James Hamilton Groom of the Chamber to Charles II1

Male, #8942, (circa 1620 - 6 Jun 1673)
Father*Sir George Hamilton 1st Baronet, of Donalong (s 1601 - 1679)
Mother*Mary Butler2 (s 1603 - )
Birth*circa 1620 James was born at Ireland circa 1620.3 
Marriage*1661 He married Elizabeth Culpeper in 1661.4 
Will3 Jul 1660 He is mentioned in the will of John Lord Culpeper 1st Baron of Thoresway at co. Kent, England, on 3 Jul 1660.5 
Birth of Soncirca 1661 His son Sir James Hamilton 6th Earl of Abercorn was born circa 1661 at Ireland.6 
Birth of Sonsay 1663 His son William Hamilton was born say 1663. 
Death*6 Jun 1673 He died on 6 Jun 1673.3 
Burial*Jun 1673 His body was interred in Jun 1673 at Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London, England.3 
Biography* James Hamilton (c. 1620 – June 6, 1673) was an Irish courtier and soldier, the eldest son of Sir George Hamilton, 1st Baronet and Mary Butler.

Like his younger brothers, he chose a military career, and became a colonel. A favorite of Charles II, he was appointed Ranger of Hyde Park in 1660 and Groom of the Bedchamber on October 28, 1664. He was responsible for the partial enclosure of Hyde Park and its re-stocking with deer. Hamilton Place, in the vicinity of Hyde Park, is named for him.

Hamilton was known for his fine manners and dress and his gallantry. An admirer of the Countess of Chesterfield, his first cousin, he carried on a romance with her by turning her husband's suspicion on the Duke of York, only to discover that York was courting her as well.

In 1661, he married Elizabeth Colepeper, daughter of John Colepeper, 1st Baron Colepeper by his second marriage. They had three sons:
     1. James Hamilton, 6th Earl of Abercorn (c. 1661–1734)
     2. Col. George Hamilton (d. August 3, 1692, Battle of Steenkerque)
     3. William Hamilton (aft. 1662–1737), married his cousin Margaret Colepeper and had issue

Col. Hamilton had one of his legs carried away by a cannonball in a sea-fight with the Dutch (presumably the Battle of Schooneveld), and died in consequence thereof on June 6, 1673. He was buried in Westminster Abbey.3 
Note* The connection between the modern day Culpeppers and Diana, Priness of Wales, came about from the marriage of Elizabeth Culpeperand James Hamilton and is through their son James, 6th Earl of Abercorn.
(Names referenced above include: Elizabeth Culpeper, Sir James Hamilton 6th Earl of Abercorn). 


Elizabeth Culpeper (circa 1637 - Feb 1709)
Marriage*1661 He married Elizabeth Culpeper in 1661.4 
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