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Table of Contents

bulletEarly Culpepper Settlers
bulletCentral Missouri (Montgomery Co., pre 1830)
bulletSouthwestern Missouri (Newton Co., circa 1861)
bulletSouth Central Missouri (Shannon Co., circa 1889
bulletCentral Missouri (LaClede Co., circa 1898)
bulletMilitary Service
bulletLand Patents
bulletDeath Records
bulletCulpepper Places

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Early Culpepper Settlers in Missouri

Central Missouri (Before 1830 in Montgomery County)

Richardson Culpepper was born in Camden County, NC about 1800 and had relocated to Montgomery County, Missouri prior to 1830. He appears in the 1830, 1840 and 1850 censuses for Montgomery County. He also was granted land patents in Montgomery County in 1835, 1845 and 1857. His son John R. Culpepper is found in the 1900 census for Montgomery County, and John's widow Julia, continued to appear in the 1910 and 1920 Montgomery County censuses. More research is needed to determine if any descendants remain in the area.

Richardson was the son of Thomas Edward Culpepper of Norfolk, who was the descendant of three generations of Henry Culpeppers of Norfolk.

Southwestern Missouri (Circa 1861 in Newton County)

Ephraim Culpepper apparently moved to Newton County from Arkansas and secured a land patent in Newton County in 1861. He appears to have died shortly after that time (perhaps in the Civil War) and his children (Laura, age 15; Josephine, age 13; Peter, age 10; and Ephraim, age 8) are recorded in the 1870 Newton County census as being in the household of Howell Boydston and his wife Sarah, who was probably the widow of Ephraim. All of the children are reported to have been born in Arkansas. In the late 1800's, the Boydston's migrated from Joplin, MO, to Roseberry, Idaho, where Howell died. Ephraim Culpepper, Jr. was subsequently listed as the head of a family in the 1910 Census for Roseberry, Valley Co., ID.

Ephraim's ancestry and the present whereabouts of his descendants is currently unknown to Culpepper Connections.

South-Central Missouri (Circa 1889 in Shannon County, circa 1905 in Ozark County)

The first Culpepper family to settle in south-central Missouri appear to have been that of Joseph E. Culpepper (born abt. 1824 in Henry County, Tennessee). The initial move to Missouri from Tennessee by this branch of the family appeared to have occurred in 1889. By the early 1900's, ten of Joseph's twelve children were residing in Missouri.

They originally settled in Shannon County and over time spread out to neighboring Howell, Oregon, Ozark and Carter counties.

Today the Culpepper-surnamed descendants of Joseph E. Culpepper that have remained in the general area are mostly in Carter County.

South Central Missouri Family Tree

From Robert Culpepper to Joseph E. Culpepper

bulletRobert Culpepper (1664-1742, VA)
bulletBenjamin Culpepper (1704-1772, VA/NC)
bulletErasmus Culpepper (1744-1783, NC)
bulletJohn Culpepper (1772-1818, NC)
bulletBalaam Culpepper (1794-1860, NC/TN)
bulletJoseph E. Culpepper (1824-1899, TN/MO)

From Joseph E. Culpepper to Present Day

All known children of Joseph E. Culpepper are shown. Those believed to have not lived in Missouri are shown in italics. Later generations are shown only if they are believed to have lived in Missouri.)

