness Jacob Morf as the elder one, who had relocated to land on the west side of Beaver Creek (the dividing line between the later counties of Lexington and Orangeburg), then described as “the low grounds below Saxegotha”, and neighboring on Seawright. This particular land location is described in later probate documents for the estates of both sons John and Jacob Murff.] Source: Langley, Deeds, Vol. IV, p. 162.

Purchases implied by Memorials:

8 Jul 1764: Memorial of John Morf for 50 acres in Saxe Gotha Township, Berkly County, summarizing a chain of title to two grants, one to John Martin Miller and one to Christian Brabant dated 20 May 1747. [Intermediate owners: Leonard and Rachael Moak Ruff; their Memorial dated 8 Mar 1762.]

23 Jul 1764: Memorial of Jacob Reishter [Reister] for 100 acres in Saxegotha Township, Berkly County, originally part of a 200 acre tract belonging to John Gilleser of June 5, 1742. Names in chain-of-title: John Gilleser [Galliser, original grantee]; John Morf [sold property to Reister as heir of Jacob Morf]; Susannah Morf [John's wife]; John Gibbon [Gibson, owner of adjacent property]; Jacob Morf [father of John Morf and purchaser of property from Reister, per the 1762 Jacob Morf will; Reister bought the same property back from Jacob Morf's son John].
4 Sep 1766: Memorial of Jacob Morff for 100 acres on Santee River, Berkley County, originally part of a 200-acre tract, summarizing a chain of title to a grant to John Gallaser of June 5, 1742. Names in chain-of-title: John Galliser [original grantee]; Casper Galliser [his son and heir]; Elizabeth [Warle] Galliser [Casper's wife]; Felix and Mary Anne Long [previous owners of the property]; Jacob Morff Sr. [late father of Memorialist Jacob Morff; the elder Jacob had purchased the property from the Longs, deed not recorded. Note that Jacob Morf Sr. had bought all of the 200 acres of the Galliser tract, and left half to each son].

18 Mar 1767: Memorial of Frederick Roll for 150 acres on Santee River, summarizing a chain of title to a grant to Peter Meyer of 29 Nov 1750. [Intermediate owners: Jacob and Elizabeth (Bosshard) Morff.]

1 Feb 1773: Memorial of John Murph for 100 acres on Savanah Hunt Creek, Berkley County, summarizing a chain of title to a grant to Margaret Zemmerle of 24 Aug 1770.
1 Feb 1773: Memorial of John Morff for 50 acres on Santee River, Berkley County, summarizing a chain of title to a grant to John Gibson of 5 Jun 1742. [Intermediate owners: Gilbert Gibson (inheritance from his father John); Henry and Catherine Shool; John and Catherine Hersinger.]
1 Feb 1773: Memorial of John Morff for 50 acres on Congaree River, Berkley County, summarizing a chain of title to a grant to Martin Miller.
1 Feb 1773: Memorial of John Morff for 100 acres on Savanah Hunt Creek, Berkley County, summarizing a chain of title to a grant to Johan Jacob Zimmerle of 24 Aug 1770. Note in this sequence that the physical description of the property is that written on the original plat and grant: all locations are along tributaries of what is currently called the Congaree River and in the southeastern section of Saxegotha Township, or [below it in the “low ground between Saxegotha and Amelia Townships”.

1968: Quit Rent (property tax) paid on 50 [sic] acres in Craven County by John Morf.

Memorial. John Hopkins, 12 Jan. 1775: 150 acres in the low ground of Congaree River [i.e., southeast of Saxegotha Township, later in Lexington Co, currently in Calhoun Co SC]. Bounded SE part on Peter Hammil and part on Hans Jacob Morf; NE on Herman Reece; NW vacant and part on Hans Jacob Geiger and part on Richard Spencer. Originally granted 2 Aug. 1757 to Richard Jones and by him conveyed to Edward Hollis 10-11 Jan. 1759, who conveyed said tract by L & R 14-15 July 1774 to John Hopkins, the memorialist. Jno. Hopkins. [13-239:1] Source: Motes & Motes, Memorials, p. 213.

Memorial. Daniel Gartman, 31 Jan. 1775: 100 acres in fork between Broad and Saludy Rivers bounding at time of original survey SW land laid out to Adam George Kellar and John George Infinger; SE on estate of Herman Geiger, deceased; NE on land laid out to Hans Jacob Morff; NW vacant land. Originally granted 8 Mar. 1755 to Margaret Smitten, now Margaret Ulrick. Quit rent in 10 years. Who, by her son, George Gittsinger, conveyed the said 100 acres by land laid out 17-18 Jan. 1775 to Daniel Gartman, the memorialist. Daniel Gartman. [13-265:1] This reference is to the original land grant of Hans Jacob Morf, deceased, located in the lower Dutch Fork. Source: Motes & Motes, Memorials, p. 224.
12 Feb 1799: Jacob Murph, plat for 106 acres on branch of Big Beaver Creek, Orangeburgh District, adj. Laurence Crim, Michael Rucker [post-war land purchase].

Wills mentioning sons of this family:
8 Aug 1772 (proven 18 Sep 1772): Jacob Geiger of Saxegotha Township (son of Herman and Elizabeth Hablüzel Geiger). Will witnessed by George Stroub and John Murff, who signed his name.

2 Dec 1776 (proven NA): Henry Gallman of Saxegotha Township (son of Henry and XXX Geiger Gallman) mentioned land in said Township [Saxegotha] near Jacob Geiger and John Murff, land formerly belonging to John Gallman [land on Savannah Hunt Creek]. Will witnessed by Jacob Mors [sic: Morff], who signed his name.

10 Mar 1777 (proven 12 May 1778): Jacob Theiller of Saxegotha Township mentions land next Toms Creek next John George Strout [Stroub], Jacob Riseter [Reister] and John Murff to be inherited by his 3 grandsons by deceased son Rudolph Theiler [died aft. 1764]; their mother Elizabeth had married John Murff by 1771.

