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Missouri Culpepper Places

Many traces of our past...

If you have a photograph or more information on any of these, please send it to us! In particular, we'd like to know which Culpepper a place may have been named for.

Greene County (Southwestern Missouri)

bulletCulpepper Drive, Springfield, MO

LaClede County (South Central Missouri)


Culpepper-Shannon College, Lebanon, Missouri. Current information on or existence of this college is unknown. A catalog from 1899-1900 is known to reside in the Western Historical Manuscript Collection at the University of Missouri / State Historical Society at Columbia.

Pike County (Northeastern Missouri)

bulletCulpepper Street, Louisiana, MO 63353

Shannon County (South Central Missouri)

bulletCulpepper Cemetery, Near Jacks Fork Creek and Alley Springs, in Shannon Co, MO. From Eminence, at the interesection of highways 19 and 106, head west on 106 for 3.2 miles. Turn right on unmarked gravel road; proceed 0.7 miles and bear left at fork. Go another 0.5 mile and cemetery is on the right.
bulletOf the 50+ marked graves in this cemetery, only two are Culpeppers: a wife and probably a grandchild of Joseph E. Culpepper (son of Baalam, son of John, son of Erasmus, son of Benjamin, son of Robert.)
bulletRobert Culpepper, infant, 6 Mar 1920 - 16 Mar 1920
bulletSarah F. Culpepper (1870 - 1933) (First wife of Joseph E. Culpepper)

St. Louis County (East Central Missouri)

bulletCulpepper Court, Florissant, MO 63033
bulletCulpepper Drive, Florissant, MO 63033
bulletCulpepper's Restaurant, St. Louis, MO (and five other Missouri locations).
Culpepper Ancestry: Culpepper's was founded by Foy Culpepper Waldron, son of  Roman Simeon and Mary Foy Culpepper Waldron. Mary Foy was the daughter of Sterling Gardner Culpepper and his first wife, Susie Elizabeth Foy. Sterling is the son of Gardner, son of Nathan, son of Erasmus, son of Benjamin, son of Robert.

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