bulletJoseph E. Culpepper (1824-1899, TN/Shannon Co)
Wife: Mahala J. Reaves (1826- ) m. 1844
bulletJohn Balaam Culpepper (1848-1929, TN)
Wife: Susanna Ann E. J. Hudson, m 25 Jan 1869
bulletTadford E. Culpepper (1850-1913, TN/KY)
Wife: Julia Privet
bulletTempy Anne Culpepper (1853-bef. 1900, TN/Shannon Co)
Husband: Crawford Key (1850- )
bulletNancy Caroline Culpepper (1855-1941, TN/Howell Co)
Husband John B. Rowlette  m. 1875
bulletLouis Constantine Culpepper (1858-1934, TN/KY/Ozark Co)
Wife: Mary Elizabeth Micheaux (1864-1939, half Cherokee Indian)
bulletWallace Culpepper (1881-1959, KY/MO)
Wife: Viola Sellars (1883-1972, MO) m. 1908
bulletFrances Culpepper (1883- , KY)
bulletJohn Culpepper (1886- , KY)
bulletJefferson Thomas Culpepper (1888-1955, TN/MO/AR)
bulletMyrtle Culpepper Reese (1890- , TN)
bulletRichard Bernette Culpepper, 1892- , MO)
Wife: Ora
bulletLouis Culpepper (died in Arizona)
Wife: Betty (They had no children)
bulletHoward Culpepper (1895-1969, Ozark Co)
bulletNina May Culpepper Pittock (1897- , MO)
bulletAnnie B. Culpepper (1900-1901, MO)
bulletAlice B. Culpepper Johnson (1861- , TN/Shannon Co)
bulletJoseph Archie Culpepper (1863-1925, TN/Shannon Co) and
Wife #1: Sarah Frances Bradley (1870-1933, NC/TN/Shannon Co), m. 1888
bulletDavid Crockett "Jack" Culpepper (1888-1969, TN/Shannon Co/Carter Co)
Wife: Mary Russell (1892-1943, Shannon Co/Carter Co) m. 1909
bulletStella M. Culpepper House (1911-  , Carter Co/WA)
bulletJoseph F. Culpepper (1912-1975, Carter Co)
Wife: Goldie Bowman (1918-1957, Carter Co)
bulletRaymond W. Culpepper (1915-1971, Carter Co)
bulletWoodrow W. Culpepper (1917-1977, Carter Co)
bulletCatherine Lorene Culpepper Jones Rodeque  (1920-  , Carter Co/WA)
bulletDaisy Culpepper Mathney (Carter Co/WA)
bulletMadeline Culpepper Landis (Carter Co/Jackson Co)
bulletGeorge Culpepper (1924-1980, Carter Co/Cass Co)
Wife: Wanda Lee Adair
bulletWilliam Olen Culpepper (1890-1965, MO)
Wife #1: Arbie M. Plowman (1899-1920, MO) m. 1916
bulletLevi Olen "Cutty" Culpepper
Wife: Marie Jadwin (1915-  , MO) m. 1936
bulletWife #2: Hallie Faye Strain (1900-1987, MO) m. 1920
bulletCarl T. Culpepper (1922-1944, MO)
bulletPauline Culpepper Breeden (1924-  , MO)
bulletJune Culpepper Blunkall (1928-  , MO)
bulletWilliam Harold Culpepper (1935-  , MO/CA)
bulletFlora Elizabeth Culpepper Cooper Key (1892-1982, Shannon Co)
bulletWife #2: Sarah Lucinda Whitworth (1872-1956), m. 1895
bulletInfant Culpepper (1896-1896, MO)
bulletLewis Hobson Culpepper (1897-1967, MO/OR)
Wife: Nellie Alpha Hurt (1897-1966, MO/OR) m. 1921
bulletNadine Hobson Culpepper
Husband: Edward Charles Bartlett
bulletWilliam Joseph Culpepper
Wife: Donna Jean Meadows
bulletFlossie Marie Culpepper
Husband: Otto Dill
bulletMildred Eilene Culpepper
Husband: Edward Dill
bulletFrancis Leonal Culpepper (1904-1951, Shannon Co)
Wife: Mahala Adaline Hurt
bulletZara Powell Culpepper (1865-1948, TN/Shannon Co)
Husband: Joseph Gilbert Hunt m. 1890
bulletMary Alice "Molly" Culpepper (1867- , TN/MO)
Husband: Cave H. Johnston, m. 1896
bulletRobert Coleman Culpepper (1869-1952, TN/Shannon Co)
Wife: Emma Caroline Caplinger (1871-1950, TN/MO), m. 1892
bulletIna C. Culpepper (1893-  , MO)
Husband: Fred H. Hobart, m. 1914
bulletEula Culpepper (1897-1993, MO)
Husband: George B. Heavin (1892-1955, MO) m. 1914
bulletIra C. "Bud" Culpepper (1903-1996, MO)
bulletMarie C. Culpepper (1906-  , MO
bulletJessie D. Culpepper (1908-  , MO)
bulletJohn B. "Bill" Culpepper (1914-1985, Shannon Co)
Wife: Mildred I. "Babe" (1918-  , MO) m. 1940
bulletRan Dolph Culpepper (1872-1945, TN/Shannon Co/Howell Co)
Wife: Ona Parker (1869-1943) (No known children)
bulletAgnes Dean Culpepper (1875- , TN/Howell Co)
Husband: Curtis Farrar

Central Missouri (Circa 1898 in LaClede County)

John Butler Culpepper, born in Talbot County, Georgia in 1849 and a descendant of John and Nancy Gillespie Culpepper, resided with his family in LaClede County, Missouri for a few years around the turn of the century. His youngest son, also named John Butler, was born in Kentucky in June 1896, so the family's move to LaClede County was after the son's birth but prior to the 1900 Census. By the time of the 1910 census, they appear to have moved out of the state, but one of the sons, Marvin Myres Culpepper, appears in the 1920 census in Kansas City, Jackson County. Marvin died in Ouachita Parish, LA in 1927 and John Sr. died in Shelby County, Tennessee in 1937. No Culpepper descendants of this line are known to be in Missouri today.

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