John Culpeper of Ingham, co. Norfolk1

Male, #8747, (say 1508 - circa 1566)
Father*Richard Culpeper of Wakehurst (s 1465 - c 15 Sep 1539)
Mother*Joanna Naylor (s 1473 - a 1539)
Name-AltSpell This surname is sometimes spelled Culpepper. 
Name-AltSpell This surname is sometimes spelled Colepeper. 
Birth*say 1508 John was born say 1508. 
Will6 Sep 1539 He is mentioned in the will of Richard Culpeper of Wakehurst at Ardingly, co. Sussex, England, on 6 Sep 1539.2 
Death of Fathercirca 15 Sep 1539 His father Richard Culpeper of Wakehurst died circa 15 Sep 1539. 
Will4 Oct 1541 He is mentioned in the will of Constantia Chamberlayn at Goudhurst, co. Kent, England, on 4 Oct 1541.3,4 
Marriage*say 1542 He married Elizabeth Caunton say 1542.1 
Birth of Sonsay 1543 His son Thomas Culpeper I was born say 1543. 
Birth of Sonsay 1545 His son Thomas Culpeper II was born say 1545. 
Death of Spousesay 1550 His wife Elizabeth Caunton died say 1550. 
Marriage*say 1551 He married Elizabeth Barney say 1551.1 
Will*16 Dec 1562 He made a will at Ingham, co. Norfolk, England, on 16 Dec 1562.

I John Culpeper of Ingham in Norfolk, Esq. To be buried at Ingham. Poor of Ingham, Hickling, Sutton and Stalham, Brunstede, Lessingham, Hempstead, Eccles, Pawlinge, and Waxham. Dame Elizabeth my wife (Elizabeth Barney) to have tapestry in the princes chamber etc. and after her decease to my son-in-law (i.e., stepson) William Calthrop, Esq. Also to her bedsteads, etc. basin .& ewer parcel gilt, silver salts, spoons, etc. one Paxe of silver, her jewels now lying in gage to one Mr. Tropps, geldings etc. combs of malt wheat etc. £20 brewing vessels to her, then to my son-in-law William Calthrop. Also to her two pictures, one of the queen's majesty, the other of the French king, also use of cyprus chest and after to Brigett Calthrop. To said Brigett Calthrop (viz. his stepdaughter).£50, bed, etc. To Charles Calthrop, gentleman, my son-in-law (viz. stepson), £40. To Elizabeth Smith £10 sheep etc. To George Barney £30. To Edmond Brampton £6/13s/4d at 21. To Edward Bynde, my nephew, £13/6s/8d. To Anne Culpeper (Anne Culpeper), daughter of Jasper Culpeper (Jasper Culpeper of Penshurst, Kent & Arlington, Sussex), my brother, £40. To Jasper Culpeper, my brother, £10. To my brother Thomas Culpeper of Lowdham (Thomas Culpeper of Lowdham), gold ring of 20s/- and to his wife, one other of like value. I require my executors to make my brother William Culpeper (William Culpeper of St. Dunstan's in Canterbury) an acquittance of all debts between him and me. To said brother William, £4. To my sister Fynes (Elizabeth Fynes), my sister Bynde (Alice Byne), my cousin Farnefold (Dorothy Farnfold), my cousin Staple (Joane Stapeley), my cousins Elizabeth Culpeper (Elizabeth Culpeper) and Ann Culpeper (Anne Culpeper) (daughters of his brother John of Wakehurst) and my sister Hever (Anne Hever), each a ringworth 20s/-. To my cousin Elizabeth Fenne £10. To my aunt Wotton 5 marks. To my lady Woodhouse, wife of Sir William Woodhouse a ring worth 40s/-. To Mistress Dade a ring of 20s/-. My cousin Roger Woodhouse’s wife, Corbett's wife, Limseye’s wife, and Lewgar’s wife, rings worth 20s/-. To my cousin Paynell's wife, a ring of 20s/- and my cousin Paynell 5 marks. Richard Williams my servant. Residue one half to wife, other half to Brigett Calthrop, Anne Culpeper--my brother Jasper's daughter, George Berney and Edmond Brampton. Sir Thomas Woodhouse, Knight and said wife executors. To Thomas Woodhouse my regalls now in his custody. To my cousin Katherine Bynde £3/6s/8d. To my cousin Thomas Culpeper of Balcombe in Sussex (Thomas Culpeper of Naylands in Balcombe, co. Sussex), £3/6s/8d. To my sister Corbett, my cousin Darcie, my cousin Elizabeth Nune, rings worth 20s/-. Mrs. Blomefelde and Mrs. Geyne, the like. To Awderie Gayne, Margerie Gayne, and Marie Newton 40s/-. To parson Grene 20s/-.

Whereas I have made certain leases of the Manor of Elmsted in Kent my wife to be bound to my cousin Henry Paynell to suffer them to continue on pain of forfeiture of her legacy. As to manors and lands, the manor of Elmstead in Kent after the decease of me the said John and Dame Elizabeth now my wife shall be and remain unto John Culpeper of Wakehurst in co. Sussex, Esq., my brother (John Culpeper of Wakehurst), on payment to my executors of £320, otherwise to be sold and Sir Thomas Kemp, Knight shall have the preferment. 7 acres of land purchased in Ingham and Stalham unto one Elizabeth Smythe. Whereas I am possessed for a term of years of Gardiners at Churchstile and of houses late purchased of Sir Thomas Woodhouse, the dwelling of the said houses, and occupying of said land unto 3 poor widows of Ingham to be nominated during said years by the Bishop of Norwich. Witnesses Henry Paynell. Esq., Raff Hithe and others. Proved 6 Nov 1566 by William Babham notary of Dame Elizabeth the relict. Power reserved for Sir Thomas Woodhouse the other executor.5,6 
Death*circa 1566 He died circa 1566.5 
Probate*6 Nov 1566 Probate action was taken on John's estate on 6 Nov 1566 at Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England.5 
Biography* John Culpeper, the seventh son of Richard Culpeper, of Wakehurst, and brother of John of Wakehurst, was of Ingham, co. Norfolk. From the Visitation of Norfolk in 1563, he married, first, Elizabeth, daughter of ___ Caunton, of London, Alderman, and widow of Sir Christopher Hales, knight, by whom he had two sons, each named Thomas, who both died s.p.

He married, secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Rafe Barney of Gonton in Norfolk, and widow of Sir Francis Calthrop, of Norfolk.1 

Family 1

Elizabeth Caunton (say 1511 - say 1550)
Marriage*say 1542 He married Elizabeth Caunton say 1542.1 

Family 2

Elizabeth Barney (say 1520 - 24 Dec 1582)
Marriage*say 1551 He married Elizabeth Barney say 1551.1 
ChartsThe 12th century Culpepers of England: Descendant Chart (16 generations, Males only)
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