Culpepper Cattle Co.
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The Culpepper Cattle Company

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Review by Warren Culpepper

The Culpepper Cattle Company, a 1972 movie, was rated by western writer, Robert O. Burgess, as one of the top 5 western movies of all time.

The movie revolves around a young teenager's experiences on a cattle drive from Texas to Kansas, led by Frank Culpepper. I enjoyed watching Frank and wondering how he might be similar to my own ancestors. It's also interesting to note that there was a real Texas Culpepper cowboy, Francis Daniel Culpepper.

No Roy Rogers "singing cowboy" who always beat the bad guys, Frank is simultaneously a heroic, but dark character, in one of the first of the modern-day genre of more realistic westerns. The Cattle Company will challenge you with a thought-provoking contrast between impoverished extremes of aggression and pacifism.

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Summary of movie from E-Line: When an idealistic boy talks his way into becoming a cook's helper on a rugged cattle drive, he finds "cowboyin'" rapidly losing its appeal.

Notable lines from the movie:
    Young cowboy..."That sure is a pretty horse, mister."
        Old cowboy..."I guess."
    Young cowboy..."What's his name?"
        Old cowboy..."You don't give a name to something
                                 you might have to eat."

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Where to Purchase a Video

The Culpepper Cattle Company is available on video from Movies Unlimited  for $19.95 plus shipping/handling. Toll free call 1-800-4-MOVIES.

The Culpepper Cattle Company (1972). A 16-year-old signs on as assistant in a cross-country cattle drive and must grow up in a hurry in this off beat "coming of age" story with a Western motif. Gary Grimes, Bo Hopkins, Luke Askew star. 92 min. Item 04-3143 $19.95

Source: Chip Culpepper

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Availability on Cable and Satellite TV

In the past, The Culpepper Cattle Company has appeared from time to time on cable and satellite on the Fox Movie Channel (FXM).

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Culpepper Cattle Company: A Texas Grill

There is an upscale steakhouse named the Culpepper Cattle Company in the Dallas suburb of Rockwall, Texas. It was founded ten years after the movie was made.


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