Sussex Colepepers
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The Sussex Colepepers

From Sussex Archaeological Collections

Colonel F. W. T. Attree, R.E., F.S.A.,
The Rev. J. H. L. Booker, M.A.

"To write a history of the family of Colepeper in all its different branches would take up a good many volumes of the size of these Collections, and we have, therefore, confined ourselves to the main branch, and to off-shoots of it which settled in Sussex."

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Table of Contents


Part I (From Vol. XLVII, 1904, pages. 47-81)

bulletName/Crest Origin (pages 47-48)
bulletFirst Four Generations (pages 48-54)
bulletSussex Colepepers: Generations 5-8 (pages 54-60)
bulletColepepers of Wigsell, in Salehurst (pages 60-74)
bulletColepepers of Folkington, Penton Mewsey & Sevenoaks (pages 74-81)

Part II (From Vol. XLVIII, 1905, pages 65-98)

bulletA. The Culpepers of Wakehurst (pages 65-74)
bulletB. Richard and Joanna Culpeper and Descendants (pages 75-90)
bulletC. Edward & Phillipa Culpeper and Descendants (pages 90-98)

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