Roger Culpeper of Delft, Holland

Male, #8665, (say 1605 - 1673)
Father*Sir Anthony Culpeper of Bedgebury, Knight (7 Oct 1560 - 1618)
Mother*Anne Martin (s 1562 - )
Name-AltSpell This surname is sometimes spelled Colepeper. 
Name-AltSpell This surname is sometimes spelled Culpepper. 
Birth*say 1605 Roger was born say 1605. 
Will27 Feb 1615 He is mentioned in the will of Sir Anthony Culpeper of Bedgebury, Knight at Bedgebury, Goudhurst, co. Kent, England, on 27 Feb 1615.1,2 
Death of Father1618 His father Sir Anthony Culpeper of Bedgebury, Knight died in 1618 at Goudhurst, co. Kent, England
Death*1673 He died at Maestricht, Holland, in 1673
Died (o.s.p.) during seige of Maestricht in Holland. 
Probate*14 Jan 1675 Probate action was taken on Roger's estate, with Anne Culpeper as heir(s), with Capt. James Culpeper as executor(s) on 14 Jan 1675 at Delft, Holland,

Synopsis: Roger Colpeper (former Lieutenant) of Delft, Holland and his younger brother James (Roger's former Captain) were sons of Walter Anthony Culpepper of Bedgebury. They also appear to have a sister, Anna, who married a Shoyswell (possibly Roger) of Shoyswell in Sussex.

Rogerus Colpeper

Translated out of the Lowe Dutch Tongue:.

In the name of our Lord Amen Bee it known unto all men that in the year from the Nativity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ One Thousand Six hundred ffity and two upon the ffirst day of August about eight of the clock in the Evening before mee John Ramb Publique Notary admitted by the court of Holland Resident in the Citty of Delfe in the presence of the Underwritten Wittnesses came and appeared Roger Colpeper the Sonne of Walter Anthony Colpeper of Begburye in the county of Kent formerly Liuetenant of Cap. James Colpeper his younger brother dwelling in this Citty sick of body lyeing a Bedd – yett having and absolutely enjoyeing his understanding reason and memory as did publiquely appeare and could not otherwise bee diserned who goes to understand that there is nothing more certaine than death nor uncertaine than the time and hours thereof And therefore being not willing to depart this World before hee hath disposed of his temporall goods which God Allmighty hath granted him on Earth or shall Grant him for the future. Hee Declared to doe the same of his owne free and voluntarily Will without induction or persuasion of any person whomsoever Recommending in the first place his Soule being departed this mortall Body to the infinite mercy of God and his Body to a Christian Burial in the Earth And now proceeding to his intended disposal hee first of all revoaketh annulleth and mortifyeth as hee Testator by theise presents doth revoke annull and mortifye all presedent Testaments and Deeds of Last Will whatsoever by him made or passed before the Date of theise presents either in English Dutch or any other Language it being his Will that the Same Shall bee of no worth or value But bee held and esteemed invalid and of none effect as they had never been passed or made And coming de nova to the disposall of his Temporall goods which hee Testator shall raine by his decease to desert and leave behind him Hee the Testaor both nominated and instituted in the same for his sole and universall Executor the said James Colpeper his the Testators younger Brother And that all his goods movable and immovable Actions and Debts or Creditts gold silver coyned and uncoyned of what nature or quality soever they may bee none of them exempted or reserved and alsoe amongst the rest an Oblation of One hundred pounds Sterling with the Interest thereof a rate become due according to the same Obligation which hee the Testator hath left in trust in the hands of Mr Roger Shoyswell of Shoyswell in the County of Sussex in England and moreover the twenty pounds Sterling in ready money remaining under or in the Custody of Anna Colpeper the wife of the said Shoyswell of Shoyswell In all which the premisses hee the Testator doth Institute his said Brother James Colpeper and by his decease doth by theise presents substitute his Children and Dependents by representation for to doe and dispose thereof and therewith as may lawfully bee done with onee owne free and proper goods without hindrance or contradiction of any body whomesoever All which premises being read and expousded to the Testator by mee the said Notary hee sayd and lawfully in the hands of mee Notary did stipulate to bee his Testament and last Will which hee would and desired after his decrease should stand and remaine firme and effectuall either as a Testament Codisill Deed or gift in case or death or otherwise see as the same entirely may subsist or stand or forme according to Law and Custome of theise Lands any solemnityes in theise presents required and not wholly observed notwithstanding consorting hereof to bee made and delivered one or more Instruments in forme requireable Thus passed att the Spouse of James Colpeper in the presense of Mr. John Roberts formerly Captaine and Ffaas Vera Say Draper his Neighbour Wittnesses whoe to mee the said Notarty did affirme that they did well know the Testator and his name to bee as said is being subscribed Roger Colepeper, Robert Haarb Wera, Johnannes Ramb Notr. 1652:. Delivered for an Authentique Copy and being Examined with the Originall in the First Register there marked No. 3 remaining under mee the said Notary found to agree with the same this foureteenth of January 167__ By mee in Delfe suscribed this Johannes Ramb Notr Ano. 1675:.

