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Culpeppers of the Military Academies

West Point Crest

If you can identify any of the names in red, or if you know of other Culpeppers who currently attend, or have graduated from, one of the military academies, please let us know.

United States Military Academy at West Point, NY

  • Allen Ross Culpepper, Class of 1966. Captain. Born 21 Jul 1944. In 1966, he graduated from West Point. He was commissioned in the Field Artillery, served with the 1/28 Artillery in Germany from 1966-1968 before reassignment to Vietnam in Sep 1968. There he served with the 7/9 Artillery Group. His service was truly heroic -- he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, the second highest US award for valor in combat. Other awards include the Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart Medal, Air Medal, and Commendation Medal. On 18 May 1969, at Long Khanh, South Viet Nam, Allen was killed in ground combat by enemy artillery. From Minden, LA, he was a member of the Methodist Church and was survived by a wife. Allen is the only Culpepper on the Viet Nam Memorial Wall (Panel 24W, Row 039). (Source: Viet Nam Memorial records and an e-mail from David Rich, Class of 1978 and Secretary of the West Point Society in Tallahassee) (#6829)

  • Patrick John Culpepper, Class of 2000. John has subsequently served a year in combat in Iraq with the 3rd Infantry Division. He is the brother of Christopher Alan Culpepper, Coast Guard Academy Class of 2002, the son of Harvey Edwin Culpepper, Jr., (who served in the Gulf War). and the grandson of Harvey Edwin Culpepper, Sr. He is also a third cousin, once removed of Allen Ross Culpepper, above. (Source: Patrick John Culpepper) (# 38884)

  • William Stephen "Bill" Culpepper, Jr., Class of 1946. Died 23 Jun 1983. See his Biography and Obituary in the family tree (Source: Association of Graduates, USMA, Web Site) (# 50182)

United States Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, CO

  • Donnie Dale Culpepper, Class of 1966, son of John Early Culpepper and father of David Cannon Culpepper of the United States Naval Academy, Class of 1992 (# 22807)

United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD

  • David Cannon Culpepper, Class of 1992, son of Donnie Dale Culpepper (above), United States Air Force Academy, Class of 1966 (#22814)

  • Edward Charles Culpepper, Class of 1985, son of Warren Allen Culpepper. Served as a Supply/Logistics Officer in the Marine Corps until July 1982 (#52525)

  • Rev. Dr. Hugo H. Culpepper, who later became a missionary to China, attended Annapolis in the early 1930's. He was the great-grandson of Civil War veteran John Malcolm Culpepper (#21983)

  • Steve Culpepper, Class of 1983, 29th Company.

United States Coast Guard Academy at New London, CT

  • Christopher Alan Culpepper. Class of 2002. He is the brother of Patrick John Culpepper, West Point Class of 2000, and the son of Harvey Edwin Culpepper, Jr., who served in the Gulf War. (Source: Patrick John Culpepper) (# 38883)

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