Sir John Culpeper of Oxen Hoath, Knight1,2

Male, #8480, (say 1366 - 1414)
Father*William Culpeper of Preston Hall in Aylesford, co. Kent (s 1342 - s 1402)
Biography The Colepepers were of a very ancient Kentish family, which in the reign of Edward III, separated into two branches; one settled at Bay Hall, near Pepenbury, in Kent, from which descended Baron Colepeper, master of the Rolls in the time of Charles I; and the other seated at Preston Hall, near Aylesford, in the same county, to which John Colepeper, the judge, belonged.
     His grandfather was Sir Jeffrey Colepeper, who was Sheriff of Kent in 40 Edward III. And his father's name was William. We do not find any report of his forensic practice before 1 Henry IV. But this arises from the want of the Year Books of the preceding reign. In the fourth year of that reign he was appointed a king's Serjeant, and was one of that degree who advanced £100 each on loan to the king. On June 7, 1406, 7 Henry IV, he was raised to the bench as a judge of the Common Pleas; and continuing in that court during the remainder of the reign, he received a new patent on the accession of Henry V. His death occurred towards the end of the following year, no fines having been levied before him after the month of July, 1414. He was buried in the church of West Peckham, which manor, together with those of Oxenhoath and of Swanton Court, he gave to the Knights Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem.
     By his wife Catherine he left a son, William, who was Sheriff of Kent in 5 Henry VI. To his lineal descendant a baronetcy (that of Preston Hall) was granted in 1627, which became extinct in 1723.
     There was also another baronetcy (that of Wakehurst, in Sussex) granted in 1628 to the other branch of the family, which also became extinct in 1740.3 
Name-AltSpell This surname is sometimes spelled Culpepper. 
Name-AltSpell This surname is sometimes spelled Colepeper. 
Birth*say 1366 John was born at East Farleigh, co. Kent, England, say 1366.4 
Marriage*say 1386 He married Catherine Charles say 1386. 
Birth of Sonsay 1387 His son Sir William Culpeper of Preston Hall, Knight was born say 1387. 
Birth of Sonsay 1389 His son Peter Culpeper of Bletchenden was born say 1389. 
Birth of Sonsay 1391 His son John Culpeper of Oxen Hoath was born say 1391. 
Death of Fathersay 1402 His father William Culpeper of Preston Hall in Aylesford, co. Kent died say 1402. 
Death*1414 He died in 1414. 
Burial*1414 His body was interred in 1414 at West Peckham, co. Kent, England
Biography* The visitation of 1619, says, Sir John was "temp. Henry VI" (Henry VI ruled 1422-1461). However, the Colepeper of Aylesford pedigree says of Sir John, "ob. 1414". 


Catherine Charles (say 1370 - after 1424)
Marriage*say 1386 He married Catherine Charles say 1386. 
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