Deed Book Y-4, 172-175: Lease and release. 28 Aug 1773, George Stroup Junr of Craven County, planter, to Jacob Morff of same, for £600 SC money, 200 acres granted 22 Feb 1745 to Elizabeth Verditty on north side Congaree River opposite to Saxegotha Township adj. Philip Jackson, and said Elizabeth Verditty conveyed 1 & 2 1746 to George Haig and said George Haig 24 & 25 Aug 1747 conveyed to John Blewer [Bläüwer/Bleuer of Interlaken, Bern, emigrant of 1744], and said John Blewer and Elizabeth his wife 11 Apr 1750 conveyed 50 acres, being the southeast part of tract, to Peter Rhodes [Roth of Interlaken, Bern, emigrant of 1744], and by another grant dated ___ Nov 1750 granted to Peter Rhodes, 150 acres on north side of Congaree River opposite to Saxe Gotha Township adj. John Pettinger, John Blewer, conveyed by said John Blewer and Elizabeth his wife to said Peter Rhodes, and said Peter Rhodes died intestate and without issue wherefore the right of inheritance of these two parcels of 200 acres devolved on Rosannah Rhodes lawful wife and only surviving heir of said Peter Rhodes deceased, and said Rosannah Rhodes hath since entered into an estate of Holy Matrimony with Jethro Manning and said Jethro Manning and Rosanna his lawful wife and only surviving heir and said Sophia Dorothy Godlieb by indenture 4 June 1771 conveyed to Jacob Morff and George Stroup Junr, this tract of 200 acres adj. Jacob Geigers land, heirs of Joseph Meyers deceased, George Eigners land. George Stroup Junr (LS), Magdaleen Stroup (+) (LS). Wit: Frederick Class, Hans Murff. Proved 30 Aug 1773 before Henry Patrick, J.P., by the oath of John Morff. Recorded 31 Aug. 1778. Source: Holcomb, Deeds, 1994, p. 12.
Deed Book D-5, 12-14: Lease and release. 12 & 13 Aug 1779, Jacob Moak of Saxagotha Township in Orangeburgh District, planter, and Mary his wife, to Abraham Markley of Charles Town, merchant, for £8000 SC money, 51 acres whereon the said Jacob Moak now lives in Saxagotha Township on Santee River adj. land laid out to Thomas Berry, Antony Stack, Jacob Theiler, also 150 acres being the remaining part of 250 acres granted to Andrew Moak in Saxagotha Township adj. John Murff, Christian House. Jacob Mog (LS), Mary Mog (+) (LS), Wit: John Adam Minick, Sarah Patrick (+). Proved in Orangeburgh District by the oath of John Adam Minick before Henry Patrick, J.P., 8 Dec 1779. Recorded 28 Jan 1780. Source: Holcomb, Deeds, 1994, p. 134.

Deed Book V-5, 449-450: Lease and release. 9 & 10 Feb 1785, John Rapsher of Saxagotha Township, Orangeburgh District, planter, to Jacob Morff of same place, planter, for £50 Sc money, 150 acres, part of 300 acres granted to John Wollin Rapsher on a branch of Santee River called Beaver Creek adj. land surveyed for William Sewright (deceased), land survd. For Wallen Ropsher, who had transferred the one half of said 300 acres to George Wackter. John Rapsher (LS), Wit: Daniel Heldebrand (D), George Jacobson, Mickel Kagler. Proved in Lexington County 25 Aug 1786 before Jacob Richman, J.P., by the oath of Daniel Heldebrand. Recorded 16 Dec 1786. Source: Holcomb, Deeds, 1996, p. 327.

Deed Book V-5, 554-555: Lease and release. 20 & 21 Feb 1780, Henry Patrick of Saxagotha Township, Orangebourg District, merchant, and Sarah his wife, to Isaac Crowther of Ninety Six, merchant, by grant dated to said Henry Patrick 22 Sept 1769, 100 acres in Colleton County on Ninety Six Creek a branch of Saluda River adj. land of Emanuel Miller, Nicholas Mickler, James Mayson, now for £700 SC money. Henry Patrick (LS), Sarah Patrick (X) (LS), Wit: John Murff, Philip Kell (PK). Proved by the oath of John Murff 20 Jan 1780 before Wm. Arthur, J.P. Recorded 23 Feb 1787. Source: Holcomb, Deeds, 1996, p. 336.

In Saxegotha (Berkeley County): Jacob Murph, private in Captain Christian House's company of Orangeburgh (Loyalist) militia, paid Nov. 1781. [Note: other members of the company include residents of southeastern Saxegotha from Savannah Hunt Creek through Beaver Creek, e.g., John Jacob Geiger, Andrew Kaigler, John Rester/Reister, Henry Caver (killed during service), Conrad Kersh, Jacob Sayler, etc. Residents of Amelia Township were enlisted in a different company. That identifies this Jacob as the son of Jacob Morf of Saxegotha and brother of John.]

Richland Co SC Will Book C, p. 101. Martin Waggoner. Will signed 24 Aug 1794, proven 6 Oct 1794. Wit.: John Prentiss, John Steel, Peter Dubois. Ex.: Hicks Chappell, John Tyler. Legacy to James Chappell, Elizabeth Murph, half sister of John Tyler, to their mother, and to William Scogen. "£200 sterling to Elizabeth Murph, half sister to John Tyler & one Negro girl to Mrs. Murph her life time at her death to return to her daughter Elizabeth Murph."

South Carolina Temperance Advocate, May 26, 1842:
State of South Carolina. In the Court of Ordinary, Lexington District. Margaret Sightler, applicant, vs Frederick Murph, and Elizabeth Geiger, Deft's. Real Estate of John Murph, deceased. It appeared that Frederick Murph, one of the defendants, resides out of the limits of this State…. A.H. Fort, Ordinary of Lexington District, April 4th, 1842. [This appears to be a petition for partition of the estate of John Murph (son of John of Saxegotha) by the three siblings who were heirs to his property; John had died without issue.] The court ordered the lands sold, mentioning 700 acres of John Murph adjoining the estate of Robert Seawright, Caver and others. Note that this was the same location west of Beaver Creek as lands purchased by Jacob Murph (brother to John Murph Sr., father of the John who died in 1842); the land was sold to David Wannamaker in Jan 1843 [Lexington Co Deed Book N, pp. 35-37].

Brent H. Holcomb, Records from Burnt Counties, SCMAR:
Richland District SC, April 4, 1818: A transfer of 150 acres originally granted to John Walen Rebster by Morris Oheron, Catharine Oheron, John Murph Jr., Margaret Murph [a different transcriber, Theresa A. Hicks, reports her name as Catherine], and Adam Bowers to Jacob Bowers of Lexington District SC. The land was on Beaver Creek adjacent to William Seawright. Signed by: Mores Ohearen [sic: Morris O'Hearn], Cathrine Ohearen, John Murph, Jr., and Adam Bowers. Witnessed by Henry Caver, Sr. & George Murph (Lexington District SC). The land in question appears to be that purchased in 1785 by Jacob Murph, because it was adjacent to Wm. Seawright (the northern half of the Rapscher grant). The southern half of the grant, purchased by George Wachter, was adjacent to Wachter's own grant and to James McGowen, but not to William Seawright. The Jacob Murph half of the Rapsher grant became the property of David Bowers, who married Catherine Dubose (daughter and administratrix of Peter Dubose III, d. 1810 in Richland Co SC). David Bowers died Jul 1812; his only child died in 1814, which made his siblings heirs to 1/2 of his estate. Catherine Dubose Bowers second-married Morris O'Hearn prior to being named administratrix of her late husband David Bowers. Margaret/Catherine Bowers married a John Murph Jr. John Murph's son John was born in 1773; Jacob Murph's son John was born in 1781. The “Jr.” one, as of 1818, was John, son of Jacob. Witness George Murph and co-seller John Murph “Jr.” appear to be brothers, and sons of Jacob Murph (b. 1746).

