Rev. Thomas Colepeper M.A.

Male, #8918, (circa 1713 - circa Oct 1746)
Father*William Culpeper of Hollingbourne (1664 - 1726)
Mother*Elizabeth Gill (c 1686 - )
Name Variation He was also known as Rev. Thomas Colepeper Rector of Stonham Aspall, Suffolk. 
Name-AltSpell This surname is sometimes spelled Culpepper. 
Name-AltSpell This surname is sometimes spelled Culpeper. 
Birth*circa 1713 Thomas was born circa 1713. 
Baptism2 Nov 1713 He was baptized at Hollingbourne, co. Kent, England, on 2 Nov 1713.  
Death of Father1726 His father William Culpeper of Hollingbourne died in 1726. 
Will*17 Oct 1746 He made a will at Stoneham Aspall, co. Suffolk, England, on 17 Oct 1746.

I Thomas Colepeper Rector of Stoneham Aspall in Suffolk and Diocese of Norwich, Master of Arts and Clerk and one of the younger sons of William Colepeper (William Culpeper of Hollingbourne) late of Hollingbourne in Kent Esquire by Elizabeth (Elizabeth Gill) his Wife both deceased being at this time sound in body and mind do make this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following. First as to my Religious Christian principles I die an Apostolical Catholic solely depending on the Spirit of Jesus Christ for Eternal happiness.

     Secondly I desire a decent internment amongst my ancestors in the family Vault at Hollingbourne aforesaid unless there should be a denial thereof or if I Die at a greater distance from hence than shall London in such case. I desire to be buried in the Chancel or Church of the Parish of Allhallows Broad Street London or in any other sacred place. Thirdly I leave my brother Francis Colepeper Esquire (Francis Colepeper) of the parish of Allhallows Barking London Sole heir of all my Real and Personal Estate whatsoever which I now possess or shall hereafter be entitled to also all sums of Money whether one by Tithes or *loves or arrears of the same or due in any other name at any time in Law or any place which said Real and personal Estate I give devise and bequeath to him the said Francis Colepeper and his Heirs and assigns for ever upon condition that he pay the under written Legatees out of my personal Estate whether lodged in public funds due by Mortgage Bond in my own custody or elsewhere within one month of my decease of which I give and bequeath to my Sister Elizabeth Colepeper (Elizabeth Colepeper) Ten Pounds.

     Item to my sister Cornelia Bridges (Cornelia Colepeper) Twenty Pounds. To the pious and Learned and Reverend William Waterford LLB Rector of Allhallows Broad Street London Ten Pounds. To Isaac Dufsand and of the said parish Gentleman Ten Pounds. To Mr Edmond Kay of the parish of St. Matthew Friday Street London Ten Pounds. To William Tate of the parish of St. Leonard Shoreditch London Gentleman Ten Pounds for his fidelity in my affairs. To John Thompson of Allhallows Broad Street London Writing Master Ten Pounds. To Edmond Gouldsmith of the same Parish Peruke Maker Ten Pounds. (A "peruke" was a type men's wig worn by the gentry and upper echelons of society)

     Item I give devise and Bequeath to my Brother John Spencer Colepeper Esquire (John Spencer Colepeper of Charterhouse, Middlesex) my share of the Cavilkind Farm in Shorne in Kent to his and his Heirs for ever the Rent of which he has already received on my account and has applied to his own use and which comes to about One Hundred and Ninety Pounds at least that is I give to him upon condition that he indemnify and save harmless my Executor from all payments Interest or charges whatsoever arising from the same or any part thereof either in Law or Equity or otherwise recommending that he will in justice pay my Executors his One Hundred and Ninety Pounds being his share of the said Cavilkind Estate, also ardently hoping that he will show due affection to his said Brother who will then be his Heir on account of my decease and that all concord Love and Harmony may abound whereas by one bond from the Right Honourable Lord Kingston of the Kingdom of Ireland I am entitled to the sum of One Hundred Pounds and Ninety Pounds Thirteen Shillings and Four Pence be it more or less with lawful interest for the same which said Bond is in possession of Mr Edward Folie Attorney at Law in Dublin and dated November the Sixteenth One Thousand Seven Hundred and Forty Two thereabouts and payable or Demandable by being due the Second of January 1745/6 or thereabouts but is still unpaid which said Bond I give to my said Brother Francis Colepeper upon condition that as soon as he receive what is due from the same after having satisfied and paid the Exchange Costs & that he pay the following Legacy of One Hundred and Fifty Pounds which I give and bequeath to my dear Brother John Spencer Colepeper Esquire unless I receive in my Life time what is due from the said Bond and should make no other Will apart from this then in such case that the said Legacy shall be demandable within one Month after my Decease from my Executor and payable to my said Brother John Spencer Colepeper out of the Personal Estate. I shall be then have and have in the Public Funds or elsewhere as before mentioned.

