Gary D. Culpepper1

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Father*Earl L. Culpepper (27 Sep 1928 - 4 Mar 2000)


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  1. Gary D. Culpepper, Music Industry Attorney

    Before joining Idell, Berman and Seitel in October, 2004, Gary D. Culpepper had his own consulting company, Culpepper Consulting, where he consulted with various independent start-up music-related entertainment entities, film/TV companies, artists, songwriters, agents and personal managers regarding acquisition of digital downloading rights for digital music distribution and third-party licensing of intellectual property rights.

    In December 1997, he co-founded EMusic, and served as Executive Vice President, Business Affairs, where he was responsible for the acquisition of all intellectual property for purposes of the digital distribution of music utilizing mp3 technology. Such acquisitions included the purchase of major record catalogues, publishing and exclusive licenses of major artist recordings from over 750 independent record labels totaling more than 200,000 songs for exploitation by EMusic. Additionally, responsibilities included the drafting, negotiation and administration of all music-related rights granted to EMusic, as well as the licensing out of rights for third-party exploitation in film, TV, commercials, advertising, etc.

    From 1995 to 1997, Mr. Culpepper had a private law practice which specialized in music and entertainment transactions for recording artists, producers and songwriters.

    From 1994 to 1995, Mr. Culpepper served as Senior Counsel for Sony Pictures Entertainment's Columbia/TriStar Home Video division.

    Mr. Culpepper previously served as Vice President, Business Affairs/Music for Paramount Pictures Corporation, Director of Business Affairs for Capitol Records, Inc., Senior Counsel for Casablanca Records & Filmworks, Assistant General Counsel for ABC Records, and Manager, A&R Administration for A&M Records.

    All of the above-mentioned jobs included responsibilities for the negotiation, structuring, and administration of all music-related rights for all film and soundtrack licensing agreements, artist recording, record producer and music publishing agreements, budget planning, and financial analysis for all music-related deal-making activities.