[1842 epitaph of child of John Murff (of Saxegotha):
Sandy Run Lutheran Cemetery (currently in Calhoun Co SC): “To the memory of John Murff Who died March 14 A.D. 1842 in the 67th year of his age. In him the needy always found relief.”

1856 Epitaph of child of John Murff (of Saxegotha):
"Sacred to the blessed memory of Margaret Sitler, Daughter of John and Ann E. Murff. She was born April 1, 1771, and was married to Henry Sitler, 3rd of May, 1791, and they had 11 children, and she died 13th October, 1856; In her the needy ever found the helping friend.”

[Note: Rudolph Theiler, married to Elizabeth by 1758, was named as executor of the will of Christian Koller in 1764; he left no legal records after that, until mentioned in the 1772 will of his father Jacob Theiler as having died. The first wife of John Murff, Susannah, is not referenced after a deed and a Memorial, both in 1764. Margaret Murff Sitler died at age 85. Her siblings John and Elizabeth had died earlier; brother Frederick left SC before 1820. In 1856, the German name-usages were no longer in practice. If Margaret Sitler's son John (b. 1793), with whom she resided, recalled the name of her mother as "Ann Elizabeth", the current practice would suggest that she had been known as "Ann E." In 18th-century SC, a German-speaking woman named Anna Elsbetha was known as Elizabeth, as all references to the widow of John Murff call her. One tradition, repeated in a DAR application of the early 20th century, asserts that the surname of Elizabeth was Kaigler, and that she was the daughter of Andrew Kaigler. Kaigler had no children when he arrived in SC in 1752 (per his petition for land), so he was not the father of the Elizabeth who was married to Rudolph Theiler by 1758, when they witnessed a baptism at Orangeburgh Church.]

Children of Henry and Margaret Murff Sightler:
1. John, b. 25 Nov 1792
2. Ann, b. 20 Jan 1794
3. Betsy, b. 1 Sep 1795
4. Mary M., b. 3 Jan 1797
5. Caty, b. 12 Mar 1799
6. Joseph, b. 27 Jan 1801
7. Sarah, b. 1 Dec 1802
8. Henry, b. 24 Jun 1805
9. Harmon, b. 27 Dec 1807
10.Margaret, b. 26 Aug 1811 (married John J. Murph, son of Henry)
11.George II, b. 8 May 1813
[List compiled in 1857 by John Sightler]

Children of John Randolph and Elizabeth Murff Geiger:
1. Harmon Horlbeck, b. 29 Sep 1797
2. Silvia, b. 4 May 1800; m. Joseph Culpeper
3. John Jacob, b. 29 Dec 1801
4. Mary Margulia, b. 18 Nov 1805 (died before her father)
5. Washington Whitfield, b. 1 Apr 1808
6. Salome, b. 1817; m. Rev. George Bell
John Randolph [Randall] Geiger was born 15 Feb 1773 and died intestate in Edgefield Co SC on 18 Jan 1836; Elizabeth (Murff) Geiger survived him.

Children of Jacob Murph, b. 1746:
The name of Jacob's wife is undocumented; they had 5 sons and 4 daughters by 1790. They relocated to Lincoln Co GA in/by 1815. Two sons were resident in Jacob Murph's household in Lincoln Co in 1820, and a married daughter had accompanied them there.

1. Henry Murph reported his age as 77 in the 1850 census of Richmond Co GA; a birthyear of 1773 is a plausible estimate, and agrees with the 50<60 age category he reported in Lexington Co SC in 1830. His gravestone implies a birth in 1765; the obituary, a birth in 1767. The latter two over-estimated his age. Henry Murph married Nancy, who was apparently the daughter of William Kelly. Lexington Co SC Deed Book M, pp. 637-9: Henry Murph & wife Nancy of Lexington District., for $137 pd. by Daniel Cromer of same...78 acres, part of 670 acres granted to William Kelly, and conveyed by sd. William Kelly by a will & testament to sd. Nancy Murph, on borders of 12 Mile Creek, waters of Saluda River adj. Cromer, Martin Sox, Martin Lybrand, Adam Cromer...21 Augt 1841. Henry Murph (LS), Nancy Murph (X) (LS), Wit: Adam Cromer, William Shull. Proven by Adam Cromer, 21 Aug 1842, before Conrad Shull. Nancy Murph, wife of Henry, relinquished dower, 28 Aug 1842. Rec. 2 Jan 1843. Delivered to Daniel Cromer, 10 Jan 1843.
Marriages and Death Notices from the Southern Christian Advocate 1861-1867, Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr., 1980: p. 209, issue of 13 Jul 1866: “Henry Murph died at his brother's in Houston Co., GA on the 26th Jul at the advanced age of 94 years..a native of Lexington, SC but lived in GA about 30 years.” Henry Murph was buried at the Marshallville cemetery (Macon Co GA) adjacent to his brother Conrad. His gravestone says:
Henry Murph
Died 1861
Age 96 yrs.

2. Catherine Murph married John Caver in Apr 1798, per family Bible of their son Joel Caver. John Caver's father, Henry Caver, lived on Beaver Creek adjacent to Jacob Murph; Henry Caver and Jacob Murph were fellow soldiers in the lower Saxegotha-based Loyalist company of Capt. Christian House, under Col. John Fisher of the Orangeburgh Regiment of Militia. Henry Caver was killed in service during June-December 1780, as was Capt. House. Members of the Caver family moved to Lincoln Co GA with Jacob Murph and family. Catherine (Murph) Caver was widowed at the time of the 1820 census.

3. John Murph (b. ~1781, per 1850 census) married Margaret Bowers, a neighbor on Beaver Creek, by 1818. In 1830, John headed a household in Lincoln Co GA; three younger males lived in the home of Jacob Murph Sr.