     Item I give to my Brother John Spencer Colepeper Esquire aforesaid all my printed books except as such as are written by the Colepeper Family on demand.
     Item to John Thompson aforesaid my Silver Tobacco Box an demand.
     Item to Edmond Gouldsmith my Silver Milk Pot on demand.
     Item to Mr Edmond Gouldsmith eldest son of Mr Edmond Gouldsmith aforesaid my Daluuftree Bureau a Stone Derk and a pair ditto Knee Buckles and a pair of Boots a pair of Silver Spurs and a whip on demand.
     Item to Isaac Dufsand aforesaid my Tea Chest and six Silver Teas Spoons on demand.
     Item to Mr Charles Ienns now living with My Edmond Gouldsmith aforesaid as his Journeyman all my Wearing apparel in general on demand. (except my clerical part thereof which he shall not prophane) and also Forty Shillings on demand towards fitting up part of the same.
     Item to my worthy poor old Laundress Mrs Elizabeth Day Forty Shillings on demand.
     Item I leave the following persons each one gold Ring on demand of the value of Twenty Shillings each and this my Will absolutely that the said Rings be delivered to the said persons immediately after my decease namely to my Brother John Spencer Colepeper and to each of my three Sisters to William Darneford LLB; aforesaid to Louis Rufsell of Grays Inn London Esquire to John Thompson aforesaid to Mr Isacc Dufsand to Mr Edmond Gouldsmith aforesaid and to Mrs Mary Gouldsmith his Wife to Mr Edmond Kay aforesaid to Mr William Tate aforesaid to Mr Isacc Lawrence of Oxford Grocer to Mr Thomas Sedgwick of Hollingbourne in Kent Gentleman to Mr Charles Denns aforsaid.

     Item I do hereby constitute and appoint my said Brother Francis Colepeper aforesaid my Solo Executrix whom I do so appoint preferable to my Eldest Brother aforesaid because he will I am persuaded perform the conditions of my Will without any vexation to the other Parties contained in it. I have left him also more than the other not so much from a difference in Love as because my Eldest Brother has abundance and therefore would not feel the benefit of it and as to my Brother in Law John Fotherby Gentleman I have not left him anything because he and his wife have already had much more form our family than they ought in my opinion to have had besides I cannot without injury to others by any other means. Lastly I revoke all former Wills by me made and declare this present Writing contained in two Sheets of paper to be my Last Will and Testament in witness whereof I have to the first sheet of this my said Will set my hand and to the second and last sheet thereof set my hand and Seal this Seventeenth day of October in the year of out Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Forty Six (17 Oct 1746)
     Thomas Colepeper
     Signed, Sealed and Published and Declared by the said Thomas Colepeper the Testator as and for his Last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in his presence and at his request have of each other severally subscribed our Names as Witnesses hereunto, Blane Wormell, John Fountain, Clerk to Mr Nathanial Bishop, Proctor In Doctors Commons

     This Will was proved at London before the Worshipful Robert Chapman Doctor of Laws Surrogate of the Right Worshipful John Bettesworth also Doctor of Law Master Keeper of Commissary of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury lawfully Constituted the Twenty Fifth day of November in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Forty Six (25 Nov 1746) by the Oath of Francis Colepeper Esquire the Brother of the deceased and Sole Executor in the said Will and to whom Administration was granted of all and singular the Goods Chattels and Credits of the said deceased being first sworn duly to administer.1,2 
Death*circa Oct 1746 He died circa Oct 1746. 
Probate*25 Nov 1746 Probate action was taken on Thomas's estate on 25 Nov 1746.2 
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