Wee the Short Burgemastors Sheepens and Counsellors of the Citty of Delff in Holland doe Testifie by theise presents That the aforegoing Testament is subscribed by John Ramb and that hee is a Publique Notary admitted by the Court of Holland Resident in our said Citty being of a good name and fame insomuch that to such Publique Instruments before him in manner as above passed or made are given absolute faith and creditt in Judgement Courte and elsewhere In Wittnesse whereof Wee the Short Burgemasters Sheepens and Counsellors aforesaid have caused the Seale of the said Counsell to bee hereunder affixed Done the foureteenth of January Sixteene hundred Seventy ffive Subescribed the A: Henisins (Hotig Ligilli)

This is faithfully Translated and found after Examination to agree in Substance with the Authentique Dutch Copy which was subscribed and sealed with the small seale of the Counsell of Delff in Holland which I underwritten Publique Notary by the Authority of his most Sacred Majesty admitted and sworne Resident in the Citty of London doe affirme with my Notariall Subscription this one and twentieth day of November Anno 1676:. Quod Attostos I: Prive Nots. Pub. 16 21-11 76 12:. Jannuar 1676:

Which say Appeared personally Fairemah - 7 - Prive. Notary Publique living in Sneething Alle neare the Royall Exchange and deposed that hee translated the Will of Roger Colpeper Deceased out of Low Dutch into English as now it it is and that the said Translation doth according to his best skill and knowledge exactly agree with the originall Will of the said deceased Jeremiah Piate:.

Probatum apnd London firit hujuimodi Testamentum Qiresimo formdo dioinonsis Citobris Anno Domini Willesimo Sextentesimo Septnagesimo Nono Coram benevabili oiro Domino Richardo Lloyd Milite Legnm Dortore Surrogato benevabilis et egregy bivi Domini Leolimi Fenbimo Weilitis Legim ofiam Dortoris Curioc Puerogative Contuainensis Magistri Custodis sibe Commisseary stime constituti Furamento Farobi Colpeper Armigeii Executoris in hujusuiodi Testamento nominal Cui Comissa firt Administratio omnimin et sugilormn bonorim juimin et treditorum dirti deformfi Derbene et fideliter Administrando ead ad Samta Dei Evangelia Fndebita Furis forma Litoris Administratomis bonoruim dirti deformati tanquam abiutestato deredentis als mense Citobris Anno Domini Willesimo Septentesimo Septnagesimo Quarto Cuid. Annae Shoyswell als Colpeper Nepti ex fratrae dirti defumti prios rebatatis proq willis et imbalidis Dorlaratis probt ex Artis Curiae Siqnot Ect.3 
ChartsThe 12th century Culpepers of England: Descendant Chart (16 generations, Males only)
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