4. Jacob Murph Jr. (b. ~1782, per 1850 census) purchased land from his father in Lincoln Co GA in 1815. Jacob Murph (transcribed as Murphy) married Elizabeth Mosely in Lincoln Co on 24 Sep 1831. Her name was recorded as Liza A. Murph on the 1850 census.

5. Conrad Murph was born in 1786. His first wife was Mary Ann Evans, daughter of Richard Evans (Richland Co will 30 Jun 1814, proven 8 Oct 1814). She was the widow of Gale Hampton (Richland Co will signed 7 Jul 1812, proven 16 Jul 1812). Conrad and Mary Ann Evans Hampton Murph were guardians of the Hampton children by 15 Mar 1818 (Richland Equity Roll 93). The minor children for whom Conrad Murph presented accounts were Rebecca, John Jefferson, Gale and James G. Hampton. He moved to Houston (later Macon) Co GA in 1835. Mary Ann Evans Hampton Murph died before 1840, leaving Conrad a widow with 3 daughters at home. He second married Mary Ann Royal (28 Dec 1806 – 23 Mar 1851), daughter of John Royal and Rebecca Goodbee of Burke Co GA. She was the recent widow of John Turner Moore. The marriage reportedly took place on 1 Jan 1845. They had two sons, Ignatious (“Nash”) and John/Johnny.
Marriage and Death Notices from the Southern Christian Advocate, 1867-1878: “Conrad Murph was born in South Carolina, February 6th, 1786, and died at the residence of his son-in-law B.T. Moore in Houston County, Georgia, December 26th, 1874.” [The son-in-law was Bennings T. Moore, b. 1831 GA, married to Susan S., b. 1825 in SC.]

Conrad Murph was buried at the Marshallville (Macon Co GA) cemetery adjacent to his brother Henry. His gravestone says:
Conrad Murph
Died 24 December 1874
Age 89 yrs.

The Murph section of the Marshallville cemetery includes the graves of Dr. William Hafer (1821-1878) and his children by Arabella Murph, daughter of Conrad and Mary Ann Hampton Murph. The unmarked adult grave adjacent to Dr. Hafer is presumed to be that of Arabella. In 1900, she was age 75 and lived in Macon Co GA in the household of her son Hubert H. Hafer.

6. George Murph, born 1790, married Mary Marshall in Richland Co SC. She was the daughter of William Marshall and widow of Willis Prescott. Mary Prescott, with brother John Marshall and brother-in-law Benjamin Prescott, was appointed administratrix of the Willis Prescott estate on 28 Nov 1810 (Richland Co File 67-1527). George Murph was, coincidentally, the proving witness for the 1815 Richland Co will of Aaron Prescott (will proven 19 Jan 1816), father of the late Willis. George Murph married Mary Marshall Prescott prior to 25 Jan 1816, when he was named as guardian of Mary's minor children (Aaron, Elizabeth, Willis and William Marshall Prescott); his brother Conrad Murph was bondsman.

Marriage and Death Notices from the Southern Christian Advocate: “Sister Mary Murph died at Midway, near Milledgeville, GA, February 5th, 1868, aged 83 years and a few days. She was born in South Carolina February 1, 1785, joined the M.E. Church when 18 years old. She had buried two husbands, the last George Murph, in 1856..”

George Murph (3 Sep 1790 – 30 Mar 1856) was buried adjacent to his wife Mary (Marshall Prescott) Murph (1 Feb 1785 – 5 Feb 1868) in Memory Hill Cemetery, Milledgeville, Baldwin Co GA.

1790 SC, Orangeburgh District, North Part, M637-11:
383     Jacob Murph     24500 [Location: SE corner of Saxegotha between Sandy Run and Beaver Creek; neighbors include Cavers, Wachters, Kaiglers, etc.]

385     Elizabeth Murff     02300 [Location: southern Saxegotha near Savannah Hunt Creek, adj. John Tyler; Elizabeth is wife and widow of John Murff I (previously the widow of Rudolf Theiler, bapt. 15 Sep 1737 in Wädeschweil, Zürich), since she lives on John Murff's property with minor children Frederick (b. ~1770), Margaret (1 Apr 1771 – 13 Oct 1856, m. Henry Siteler/Sightler), John (d. 14 Mar 1842), and Elizabeth Murff (11 Jul 1778 – 10 Sep 1855, m. John Randolph/Randall Geiger). Adjacent census listing, John Tyler, is Elizabeth's son by Rudolf Theiler.]

396     Adam Bowers          34300 [Location: Beaver Creek; apparently father of the David Bowers who married Catherine Dubose and of the Margaret Bowers who married John Murph (son of Jacob, b. 1746)

1810 SC Lexington, M252-61
104 Jacob Murff     00401; 00001 [Beaver Creek location, by Cavers & Crims]

1810 SC Richland, M252-61
173 Willis Prescott     10010; 10100; 9 [wife Mary Marshall to marry George Murph]
291 Gale Hampton     20001; 10100; 24 [wife Mary Ann Evans to marry Conrad Murph]

1820 SC, Richland, M33-121
169 Conrad Murph     001210; 21010 [son of Jacob Jr.]
169 George Murph     210010; 21010 [son of Jacob Jr.]

1830 SC Lexington M19-171:
366 John Murph     M: 0000; 10 [son of Henry]
               F: 0000; 10 [Margaret, dau. of Henry Siteler Sr.]
[Lived adjacent to Henry Siteler Jr., and 3 households away from Henry Siteler Sr.]
366 Henry Siteler Sr.     M: 0011; 12001
               F: 0010; 1001 [wife Margaret Murff, daughter of John, b. 1734]
367 Henry Murph     M: 0121; 0001 [son of Jacob, b. 1746]
               F: 1100; 001 [wife Nancy, legatee of William Kelly]
368 John Murph, Senr M: 0000; 00011 [son of John, b. 1734]
                F: 0000; 10

1820 GA Lincoln M33-7
160 Jacob Caver     010010; 04001 [son of Henry Sr., m. Sarah Kaigler (1794-1836)]
165 Catherine Caver     041100; 00001 [dau. of Jacob Murph Jr., widow of John Caver;      they married Apr 1798 per Bible record kept by son Joel]
172 Jacob Murf     000111; 00001 [b. 16 Jun 1746, son of Hans Jacob Morf]

1830 GA Lincoln, 269th Dist.
66 Jacob Murph     M: 0000; 2010001 [b. 1746, son of Hans Jacob of Saxegotha]
               F: 0000; 0000001
68 John Murph     M: 1100; 001 [son of Jacob]
               F: 1101; 01 [Margaret Bowers??]

