Erasmus Culpepper of Nash Co., NC1

Male, #9458, (circa 1742 - circa 1782)
Father*Benjamin Culpepper the Ferryman2 (s 1721 - 1772)
Mother*Elizabeth (?) (c 1721 - b May 1789)
DNA* Erasmus has been proven by DNA and genealogical research to be a descendant of Erasmus Culpepper of Nash Co., NC, who is a great-grandson of Robert Culpepper of Lower Norfolk, VA. 
Birth*circa 1742 Erasmus was born at Edgecombe Co., North Carolina, circa 1742. 
Marriage*17 Aug 1765 He married Chloe Whitehead at Edgecombe Co., North Carolina, on 17 Aug 1765.3,4 
Birth of Sonsay 1766 His son John Culpepper of Nash Co. NC was born say 1766 at Edgecombe Co., North Carolina
Will15 Apr 1767 Elizabeth, Rahab, Martha, Elizabeth and Erasmus named as heir(s) in the will of Benjamin Culpepper the Ferryman at Edgecombe Co., North Carolina, on 15 Apr 1767.5 
Birth of Sonsay 1768 His son Benjamin Culpepper was born say 1768 at Edgecombe Co., North Carolina
Birth of Sonsay 1771 His son Matthew Culpepper was born say 1771 at Edgecombe Co., North Carolina
Birth of Sonsay 1772 His son Osborne Culpepper of Nash Co., NC was born say 1772 at Edgecombe Co., North Carolina
Death of Father1772 His father Benjamin Culpepper the Ferryman died in 1772 at Edgecombe Co., North Carolina
Deed*24 Oct 1772 He granted a deed to Henry Whitehead, witnessed by Thomas Whitehead and Isabell Whitehead on 24 Oct 1772 at Edgecombe Co., North Carolina,

Book 2, page 29, deed date 24 Oct 1772, recorded Nov Ct 1772. Erasmus Culpepper, Edgecombe Co., to Henry Whitehead, for love and affection for my nephew, the said Henry Whitehead and me hereunto moving, a tract of 312 acres on Mochason Creek granted by Granville on 3 July 1760 beginning at a sassafras below his plantation then north 160 poles to two pines then west 312 poles to a white oak then south 160 poles to a gum then the various courses of the creek east 312 poles to the first station, signed Erasmus Culpepper, wit. Thomas Whitehead, Esabel Whitehead (X) (her mark).6 
American Revolution*between 1775 and 1783 He provided service in the American Revolutionary War between 1775 and 1783
(DAR Listing: Erasmus Culpepper, born circa 1745 in North Carolina, died before 6 Feb 1783 in North Carolina, married Chloe Whitehead, Patriotic Service, North Carolina.)7 
Birth of Sonsay 1778 His son Sampson Culpepper son of Erasmus was born say 1778 at Edgecombe Co., North Carolina
Birth of Son5 Mar 1779 His son Nathan Culpepper of Warren Co., GA was born on 5 Mar 1779 at Nash Co., North Carolina.8 
Tax roll*between 1780 and 1782 He registered to pay taxes at Nash Co., North Carolina, between 1780 and 1782.9 
Birth of Soncirca 1780 His son Erasmus Culpepper Jr. of Wilcox Co., AL was born circa 1780 at Nash Co., North Carolina
Death*circa 1782 He died at Nash Co., North Carolina, circa 1782.10 
Biography* Erasmus Culpepper was born in Edgecombe Co. NC about 1744 or before. He remained in Edgecombe Co. and finally lived in that part of Edgecombe that became Nash Co. in 1777.
     He first appeared in the records in Edgecombe Co. on 17 Aug 1765 when he married Chloe Whitehead. Thomas Whitehead was the witness. Assuming that he was about 21 years of age when he married, this would place his date of birth about 1744.
