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Our genealogical theories and conclusions are not flawless, and they are subject to change from time to time. Therefore, we believe each researcher needs to make thoughtful decisions on a name-by-name basis as to how our findings will be used. Consequently, we no longer distribute our research in GEDCOM form.

Printed Copies

From time to time, we receive requests for a printed version of parts or all of our website. Often, the intent is to pass along interesting information to family members not on the Internet. Such requests generally seem quite reasonable to the first-time site visitor, and if we could comply,  we know we would make many people happy.

However, as of January 2011, our website consists of over 36,800 pages in the family tree and about 2,000 more pages in the Archives and Historical sections. This will continue to grow over time.

As there is a rough equivalency in the amount of content in one of our average web pages to the content of a page in a printed book, the content of our web site represents the same volume as 150 or more hardback books. Thus, printing would prove to be an impossibly complex and expensive proposition for us. Not only that, unlike a typical book, our printed copies would quickly get out-of-date since we are constantly adding to, improving, and sometimes revising our research findings.

Those interested in printed copies are encouraged to selectively choose those pages most relevant and to print them from their Web browsers.

Last Revised: 02 Jan 2015

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