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  • Charles Smith Burton0
    • Robert Nathan Burton1
    • Norman Lee Burton1
      • George Van Waters Burton2
        • Cathryn Lee Burton3
          • Henry Grady Thrasher IV4
            • Brock Thomas Thrasher5
            • Henry McFatter Thrasher5
          • Kelly Burton Thrasher4
            • Daphne Alena Thrasher5
            • Vivienne Page Thrasher5
        • George Van Waters Burton Jr.3
          • Jennifer Lee Burton4
          • Christy Lynn Burton4
        • Sally Anne Burton3
          • Andrew Burton Stone4
        • John Arthur Burton3
          • William Randall Burton4
          • Whitney Burton4
      • Robert Edmund Burton2
        • Charles Edmund Burton3
          • David Evans Burton4
          • Amy Caroline Burton4
        • Suzanne Eve Burton3
          • Thomas Jerome Miles Jr.4
          • Christopher John Miles4
          • Matthew Robert Miles4
        • Lynn Ellen Burton3
          • John Burton Helder4
          • Kelly Lynn Helder4
      • Margaret Ruth Burton2
        • Robert Cleveland Fowler Jr.3
          • Stacy Lynn Fowler4
          • Judy Leeann Fowler4
          • Carlin Paige Fowler4
          • Anita Marie Fowler4
          • Shera Grace Fowler4
        • Barbara Paige Fowler3
          • Erin Paige Hosier4
          • Michael John Hosier4
          • Brian Greg Hosier4
        • Thomas Burton Fowler3
          • Travis Allen Fowler4
          • Ryan Alexander Fowler4
    • Ernest Richmond Burton1
    • Clifford Ketchum Burton1
Photograph Included

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2. Dates have been suppressed for individuals believed to be living.
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