Martha S. Dickson1

Female, #9788, (1857 - 22 Feb 1893)
Father*Henry C. Dickson (Apr 1827 - 19 Feb 1902)
Mother*Mary S. (?) (s 1836 - s 1881)
Name Variation She was also known as Mattie. 
Birth*1857 Martha was born at Talbot Co., Georgia, in 1857. 
1860 Census1 Jun 1860 Martha, Mary, Julia and Ella was listed as a household member (Martha S. Dixon, 3, F, W, GA) living with Henry C. Dickson in the 1860 Census at Talbot Co., Georgia.2 
1870 Census1 Jun 1870 Mary, Ella, Martha, Julia, Emma, Henry, Edgar and David was listed as a household member (Martha Dixon, 14, F, W, Attending school, GA) living with Henry C. Dickson on the 1870 Census at O'Neals District, Talbot Co., Georgia.3 
Graduation*1874 She was graduated in 1874 at LeVert Female College, Talbotton, Talbot Co., Georgia; Straus LeVert Memorial Hall, Talbotton, GA. This 1830s Greek Revival structure once housed the LeVert Female College.4
1880 Census1 Jun 1880 Ella, Martha and Emma was listed as a daughter (Mattie Dickson, dau, F, S, W, 22, GA, GA, GA, At home) in Henry C. Dickson's household on the 1880 Census at Talbot Co., Georgia.5 
Marriage*4 May 1881 She married Rev. Thomas Cooper Boykin on 4 May 1881.6 
Married Name4 May 1881  As of 4 May 1881, her married name was Mattie Boykin.6 
Death of Mothersay 1881 Her mother Mary S. (?) died say 1881. 
Birth of Son8 Oct 1888 Her son Hubert Boykin was born on 8 Oct 1888 at Decatur, DeKalb Co., Georgia.7,8 
Death of Son15 Nov 1890 Her son Hubert Boykin died on 15 Nov 1890 at Decatur, DeKalb Co., Georgia.7,8 
Letter/Message Text*6 Nov 1892  She wrote to Basil Manly Boykin on 6 Nov 1892 at Decatur, DeKalb Co., Georgia:
Letter from Mattie Boykin [age 35] in Decatur, GA to her step-son, Manly Boykin [age 23] in Lamar, Barton Co., MO.

My Dear Manly,
     You begin to think, no doubt, that I am as slow to reply as you were to write. I have been trying to do so ever since the reception of your letter.
     I was glad to hear from all and that Eva [Eva Paxton Boykin, 24, sister-in-law of Manly and step-daughter of Mattie] and the children were so much benefitted by their stay in the country.
     We were moving along in a quiet way, enjoying the baby [Effie/Eleanor Boykin, her daughter who was three days short of one year old], if not everything else that comes into our lives. Narcissa [a reference to Eleanor] has improved very much in so many respects since you were here and is, of course, a growing delight. The "Baby Tender" has been a blessing truly.
     It has strengthened her limbs and given her a great deal of pleasure. She just runs all about in any direction she wishes -- in the "Tender" I mean. She pulls up by chairs on anything convenient and walks around them some. I do not think it will be a great while before she walks.
     You know already of Florence's visit and the length of it. [Florence Barnard, age 18]. I have never had any girl visit in the house who was so pleasant in every way. I got better acquainted with her than ever before and love her that much the more. She did not tell you some things about her stay in Decatur that I certainly will not hesitate to tell you. Perhaps you know she spent a day and night at Mrs. Ramspick's. Mr R. told her she had the advantages of Mamie [identity unknown], that she was here, getting on the good side of me, "Jm(?) Manly"! A mean little thing for him to say. Mrs. R. also joined in and said the same thing in a little different way! As if Florence was the kind of girl to do such a thing!
     Mamie showed her the heart you gave her and told her where she got it -- said she was sorry you did not give her the "love-chain" with it, but she supposed she would get that Christmas! I tell you so you may not disappoint her! She also showed Florence her private "memorial book" and in it a piece of sentimental poetry marked underneath "From B. M. B." They quizzed her to know if you had written to her -- and of course she was too truthful to deny it. Mamie asked her to tell you she would answer your letter in about six months! I wish I could talk with you -- I would tell more than I will write -- some things about the R's that would seem too trivial to write.
     I want to say some other things to you in all seriousness and affection. I certainly feel a deep interest in your future -- and I trust you will let me speak freely to you. I love Florence, too, and feel more interest in her welfare than when you were here. What I want to say is, that if you do not truly and sincerely love Florence, I want you to let her alone. Don't make her think you love her if you do not. I do not know that you could win her love easily, after those two years of leaving her alone -- but do not try unless you will love her on to the end, as any woman with a woman's heart wants to be loved -- supremely.
     I feel for Florence, something of the same kind of concern I will for Belle [Belle Boykin, age 18, Manly's sister and Mattie's step-daughter] when the time comes and I tell you I do not want ever you to trifle the least bit with her. Your going to see her the second time, and writing after you go away, with what you said makes it hard for me to conjecture what your correspondence will lead to. And if you do love her, in justice to her, you surely ought not to continue a course that would lead another to think you aren't in love with her. I should have said in justice to yourself -- for I do not see how you can expect the respect of Florence otherwise.
     Florence would be shocked, no doubt, if she knew I had foreseen to write all this of her -- but it is love for her as well as you that has prompted me. I remember so well, too, the undecided way you spoke of your feelings when here. Since your visit home, I have been more anxious about your future and sincerely interested than before. You understand why. If it seems to you I have gone beyond my privilege in what I have said, that has been my inspiration, and if my words have been out of place in regard to Florence, think no more about them.
     Belle was sick in bed for several days a few weeks ago, but is well now and seems to be doing well.
     Your father [Rev. Thomas Cooper Boykin, Mattie's husband and a Baptist evangelist who traveled a great deal] has not been at home more than a few days at a time since you were here. He is well as usual.
     Give my love to Jim, Eva and the children and include yourself in the division.
               Miss Mattie