     In Oct 1772, Erasmus Culpepper sold to his nephew, Henry Whitehead, for love and affection, 312 acres on the bank of Moccasin Creek beginning below his plantation, it being a Granville grant bearing date 3 Jul 1760. Wit: Thomas Whitehead, Esabel (X) Whitehead (Edgecombe Deed Co. Deed Bk. 2-29).
     In Nov 1772, Erasmus Culpepper of Edgecombe sold to his brother-in-law, Willoby Manning, for love and affection. 200 acres on the banks of both Little and Great Peachtree Creek, as sold to Benjamin Culpepper by Job Wilder. Wit: Thomas Whitehead (Edgecombe Co. Deed Bk 2-28).
     In Nov 1772, Erasmus Culpepper sold to his brother-in-law Thomas Whitehead, for love and affection, a tract of 200 acres on the north bank of Peachtree Creek at mouth of Pace's Branch. Witnesses were Reuben Wheless and Williby (M) Manning (Edgecombe Deed Bk 2-29).
     In Jan 1775, John Ratley of Edgecombe Co. sold Erasmus Culpepper 100 acres on the north side of Cain's Beaver Dan Swamp and on Collins' branch adjoining Lam'l Nicholson, it being part of a deed to Nathanial Powell. Witnesses were James Grant and John (X) Ozly (Edgecombe Deed Bk. 2-168).
     In Nov 1775, James Cain of Edgecombe sold Erasmus Culpepper 180 acres on the north bank of Beaver Dam Swamp. Witnesses were Wright Nicholson, David Nicholson, and Isaac Kirk (Edgecombe Deed Bk. 3-111).
     Also in Nov 1775, Nathaniel (X) Powell of Edgecombe sold Erasmus Culpepper 200 acres for 20 pds. on the north bank of Cain's Beaver Dam Swamp and on Collin's Branch adjoining James Cain, Lemuel Nicholson, and the road. Witnesses were Shadrach Weaver, Sedie (X) Powell, and Isaac Kirk.
     He died about 1783, at which time Chloe Culpepper was appointed to take an inventory of his estate. Apparently very soon after this, Chloe Culpepper remarried William Wright. In 1784 Thomas Whitehead posted a bond for guardianship of Polly Culpepper, orphan of Erasmus Culpepper. Four documents in Nash County record mention various heirs who received shares of Erasmus' estate.
          1. In Sept 1783 there was a division of the negroes of Erasmus Culpepper among the widow and orphans (unnamed) of the deceased so that the widow, Cloey Culpepper, could receive her share (Estate Book 14, #228, p.109).
          2. In May 1793 there were three divisions of Erasmus' land among heirs. A survey defined the land as follows: "North Carolina, Nash County, run out and surveyed for the Heirs of ERASMUS CULPEPPER, a tract or parcel of land lying on the south side of Fishing Creek, containing three hundred and seven acres, and bounded as follows (to wit) Beginning at a Beech, on the bank of the Creek, Nathan Powell’s corner, thence along his line South 166 poles to a pine, a corner tree, thence west 204 poles to a pine on the side of a branch thence down the branch 50 poles to a Pine a corner tree on said Branch, thence along the road leading to the Bridge 140 poles to a Poplar at the Spring, thence down the Spring Branch to the Creek, and so down the Creek to the first station…. The rest of this document divides this land into three plots:
               a. One gave 130 acres to Matthew Culpepper (Book 14, #219, p.100).
               b. One gave land to Osburne and John Culpepper (Book 14, #250, p.124).
               c. The third division gave 82 acres to Erasmus Culpepper (Jr.), 109 acres to Nathan Culpepper, and 166 acres to Sampson Culpepper, all lying on the south side of Fishing Creek adjacent to Nathan Powell (Book 14, #243, p.120).
     An undated document executed around 1812 was a petition by William Wright and wife, Chloe Wright for dower. She was widow of Erasmus Culpepper.
     The 31 Jan 1816, Nash Co. Will of Chloe Wright specifies sons: Matthew Culpepper, Osborne Culpepper, Nathan Culpepper, Erasmus Culpepper, John Culpepper, William Wright; and daughters: Mary Daniel Huldy Powell, Elizabeth Taylor. Exrs: sons Matthew and Erasmus Culpepper.
