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Census Project

We are in the process of transcribing the census records for every Culpepper in every US Census that has been released to the public (1790-1940). Additional help would be welcome!

Background. Years ago, Lew Griffin undertook a mammoth job to transcribe on paper the records for all Culpeppers in the censuses from 1790 to 1910. From 1790 through 1870, he used published census indices and transcribed the data from microfilm images of the actual census records. From 1880 through 1910, and later 1920, he worked from microfilm of the Soundex listings. From these census records, Lew built a significant portion of today's Culpepper Family Tree. However, there were several limitations to what Lew could accomplish because of the limited state of indexed information at the time.

Current Status. As of 2006, the images of all of the US census records from 1790-1930 had been published online by Ancestry.com along with an index to every name.

The Culpepper Census Project

Since we have a lot of loose ends or orphan Culpeppers, and since we believe that many of these loose ends can be resolved by a careful review of more complete census records, Warren Culpepper has undertaken a long-term project to systematically publish in our Web archives the full details of every Culpepper census record. From the archives, they are being entered into our TMG database, and from that database, we extract and publish the Web version of the family tree. At several points along the way, and at the end of this undertaking, we'll attempt to find duplicate names and tie up loose ends.

Your Help is Needed

We would welcome the assistance of other Culpepper researchers in transcribing records from the census images. If you have a census subscription to Ancestry.com and would like to help by assuming transcription responsibility for the Culpeppers in one or more censuses for a state, or part of a state, please contact Warren Culpepper.

We would like to thank the following volunteers who have helped with this project so far:

bulletKelly Culpepper
bulletPatsy Gay Culpepper Roberts
bulletDorothy Nash Roberts
bulletMalcolm Wickes Culpepper
bulletShannon Leigh O'Connor Christian
bulletLinda Jones Cushing

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Status and Summary of Specific Years

bullet1790-1840 US Censuses
bullet1850 US Census
bullet1860 US Census
bullet1870 US Census
bullet1880 US Census
bullet1890 US Census
bullet1900 US Census
bullet1910 US Census
bullet1920 US Census
bullet1930 US Census
bullet1940 US Census (Released to public on April 2, 2012, but indices will not be available until late in the year)

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Last Revised: 02 Jan 2015


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