Edward Jackson Culpepper

Male, #7056, (14 Jun 1902 - 1 Apr 1979)
Father*George D. Culpepper (Mar 1867 - 27 Sep 1935)
Mother*Josephine A. Chenoweth (Sep 1870 - 27 Mar 1930)
Name Variation He was also known as Jack Pepper. 
Birth*14 Jun 1902 Edward was born at Texas on 14 Jun 1902.1 
1910 Census15 Apr 1910 Roland, Edward and James was listed as a son in George D. Culpepper's household on the 1910 Census at Dallas Co., Texas.2 
1920 Census*1 Jan 1920 Edward was listed as a nephew in an unknown person 's household on the 1920 Census at Dallas, Dallas Co., Texas.3 
Biography1929 A charming YouTube clip of Jack Pepper singing
Marriage*29 Mar 1929 He married Ginger Rogers on 29 Mar 1929 at age 26. 
Death of Mother27 Mar 1930 His mother Josephine A. Chenoweth died on 27 Mar 1930 at Dallas, Dallas Co., Texas.5 
Divorce*1931 He and Ginger Rogers were divorced in 1931. 
Death of Father27 Sep 1935 His father George D. Culpepper died on 27 Sep 1935 at Dallas, Dallas Co., Texas.6 
SSN*between 1936 and 1950 His Social Security Number was issued between 1936 and 1950 in Tennessee.1 
Marriage*say 1938 He married Dawn S. (?) say 1938. 
Photographed*1940 He was photographed in 1940 at Love Field, Dallas, Dallas Co., Texas,
From Left to Right: Bob Hope, Johnny Weismuller (AKA Tarzan in the films during 1932-1948), Broderick Crawford (star during 1955-59 in the TV series, Highway Patrol), Edward Jackson Culpepper (AKA Jack Pepper), and Erwin M. Hearne, first cousin, once removed, of Jack. Photo taken at Love Field, Dallas, in 1940.7
Edward Jackson ("Jack Pepper") Culpepper in black
Death*1 Apr 1979 He died at Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., California, on 1 Apr 1979 at age 76.1 
Biography* Edward Jackson Culpepper, whose stage name was Jack Pepper was a vaudevillian and Ginger Roger's first husband. They had a vaudeville act known as "Ginger and Pepper"
     Jack's first cousin, once removed is Bill Beck. Bill furnished an interesting photo of Jack, taken at Love Field (Dallas) in 1940, with Bob Hope, Johnny Weismuller (Tarzan), and Bill's first cousin, Erwin Hearne. Bill also had this to say:
     "Erwin has lived in Dallas, TX all his life except for a few years in WW-II. Our grandmother was Ollie J. McCallum, sister of Jack Culpepper's mother, Josephine Cheniworth Culpepper. Erwin is an artist and very good at what he does. He has gone from early Baptist Religious to Western Paintings.
     "Jack had a night club on Maple Avenue, where Erwin also lived. Jack called Erwin one day in 1940 and asked if he wanted to go to the airport with him and pick up Bob Hope and Johnny Weismuller. Erwin was 17 years old at the time. The photograph that I've provided was taken at that time.
     "Erwin said Jack and Bob were very close friends and that Jack fed and kept Bob in New York in the early days. Jack was a Broadway star when Bob was getting started. Erwin said Jack's famous quote was 'People won't pay good money to watch that flat screen. Of course, Jack did go to Hollywood, but never made it big. Erwin said Jack's ego got in his way; Bob tried to help him out, but Jack was always trying to tell the director how things should go.
     "Aunt Winnie Mae, Jack's sister, lived in Dallas and was married to Joe Bircher. Their son, Norman, is a friend of Erwin's.
     "Aunt Beulah Rae, also Jack's sister, lived in Dallas and was married to Glen McCallon. She was secretary to the Dallas City Manager for more years than I can remember."

Grant Menzies said, "Just the other day I was talking to my grandmother about Jack Culpepper and Ginger Rogers. Grandma remembers Jack coming to see Amaryntha Jane Kelley, née Culpepper, at her daughter's place outside Gainesville, on several occasions. Grandma's sister, Vera Kincaid, once by chance was seated beside Ginger Rogers on a plane and the subject of relatives came up. Ginger remembered Jack perfectly; whatever difficulties had led to their divorce, she spoke well of him to Aunt Vera."7,4 

Family 1

Ginger Rogers (16 Jul 1911 - 25 Apr 1995)
Marriage*29 Mar 1929 He married Ginger Rogers on 29 Mar 1929 at age 26. 
Divorce*1931 He and Ginger Rogers were divorced in 1931. 

Family 2

Dawn S. (?) (8 Sep 1913 - 30 Mar 2006)
Marriage*say 1938 He married Dawn S. (?) say 1938. 
ChartsHenry Culpeper of Lower Norfolk: DNA Status Chart (Male only, 8 generations)
Robert Culpepper Jr. of Lower Norfolk Co., VA: Descendant Chart
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