Diana, Princess of Wales
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Diana, Princess of Wales:
A Culpepper Cousin

Diana, Princess of Wales (1961-1997)was born Diana Frances Spencer. With Charles, Prince of Wales, she had two sons: William and Harry, at least one of whom should someday become King of England. For a full biography, see: Wikipedia's Diana, Princess of Wales

Diana and most modern day Culpeppers, descend from John Culpeper of Wigsell (1531-1612). Diana descends through John's great-granddaughter Elizabeth Culpeper, a second cousin of the American progenitor, Henry Culpepper of Lower Norfolk, Virginia.

Elizabeth Culpeper married Col. James Hamilton, and Diana's line continues in the Hamilton family through nine generations -- mostly Dukes and Earls of Abercorn -- down to her grandmother Lady Cynthia Hamilton. Lady Hamilton married Albert Spencer, 7th Earl Spencer, and their son John Spencer, 8th Earl Spencer, is Diana's father. In 1992, upon John's death, Diana's brother Charles succeeded as 9th Earl Spencer.

Diana, Princess of Wales

Genealogical Table

In the table below, each row of boxes represents a different generation, and contains the child or children of the person in the box immediately above it. The links will take you to the individual's page in the family tree.

1 William Culpeper of Hunton and Wigsell
2 John Culpeper of Wigsell
Canon Edmund Culpeper of Lincoln, 1547-1605
3 Thomas Culpeper of Wigsell
John Culpeper of Astwood in Feckenham, 1565-1635 Rev. William Culpeper of  Barbados, 1606-1674
4 John Lord Culpeper 1st Baron of Thoresway, 1599-1660 John Culpeper the Merchant
The South African Colepepers and certain Canadian Culpepers are descendants of William.
5 Elizabeth Culpeper, 1637-1709
(married Col. James Hamilton)
Henry Culpeper of Lower Norfolk Co., VA, 1633-1675
6 James Hamilton 6th Earl Abercorn, c 1661-1734 Most American Culpeppers are descendants of Henry
7 James Hamilton 7th Earl Abercorn, 1686-1744
8 John Hamilton (Royal Navy Officer) 1714-1755
9 John Hamilton 1st Marquess of Abercorn, 1756-1818
10 James Hamilton Viscount Hamilton, 1786-1814
11 James Hamilton 1st Duke of Abercorn, 1811-1885
12 James Hamilton 2nd Duke of Abercorn, 1838-1913
13 James Hamilton 3rd Duke of Abercorn, 1869-1953
14 Lady Cynthia Hamilton, 1897-1972(md Albert Spencer 7th Earl Spencer)
15 Edward John Spencer 8th Earl Spencer, 1924-1992
16 Lady Diana Frances Spencer, 1961-1997
Diana, Princess of Wales
17 William Prince of Wales
(born 1982), and
Henry (Harry) Prince of Wales (born 1984)

If you are a descendant of Henry Culpeper and enter above your ancestry below Henry, then if, as a result, your name is in the box next to Diana, you are her 13th cousin. If you are a box lower than Diana, you are her 13th cousin once removed, as well as a 14th cousin of her sons, one or both of whom most likely become a future King of England. Two boxes below Diana? Then you are a 13th cousin twice removed. Once box above her? That would make you her father's 12th cousin as well as Diana's 12th cousin, once removed.

If you're like me, you've always thought your granddaughters (or daughters) are as pretty or prettier than Diana. Now go put a smile on a sweet little face and tell her that she is just as pretty as her cousin... Princess Diana.

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For a comprehensive genealogy of Diana, see: Richard K. Evans, The Ancestry of Diana, Princess of Wales, for Twelve Generations, New England Historic Genealogical Society, published August 2007 (More info).

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