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  1. Jeff Culpepper, Who Won the Limited Late Model Title at East Alabama Motor Speedway Last Year, Dominated the Late Model Division Saturday Night and Survived a Protest Filed After the Race.

    Laura Kreuzer, Assistant Sports Editor, 8 May 1995, Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, Page C3

    Jeff Culpepper, in the No. 10 Late Model began his battle with Billy Duell in the Rock 103 car during their heat race Saturday night. The two cars quickly pulled away from the pack with Culpepper in front. Culpepper clearly had the lead in the straights and lost little of it in the corners.

    Culpepper ended up on the pole for the 20-lap feature with Duell behind him. The No. 10 again opened a lead, leaving Duell battling with Roger Arnett, who started from the outside pole in No. 88, for second place.

    Duell was able to catch Arnett in the corner but lost ground in the straights. Finally, on lap 9, Duell came low out of turn two and passed Arnett on the backstretch.

    Duell then took off after Culpepper. By lap 11, Duell was banging into the left rear fender of No. 10, trying to send Culpepper up high enough so that he could slip by him.

    Various other attempts by Duell to bump out the No. 10 were unsuccessful, although he did slow Culpepper down enough to run side by side with him on lap 14. Duell almost caught Culpepper on the white flag lap but fishtailed exiting turn four and lost enough ground to allow Culpepper to shoot ahead for the checkered flag.

    Culpepper's victory check was held up for about an hour when Duell filed a protest, claiming that the No. 10's engine was illegal.

    Culpepper exited the teardown area smiling. Asked if they'd found anything wrong, he replied: "Everything's right as rain. We really needed this one." He was awarded the $300 protest fee put up by Duell as well as the winner's purse.

    And he was treated to an enthusiastic if offkey rendition of "Happy Birthday" by the teardown crew. "It's my 33rd birthday," Culpepper explained.

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