     The 1818, Nash Co. Petition for sale of the dower of the widow of Erasmus Culpepper the elder, for division among the heirs, who were John Culpepper, who has sold his right to Willis Powell; Matthew Culpepper; Nathan Culpepper; Erasmus Culpepper; Osborne Culpepper, dec'd, leaving as his heirs at law Benjamin Culpepper, Elizabeth, wife of John Dortch, Lemuel Culpepper and Nancy D. Culpepper, the last two being infants with Matthew Culpepper as guardian. Said Nathan Culpepper lives in Warren Co., GA. 
Descendant* See footnote for the name and contact info of a descendant of Erasmus Culpepper of Nash Co., NC who would like to communicate with other descendants; Warren Culpepper.11 


Chloe Whitehead (circa 1748 - before May 1818)
Marriage*17 Aug 1765 He married Chloe Whitehead at Edgecombe Co., North Carolina, on 17 Aug 1765.3,4 
ChartsHenry Culpeper of Lower Norfolk: DNA Status Chart (Male only, 8 generations)
Benjamin (son of Robert) Culpepper of Edgecombe Co., NC: Descendant Chart
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  1. The origin of Erasmus Culpepper's name is not known. It may have come from a scholarly parent, or perhaps it came down from his mother's line. As the name Erasmus is quite distinctive, brief biographical sketchs excerpted from Britannica OnLine of two historical Erasmuses follows.
         Saint Erasmus: Also called Elmo (d. 303?, Formia, Italy), Saint Erasmus was an early Christian bishop, martyr, and one of the patron saints of sailors. He is romantically associated with Saint Elmo's fire (the glow accompanying the brushlike discharges of atmospheric electricity that appears as a tip of light on the masts of ships during stormy weather) as the visible sign of his guardianship over them. Erasmus is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, a group of saints conjointly venerated in medieval Germany. Several spurious acta have embellished his legend. According to these, he was a bishop in Syria who miraculously endured tortures under Diocletian in Lebanon, after which he was guided by an angel to Formia, where he performed many miracles. Later legends attest that he was martyred by being disemboweled; thus, as a Holy Helper, he was invoked by those suffering from intestinal maladies. Elmo is an Italian corruption (through Sant' Ermo) of St. Erasmus; other derivations include Ramus, Eramus, Ermus, Ermo, and Telmo. His legendary narrative is in Acta Sanctorum.
         Desiderius Erasmus: Born in Rotterdam in 1469, Desiderius Erasmus was the greatest European scholar of the 16th century. Using the philological methods pioneered by Italian humanists, he helped lay the groundwork for the historical-critical study of the past, especially in his studies of the Greek New Testament and the Church Fathers. His educational writings contributed to the replacement of the older scholastic curriculum by the new humanist emphasis on the classics. By criticizing ecclesiastical abuses, while pointing to a better age in the distant past, he encouraged the growing urge for reform, which found expression both in the Protestant Reformation and in the Catholic Counter-Reformation. Finally, his independent stance in an age of fierce confessional controversy--rejecting both Luther's doctrine of predestination and the powers that were claimed for the papacy--made him a target of suspicion for loyal partisans on both sides and a beacon for those who valued liberty more than orthodoxy.
  2. In his will, Benjamin named his son Erasmus as an heir and executor.
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    I came across an old card, written many years ago (between 1956, her husband's death, and 1967, her death) by Fannie Leila Culpepper Jolly, great-granddaughter of Nathan Culpepper. It is yellowed and hard to read. Some things she recorded are incorrect, based on research available since her death. But, it is interesting to note that she is specific in the dates of birth and death for Nathan. She recorded that he was born March 5, 1779 and died July 21, 1825. She also had the correct marriage date of May 27, 1806 (license May 26, 1806-my notation).
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