1840 GA Lincoln, Dist. 269
216 Jacob Murph     M: 0001; 001
               F: 2001; 00 [wife Liza A. Mosely]
216 John Murph     M: 0201; 001
               F: 0101; 001

1850 GA Lincoln, M432-75, p. 344:
Jacob Murph          68M SC planter
Liza A. [Mosely]     37F GA
Sarah E.          15F GA
Susan               14F GA
Henry               9M GA
John A.          5M GA
Shaderick Wethers     25M GA teacher
Seaborn Mosely     25M GA
Henry Mosely          10M GA
p. 358:
John Murph          69M SC planter
Mary A.          22F GA
John W.          18M GA
Thomas          15M GA
Jeremiah Samuels     31M GA shoemaker
Elizabeth     “     25F GA [Elizabeth Murph]
George E.     “     6/12M GA

1850 GA Richmond, M432-81:
p. 295:
Henry Murph          77M SC [son of Jacob]
Nancy               63F SC
Mary Matthews     22F SC [daughter of Henry]
Robert Matthews     22M SC [Robert Henry Matthews m. Mary Ann Murph on 14 Mar      1849 in Richmond Co GA]
George P.(?) Murph     7M SC
Caroline E.     “     24F SC [widow of deceased son?]
p. 492:
Reuben Murph     40M SC [son of Henry, son of Jacob]
Emaline          21F SC
p. 511:
John J. Murph          46M SC [son of Henry]
Margaret          32F SC [dau. of Henry & Margaret Murff Siteler]
Adam               18M SC
Washington          15M SC
Alexander          11M SC
Caleb               5M SC
Ellen T.          13F SC
Sarah Dominick     25F SC

1840 GA Houston, M704-43
2 Conrad Murph     M: 00000; 0001
               F: 0012; 00 [first wife Mary Ann Evans Prescott deceased]

1850 GA Houston, M432-74, Upper 16th Dist., p. 662:
Conrad Murph          64M SC
Maryan          44F GA [Mary Ann Royal, widow of J.T. Moore]
Arabella          24F SC
Seaborn Moore     22M GA
Ignatius Murph     5M GA [“Nash”, 29 Dec 1845 – 2 Nov 1931, CSA]
Johnny               4M GA

     “          p. 320B (p. 642)
John J. Hampton     44M SC [stepson of Conrad      Murph]
Elizabeth          38F SC
(10 children)

1860 GA Houston, 9-Dist, M653-127, p. 967:
Conrad Murph          73M SC
Henry Murph          87M SC [recently moved from Richmond Co GA]
Ignatious          14M GA
John               11M GA

1830 GA Baldwin, M19-8:
40 Geo. Murph     M: 0010; 001
               F: 0210; 0011 [Mary Marshall Prescott]
1840 GA Baldwin M704-37:
12 George Murph     M: 0000; 1001
               F: 0002; 0002

1850 GA Baldwin, M432-61, p. 126:
George Murph          61M SC
Mary               65F SC
Mary Marshall          62F SC
Jackson Grace          15M GA
William Davis          19M GA

1860 GA Baldwin, M653-111, Scottsboro Dist, p. 174:
Mary Murph          75F SC [Mary Marshall Prescott Murph, widow of George]
Albert G. Napier     15M GA
Catherine Doughtie     30F GA
Frederick Murph (son of John and Elizabeth) married Rebecca XXX in SC, moved to Montgomery Co TN after 1806.

1820 TN Montgomery M33-122
221 Frederick Murf     010001; 01010

1830 TN Montgomery M19-179
35 Frederick Murf     M: 0000; 10001 [children in Cheatham Co TN]
               F: 0000; 101 [wife Rebecca, b. 1786 in SC, per 1850 census]

II. Morf households of Orangeburgh/Amelia Townships:

1. Hans Ulrich Morf married Barbara Hintermeister in Illnau parish on 15 Apr 1749. His father Hans Morf was the deceased Wachtmeister (Serjeant Major), son of Hansen Morf. Barbara was born 21 Feb 1730 in Effretikon to Jakob and Elisabeth Morf Hintermeister. Hans Ulrich had brothers named Jakob and Hans. He died shortly after arrival in SC; his land was incorrectly surveyed in the name of Conrad Morf. Widow Barbara Hintermeister Morf married Henry Whetstone (Heinrich Wettstein/Wezstein) in Orangeburgh Church on 24 Dec 1750. Henry Whetstone was also from parish Illnau, a resident of the village Kemleten.

2. Felix Morf, age 20, married Margaretha Hess, age 24, in Illnau parish on 22 Jul 1749. Both were from the village of Rikon. The parents of Felix Morf were not named; he had a father, a stepmother, and two sisters, plus a brother and three sisters by his father's second marriage. Margaretha was born 7 Nov 1723 to Jakob and Verena Moos Hess. Felix and Margaretha Hess Morf had a son Hans Ulrich in Orangeburgh Township on 3 Nov 1751. An Ulrich Morf does not appear in later SC records.

3. Jakob Morf was from Rikon in parish Illnau. He had a wife and one child with him when he arrived in SC, per his land petition. The child received a half-bounty, so was age 2<12 in Jan 1749/50. A Rudolph Murph (transcribed as Marsh) was a member of Capt. Lewis Golsan's Orangeburgh company under Col. John Chevillette in the Cherokee War, Oct. 1759 – Jan 1760, so was at least age 16 at that time. Rudolph Morf also witnessed (by mark) a 1762 land sale by Jacob Morf, laborer, to Valentine Shoemaker (the land involved was Jacob's initial 150-acre land grant on Pope Spring's Creek of Four Holes Swamp, adjacent to that of Felix Morf). Rudolph Morf was Swiss-born, and the Jacob Morf household was the only one in Orangeburgh Township that arrived with a child. A search of the parish records of Illnau identified no son Rudolph born to a father named Jacob in Rikon between 1737 and 1747. Birth in another village or parish is a possibility. The lack of identification of a birth date, parents, or spouse for this Jacob Morf in Illnau leaves open the question of a son—or other young relative--named Rudolph. Jacob Morf's unnamed wife died very soon after arrival. He married Christina Hessy (daughter of George Hessy) in the Orangeburgh Church on 5 Jun 1750.

