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Colonial Connecticut
Culpepper Archives

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The Culpeper Sisters of Branford, Connecticut

From Frederick C. 'Fred' Hart Jr., CG, FASG, Guilford, Connecticut, 19 Aug 2011:

"Donald L. Jacobus studied these two sisters and reported his results in The American Genealogist, 33(1957): 63-4. DLJ was Connecticut's most skilled and most respected genealogist and lived in New Haven. As he stated in this short article, he had searched the Branford records "many times, including a page-by-page inspection of the first two volumes of combined town, land and vital records...." He was completely unable to connect these (probable) sisters to any other Culpepper family. I really don't think there's anything I can do now to improve on what he said at that time..."

For a copy of the Jacobus article and other commentary about the Culpeper sisters, see the page for Susanna Culpeper of Connecticut in the Culpepper Family Tree.

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Mystic Seaport (CT), The Museum of America and the Sea

On 19 Aug 2011,  Warren Culpepper wrote an inquiry to the Mystic museum:

"Do you have records for the 1600s of ship names, crew lists, cargo manifests, etc.? Do you know other sources in Connecticut for such information?"

Maribeth Bielinski of Mystic responded:

"...Unfortunately we do not have many records from that early time period. You may have success contacting the National Archives in Washington, DC. The information we used to compile our online crew list database also came from National Archives.

"We do have New London, CT Custom Records on microfilm but the earliest date I could locate is 1792. The Connecticut Historical Society has great repository for materials dating back to the 1600s. If you are looking for other material (besides crew lists) you may have some luck. However, they may refer you back to us if you mention your maritime interests.

"I would also consider contacting the Connecticut State Library. Their History and Genealogy Department is very helpful..."

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Connecticut State Library

On 6 Sep 2011, Frederick C. 'Fred' Hart Jr., CG, FASG, wrote that he had checked the Connecticut Archives Series at the Connecticut State Library for the name Culpep(p)er --- all with completely negative results.

bulletColonial Boundaries
bulletCourt Papers
bulletCrimes and Misdemeanors, Series 1 and 2
bulletEcclesiastical Affairs, Series 1 and 2
bulletEstates of Deceased Persons
bulletForeign Correspondence
bulletPrivate Controversies, Series 1 and 2
bulletTowns and Lands, Series 1 and 2
bulletTrade and Maritime Affairs, Series 1 and 2
bulletColonial Wars


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