[Note: Mattie died just three months later, on 22 Feb 1893, two days after giving birth to Martha Boykin, who later married Harry Stuart Culpepper, Sr. Three weeks after Mattie's death, on 16 Mar 1893, Manly Boykin married Florence Barnard.]. 
Death*22 Feb 1893 She died at Decatur, DeKalb Co., Georgia, on 22 Feb 1893
Mattie died two days after giving birth to her daughter Mattie.7,9 
Burial*23 Feb 1893 Her body was interred on 23 Feb 1893 at Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia. (Block 380, Lot 1).7 
Obituary*23 Feb 1893 "DEATH OF AN ESTEEMED LADY. Mrs. T. C. Boykin, the wife of Rev. T. C. Boykin, died at her home in Decatur yesterday morning. The intelligence of her death will carry genuine sorrow to many hearts. In her manner amiable, and in all her actions consistently Christian, she was a power for good and was universally loved by everyone who knew her. Her death will be a great loss to the community and to church of which she was a member. She was ill for only a short length of time, and few of her friends in Atlanta were apprised of her condition. She endured her sufferings, however, with a patient recognition, and the end came peacefully and happily. She was surrounded by the immediate members of the household, who had been constant and unremitting in their attention. Mr. Boykin has many friends in Atlanta and throughout Georgia who will sympathize with him tenderly in his great affliction. "

"FUNERAL OF MRS. BOYKIN. The funeral of Mrs. T. C. Boykin occurred from her home in Decatur, Ga., yesterday morning at 10:00 o'clock. There was a large attendance of friends and acquaintances, and the services were a s beautiful as appropriate. Many touching and tender allusions were made to her Christian life and character, but to those who knew her the sweetest eulogy was the memory of her gentle disposition and the many acts of friendship and charity which she performed. The floral offerings were in the shape of many exquisite emblems, indicative of the happy assurance that were felt in her future state of happiness and immortality. Dr. Boykin has the sympathy of a large circle of friends who feel for him in his present affliction. The interment was made in the cemetery at Decatur, and the exercises at the grave, like those in the church, were solemnly impressive and beautiful."10,9 


Rev. Thomas Cooper Boykin (1 Jan 1836 - 4 Dec 1901)
Marriage*4 May 1881 She married Rev. Thomas Cooper Boykin on 4 May 1881.6 
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