The first generation of Morf/Murph children born in Orangeburgh or Amelia Townships of SC in ~1750-75, as opposed to Saxegotha Township, were necessarily the children of Felix Morf, Jacob Morf, or Rudolph Morf.
Meeting of Tuesday 29 September 1772:
Rudy Murth     150     In South Carolina
[Plat 3 Oct 1772, Saint Matthews Parish, Four Hole Swamp, adj. Murph [sic: Henry] Whetstone, Jacob Murph, John Nashler [Neyseller], Conrad Kysel; grant 24 Dec 1772; Memorial 24 May 1773. [The 150-acre petition implies one dependent, in this case, his wife Anna Barbara Neysheller, born 3 Apr 1744 in Wannweil, Amt Reutlingen, Baden-Württemberg, to Hans Neuscheler.]

Jacob Murth     100     
[Plat 9 Sep 1772, Saint Matthews Parish, Four Hole Swamp, adj. Gasper Brown, John Nashler; see petition to certify on 4 May 1773 below.]
[Note: these petitions are adjacent, should imply that Rudy has a wife (Anna Barbara Neysheller, Bounty petition of 100 acres on 2 Oct 1764, surveyed in Amelia TWP adj. Johannes Neeshell [sic: her father]) and that Jacob is single; plats in Amelia Township were adjacent. The petitions of Rudy and Jacob Murph were not for Bounty grants, so these men were presumably not born in Europe. However, Rudolf Morf witnessed a deed in March 1762 for Jacob Morf of Orangeburgh/Amelia TWP, so could not have been born after the Morf families arrived in SC in 1749. It is possible that this particular Jacob Murph was a single head-of-household, a son of Jacob or Felix. It is also possible that this petition was from the older Jacob Morf (with grant on Pope Spring Creek of the Four Holes in adjacent Orangeburgh TWP, which land he sold in 1762), and he had a headright of 100 acres on the basis of 2 additional dependents—one being his wife Christiana Hessy. At any rate, there was definitely a younger Jacob Murph, and one who lived in this particular location. He relocated to Mecklenburg/Cabarrus Co NC along with John Nicholas Neysheller/Nashler (b. 1740, brother of the Anna Barbara who married Rudolph Murph). In 1798, Jacob of Cabarrus Co NC named a son Rudolph Murph. The reason for the move may have been related to the 1768 move of the Rev. Samuel Suther, a Swiss Reformed minister, from Amelia Township SC to Mecklenburg Co NC (section that became Cabarrus Co in 1792). His NC churches included Dutch Buffalo Creek, located in the section of Cabarrus Co where John Nicholas Niceler and Jacob Murph settled adjacent to one another. The simplest hypothesis is that the adjacent 1772 plats were for brothers, Swiss-born Rudolph and SC-born Jacob, sons of Jacob Morf of the 1750 Pope Spring Creek (Orangeburgh Township) grant.

These Amelia TWP grants were near the earlier 1750 grants on Pope Spring Creek of Four Hole Swamp. They were located between Fleabite Creek and Bay Branch, eastern tributaries of Four Hole Swamp just upstream from Pope Spring Creek. They were nearer the head than the mouth of the creeks, so located within Amelia TWP rather than Orangeburgh TWP, but still near the township boundary.

p. 257: Meeting of Tuesday 4 May 1773: To Certify Elapsed Platts:
Jacob Murph     100 [Plat of 9 Sep 1772 granted 21 Apr 1774; Memorial 1 Aug 1774.]

Memorial. Jacob Murph, 1 Aug. 1774: 100 acres in St. Mathews Parish. Bounded SW by Gaspere Browns and vacant land; SE on John Nashler [Neysheller] and vacant land; NW on Wise; NE vacant land. Survey certified 4 May 1773; granted 21 Apr. 1774. Quit rent in 2 years. M.M. Farlan, DS. Delivered 11 Apr. 1775 to Rudy (R) Morph. [12-528:4] Source: Motes & Motes, Memorials, p. 106.

Note: Parish records of Wannweil Evangelical Lutheran Church, Württemberg, show 6 children born to Johannes Neuscheler and Anna Steinmeyer:
Hans Jerg, b. 24 Nov 1738, d. 5 Dec 1738
Johannes, b. 17 Jun 1740 [d. 20 Feb 1815 in Concord, Cabarrus Co NC]
Anna Barbara, b. 3 Apr 1744
Anna, b. 28 Feb 1747
Anna Maria, b. 19 Jan 1749
Johann George, b. 12 Apr 1751

8 Oct 1788: John Murph, plat for 87 acres in Orangeburgh District, adj. Rudolph Murph, Jacob Niblen, John Nisler, Paul Shier, Henry Smith, Melchior Smith.

28 Apr 1794: John Rest, plat for 146 acres on Bay Branch of Four Hole Swamp, Orangeburgh District, adj. Levi Burk, Jacob Murf, Rudolph Murf, John Nice, John Niceler, John Rest Jr., John Zimmerman [identifies the name of the tributary of Four Hole Swamp on which Rudolph and Jacob Murph settled in 1772].
12 Feb 1798: Rudolph Murph, plat for 105 acres on Flea-Bite Creek, Orangeburgh District; adj. John Niceler, Henry Whetstone [plat for purchase of state lands; Flea-Bite Creek is an eastern tributary of Four Hole Swamp, upstream from Pope Spring Creek and near the border of (old) Amelia and Orangeburgh Townships].

Records from St. Matthew's Lutheran Church of Amelia Township (St. Matthews SC):

Marriage:     7 Dec 1802     Rudolph Murph to Jane Stoutenmyer
Marriage:     28 Apr 1805     Henry Murph to Rosina Stoutenmyer
Death:          14 Jan 1801     Mr. John Neisler, aged 83
Death:          7 Apr 1804     Barbara Murph, aged 68
Death:          9 Jun 1805     Rudolph Murph     

31 Jan 1854, Southern Christian Advocate [a Methodist newspaper]:
John Henry Murph...died in Autauga County, Ala., December 21st, 1853, eldest son of John R.[Rudolph] Murph, formerly of Orangeburg...in his 50th year...He leaves a wife and eight children...

1790 SC Orangeburgh North, M637-11:
413     Rudy Murph     22107 [Location: St. Matthew's Parish, near Henry Whetstone and Zimmerman/Timmermans (i.e., along eastern tributaries of Four Hole Swamp). Wife Anna Barbara Neysheller (transcribed Niceler/Nashler), married Jan 1771; sons Henry (b. 1772; d. 1851 in Spartanburg Co SC), John W. (b. 1774; d. 1844 in Spartanburgh Co SC) and John Rudolph (b. 1777; d. 1847 in Autauga Co AL). Note: identification of children not documented.]

