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Culpepper Horses

Did you know there have been at least two horses named Culpepper? While some of our football cousins may run like horses, Culpepper is, in fact, the name of at least two different race horses.

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According to the The World Almanac and Book of Facts, 1997, Culpepper was the winner of the 1874 Preakness Stakes, run at Pimlico, Baltimore, MD (distance 1-3/16 mi. 3-year olds). Jockey was M. Donohue.

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Lady Culpepper

Lady Culpepper is one of the 1995 registered foals sired by Peteski, the 1993 Canadian triple crown winner and son of Affirmed, an American triple Crown winner.

Her listing says: "Lady Culpepper, Ch, F--Deloram By Lord Durham." Translation: Lady Culpepper is a chesnut-coated filly whose mamma is named "Deloram By Lord Durham"

We have heard no reports yet to indicate that she has lived up to her venerable name or championship heritage.

Incidentally, if you think some of the early Culpepper families had a lot of children, you might be interested to note that by the end of 1997, Lady Culpepper had over 150 siblings! Her papa appears to be having fun.

Last Revised: 02 Jan 2015

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