Culpeper (PC 1240)
WW-II Submarine Chaser

Call sign: November - Charlie - Papa - Lima

PC-461 Class Submarine Chaser: Laid down, 15 May 1943 by the Consolidated Shipbuilding Corp., Morris Heights, NY; Launched, 26 June 1943; Commissioned USS PC-1240, 13 October 1943; Placed out of commission, in reserve, October 1949 at Norfolk, VA; Named Culpeper, 1 February 1956; Struck from the Naval Register, 1 April 1959 and sold for scrap.

Specifications: Displacement 280 t.(lt) 450 t.(fl); Length 173' 8"; Beam 23'; Draft 10' 10"; Speed; 22k; Complement 65; Armament one single 3"/50 gun mount, one 40mm gun mount, two 20mm guns, four depth charge projectors (K-guns), two depth charge tracks, two rocket launchers; Propulsion two Hooven-Owen-Rentschler R-99DA diesel engines (Serial No. 7051 & 7052), two shafts.

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Origin of Name: Unknown, but given the 2-p spelling, it most likely was named for the Culpeper Minutemen of the Revolutionary War or for  Culpeper, Virginia.

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