Rev. John Culpeper of Warnham1

Male, #8702, (say 1529 - before 13 Mar 1590)
Father*Richard Culpeper of Lewes (s 1483 - b 1549)
Name-AltSpell This surname is sometimes spelled Culpepper. 
Name-AltSpell This surname is sometimes spelled Colepeper. 
Birth*say 1529 John was born say 1529. 
Marriage*before 1568 He married Margaret (?) before 1568. 
Birth of Soncirca Dec 1568 His son Richard Culpeper was born circa Dec 1568 at Ardingly, co. Sussex, England
Birth of Soncirca Aug 1573 His son John Culpeper was born circa Aug 1573 at Ardingly, co. Sussex, England
Biography He is referenced in a biographical note for Alice (?)1 
Will*8 Sep 1589 He made a will at Lewes, co. Sussex, England, on 8 Sep 1589. 
Burial*13 Mar 1590 His body was interred on 13 Mar 1590 at Ardingly, co. Sussex, England
Death*before 13 Mar 1590 He died before 13 Mar 1590. 
Probate21 Aug 1590 Probate action was taken on John's estate on 21 Aug 1590 at Lewes, co. Sussex, England,

Lewes, A.8,370; B.2,102. 
Biography* Rector of Ardingly from 1564 to 1589. Also see notes on his brother, Richard (Richard Culpeper of Lewes).

He was buried at Ardingly 13 Mar 1589/90, and his will is dated 8 Sep 1589, and proved 21 Aug 1590. In it he bequeathed "20s to six of the poorest and most needy of Ardingly" To each of his godchildren 12d. To every one of his servants 5s. "To my brother Richard Culpeper, if he be living and does come himself and demand the same, 40s. Item, I will that a sermon be made at my burial by Mr. Kellinbacke, or some other learned and discrete minister, and that the said preacher have for his pains, 6s, 8d." He appoints his wife Margaret (Margaret (?)) and his son Richard (Richard Culpeper) executors, and his cousin Thomas Culpeper of Naylands in Balcombe (Thomas Culpeper of Naylands in Balcombe, co. Sussex), and Mr. Thomas Board of Lindfield, overseers of his will. His will was proved by Richard Culpeper, his son.1 
Biography From Alumni Cantabrigienses, a compliation of Cambridge University Alumni
     John Culpeper, Born circa 1529. Matriculated as Pensioner (One whose matriculation was granted as a favor or reward) from Corpus Christi College, Michaelmas 1545; B.A. 1547-8; M.A. 1552. Fellow of Peterhouse College, 1549-54. Rector of Ardingley, Sussex, 1564-90. Buried there 13 Mar 1589-90. Will at Lewes. (Cooper, I. 112; W. C. Harrison.)2 


Margaret (?) (say 1540 - )
Marriage*before 1568 He married Margaret (?) before 1568. 
ChartsThe 12th century Culpepers of England: Descendant Chart (16 generations, Males only)
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    Rev. John Culpeper.