1790 NC Mecklenburg [section that became Cabarrus Co in 1792], M637-7
366 Jacob Murph     12300
366 John Nickler     34400 [Neysheller/Niceler, etc., adj. Jacob Murph]
[John Nicholas Neuscheler/Neysheller, b. 17 Jun 1740 in Wannweil, Württemburg, was the brother of Anna Barbara Neysheller, b. 19 Jan 1740, wife of Rudolph Murph of Amelia TWP. The elder John Neysheller/Nashler remained in Amelia, died there on 14 Jan 1801 (records of St. Matthews Lutheran Church).]

1810 SC Orangeburg, M252-61:
197 ?? Murph          [illegible]
198 R. Murph          20010; 02101; 9
204 Jn. Murph     01010; 10010
213 H. Murph          10010; 20010 [Henry Murph, 15 Feb 1772 – 9 Nov 1851]

1820 SC Orangeburg, St. Matthews, M33-118:
324 Henry Murph     200101; 00010 [m. Rosina Stoutenmyer 28 Apr 1805; m. Mary      Magdalene Whetstone 12 Apr 1810]
324 Rudolph Murph 120001; 31010 [adj. Henry; m. Jane Stoutenmire 7 Dec 1802]
324 John Murph     000020; 00010
328 John Murph     100010; 20100

1830 SC Spartanburg, M19-171:
303 Henry Murph     M: 1020; 0001 [son of Rudolph & Barbara Murph]
               F: 0100; 01
303 John Murph, Esq. M: 0000; 2001 [adj. his brother Henry; 1839 will in Spartanburg]
               F: 0100; 1001 [wife Mary]

1850 SC Spartanburg, M432-858:
209 Henry Murph     23M SC [lived alone]

212 Henry Murph     80M SC
     Ann          75F SC

1830 AL Autauga, M19-3:
130 L. Murff          M: 1000; 20
               F: 0000; 10

1840 AL Autauga, M704-1
9 Lewis Murph     M: 1110; 01
               F: 1100; 10
27 John R. Murph     M: 0001; 0001 [John Rudolph]
               F: 0100; 1001 [wife Jane Stoutenmire]
27 J.H. Murph     M: 1100; 01 [John Henry]
               F: 1100; 10
34 Jacob Murph     M: 1000; 10
               F: 1000; 10

1850 AL Autauga, M19-3
3 Henry Murph     45M SC [d. 21 Dec 1853]
Julia          38F GA [Julia Goodwin]
5 Jane Murph          71F SC [Jane Stoutenmire, widow of J. Rudolph Murph]
James Dunn          10M AL

III. John Murff of Fairfield Co SC:

p. 22, Meeting of Tuesday 7 May 1771: John Mourff     100 [acres]
[Plat for John Maurff, 100 acres on Little River, Craven County, 8 Jun 1771, grant to John Mourff, 14 Sep 1771, Memorial by John Mourff 22 Oct 1771. [This is the John Murff of Fairfield County who married Sophia Kinsler on 19 Aug 1775. The 100 acres, for a single head-of-household, was not a Bounty grant.] Holcomb, Petitions for Land, Vol. VII, p. 22.

The parents of John Murff of Fairfield Co SC have not been documented. Brothers John and Jacob Morf/Murph of Saxegotha TWP each named a son John, but their Johns were born ~1770, and both were alive long after 1789. The 3 Morf adults in Orangeburgh and Amelia TWP were Felix, Jacob and Rudolph. Rudolph's son John was alive after 1800. The parents of John Murff, d. 1789, were therefore either Felix and Margaret Hess Morf or Jacob and Christiana Hessy Morf. John Murff named a son Jacob, but had no descendants named Felix.

Sophia Kinsler, b. ~1758, was the daughter of Herman Kinsler (b. ~1739 in Saxegotha/ Lexington Co SC; d. 9 Apr 1783 in Camden District/ Richland Co SC) and Elizabeth.

Family of John Murff , who married Sophia Kinsler on 19 Aug 1775:
1. Samuel Murff, b. 21 Dec 1776; d. 22 Nov 1860 in Winston Co MS; m. Sarah Frazier on 16 Sep 1798.
2. John Murff, b. 27 Aug 1777; d. 23 Jan 1798 (Sophia signed for his share of estate).
3. Daniel Murff, b. 3 Aug 1780; d. 1834 in Perry Co AL; m. Nancy Boney.
4. Jacob Murff, b. 1 Mar 1783; d. 1 May 1862 in Perry Co AL; m. Nancy Frazier.
5. Nancy Murff, b. 3 Sep 1785; m. Jacob Boney by 1807.

Estate of John Murff inventoried in Fairfield Co SC on 31 Aug 1789. Administrators were Herman Kinsler and Jacob Turnipseed. [Jacob Turnipseed lived on the Richland Co side of the Little River.]

Memorial: Barbara Neates, 26 Apr. 1775: 100 acres in Craven County on waters of Broad River. Survey certified 21 Sept. 1774; granted 14 Oct. 1774. Quit rent in 10 years. Pat Cunningham, DS. Jno. Murfph (F). . [13-459:4] [Note: the mark used by John Murph of Fairfield County appears to have been difficult to interpret: he may have used the standard capital I with a cross-bar as the mark for his initial J.] Motes & Motes, Memorials, p. 302.

Revolutionary War Service:
In Cheraws District, not Amelia/Orangeburgh: Rudolph Murphy [sic], Account audited (File No. 5413, Stub Indent Entry 885Y) of claims growing out of the American Revolution. Account for provisions supplied to the Cheraws Militia was submitted by Ruduff Murfee adjacent to that of Malachi Murfee (Stub Indent Entry 886Y). The family of Malachi Murfee (Sr.) is well-attested as resident in the Cheraws (Darlington Co SC).

In Camden District (Fairfield Co): John Murff, Account audited (File No. 5405A) of claims growing out of the American Revolution; see also Stub Indent Q186. Served 90 days in the militia in 1781 and 1782 under Col. Thomas Taylor. [Col. Taylor headed a Camden District regiment centered around Richland and Fairfield Co SC.]

