Kent Worthies
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The Five Kent Worthies

A 1700's portrait in the  National Portrait Gallery, London.

The pictured include:

bulletAt upper left: Thomas Culpeper, Esquire (1669-1703) (#8924)
bulletAt the center: William Culpeper, Esquire (1664-1726) (#8913)
bulletAt the lower left: William Hamilton (1663-1737), husband of Margaret Culpepper (1666-1736) (#8921)

Thomas Culpeper, William Culpeper and Margaret Culpeper were siblings and the children of Thomas Culpeper of Hollingbourne-The Younger. (#8907)

The notorious "Blue Dick" pamphlet was directed by William Culpeper to his hated brother-in-law, William Hamilton.

Five Kent Worthies Portrait (Takes 30-45 seconds to load)

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