No. 186     Issued the 11th of May 1785, to Mr. John Murff,
Lib. Q.     for Eight Pounds, 11/5d Stlg. for 90 days Militia
          Duty in 1781, & 1782, per Account audited.
           Principal £3,4,2     Annual Interest £0,5,4

SC Will Book V-V 1776-1784, p. 192.
Casper Foust, his mark, Craven County. Wife; [not named], use of land on SE side tract where I now live for life, then to dau. Sons: Burrel, residue of land where I now live; William, land on Cane [sic: Crane] Creek near the widow Hunter; Casper and John Henry. Dau: Elizabeth. Mentions: “my five Children”. Exors: sons John Henry and Casper. Wit: Wm. Strother; John Morff, his mark; Gasper Coon; Richard Adams. Signed 13 Jan 1776, proven N.D. [Casper Faust was the oldest son and heir of Henry Faust, 1735 settler of Orangeburgh Township; Casper lived in Saxegotha, then along Crane Creek in the region of Richland Co. His known wife was named Amy/Naomi, per Orangeburgh church records (baptism of son Burrel, etc.) Elizabeth Gallman (b. ~1745, daughter of Capt. Henry Gallman from Zürich) was married to a Casper Faust by 1776. Casper Faust Jr. (1760-1815) was too young for marriage by 1776, so Elizabeth Gallman was probably the second wife of Casper Faust Sr. Gasper Coon/Kuhn was born in parish Illnau, Zürich, and had arrived with the Morf families, settled first adjacent to land granted to “Conrad” Morf (whose name was Ulrich--he died shortly after arrival) in Orangeburgh Township before moving to the Richland Co region along the Broad River.]

SC Will Book V-V 1776-1784, p. 250.
Henry Keis, his mark, Little River, Camden District. Wife: Margareta, 1/3 estate. Sons: Philip, part of plantation where I now live SW of Little River next John Morff; Henry, land next his brother's; Peter, land next his brother Henry's towards the river; George, land next his brother Peter's and John Bell's line towards the river. Daus: Cattina [Cathrina], Elizabeth and Maria. Exor: Peter Ansemenger [Peter Entzminger had first settled in Orangeburgh Township]. Wit: Frederick Dubbert [Reformed pastor of Appii Forum Church of Cedar Creek at Richland/Fairfield border and also of the Reformed Church of Bethany on Crane's Creek, on the Broad River just north of the site of Columbia SC]; Eebs. Somon [?]; George Sechner, his mark [sic: Lechner or Leitner/Lightner, also of Little River, Fairfield Co SC].

Newberry Co SC Deed Book 39 [Carol Wells, Heritage Books, 2006]:
p. 393. William Attoway to Jacob Murff. In consideration of Two hundred eighty Dollars in hand paid, Attoway sold to Murff fifty acres on waters of Dry creek a branch called Red oak branch lying on both sides of the branch, it being part of land formerly property of Elisha Attoway deceased, adj on J F Butler, south by Jesse Graham, east by sd Jacob Murff, west by Attoways land. 17 Dec 1821. /s/ William Attoway. Wit: Wm Buckalow, /s/ James Bell. Proved 8 December 1821 by William Buckalow...[dower relinquished by Charity Attoway].
p. 396. James Douglas to Jacob Murff. For Three hundred fifty five Dollars Douglas sold to Murff land originally granted to Pierce Mazick containing ninety two acres on Dry Creek of Little Saluda River. 14 January 1817. /s/ James C Douglas. Wit: /s/ James Shepherd, /s/ Nancy Edwards. Proved 27 January 1817 by James Shepherd... [dower relinquished by Jane Douglas].

1790 SC, Fairfield, M637-11:
157     Widow Murph          04200

1800 SC, Fairfield, M32-47:
212     Samuel Murff     11100; 11001
212     Sophia Murff     11100; 11001 [adj. to son Samuel; censustaker entered same numbers for both households by mistake]

1810 SC, Fairfield, M252-62:
196     Sophy Murph     00100; 01001 [adj. George Lightner, also Little River resident]
197     Daniel Murph     10010; 00100
198     Daniel Murph     10010; 00100 [David Friday entry also repeated on both pages]

1820 SC, Edgefield, M33-118
163     Jacob Murph     30020; 01100 [son of John & Sophia]

1820 SC, Fairfield, M33-118
222     Daniel Murph     220010; 10010 [son of John & Sophia]

1830 AL Perry, M19-3:
80     Danl Murph     M: 1001; 0001
               F: 1100; 01

1840 AL Perry, M704-11:
258     Jacob Murf     M: 1000; 0001
               F: 1030; 001

1850 MS Winston, M432-382, p. 369:
Samuel Murff          74M SC
Sarah               68F SC [Sarah Frazier]
[Note: the Rev. Samuel Murff lived alone at the 1860 census of Winston Co.].1 


Elisabeth Bosshard
ChartsLWG / Clarissa Eugenia Culpepper Griffin (Lew Griffin's gtgm): Ancestral Chart
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  1. E-mail written Aug 2004 -- Apr 2011 to Lew Griffin from Harriet Imrey, Chicago, IL, e-mail address.

Susannah (?)1

Female, #55106, (say 1742 - before 1770)
Birth*say 1742 She was born say 1742.1 
Married Namebefore 1763  As of before 1763, her married name was Morf.1 
Marriage*before 1764 She married John Murff at South Carolina before 1764.1 
Death*before 1770 She died at South Carolina before 1770. 


John Murff
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  1. E-mail written Aug 2004 -- Apr 2011 to Lew Griffin from Harriet Imrey, Chicago, IL, e-mail address.

Margaret Murff1

Female, #55108, (1 Apr 1771 - 13 Oct 1856)
Father*John Murff1
Mother*Ann Elizabeth (?)1
Birth*1 Apr 1771 She was born on 1 Apr 1771 at Orangeburg District, South Carolina.1 
Married Namesay 1792  As of say 1792, her married name was Sitler.1 
Marriage*say 1792 She married Henry Sitler at South Carolina say 1792.1 
Death of Spouse3 Jun 1832 Her husband Henry Sitler died on 3 Jun 1832.1 
Death*13 Oct 1856 She died on 13 Oct 1856 at age 85.1 


Henry Sitler
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  1. E-mail written Aug 2004 -- Apr 2011 to Lew Griffin from Harriet Imrey, Chicago, IL, e-mail address.

Henry Sitler1

Male, #55109, (1 Dec 1760 - 3 Jun 1832)
Birth*1 Dec 1760 He was born on 1 Dec 1760 at South Carolina.1 
Marriage*say 1792 He married Margaret Murff at South Carolina say 1792.1 
Death*3 Jun 1832 He died on 3 Jun 1832 at age 71.1 


Margaret Murff
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  1. E-mail written Aug 2004 -- Apr 2011 to Lew Griffin from Harriet Imrey, Chicago, IL, e-mail address.

John Murff Jr.1

Male, #55110, (1775 - 14 Mar 1842)
Father*John Murff1
Mother*Ann Elizabeth (?)1
Birth*1775 He was born in 1775 at Orangeburg District, South Carolina.1 
Death*14 Mar 1842 He died on 14 Mar 1842.1 
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  1. E-mail written Aug 2004 -- Apr 2011 to Lew Griffin from Harriet Imrey, Chicago, IL, e-mail address.