Ernestene Handley Culpepper1

Female, #59574, (2 Sep 1927 - 8 Sep 2008)
Father*Ernest Culpepper1 (c 1902 - )
Mother*Elizabeth Mitchell1 (s 1905 - Aug 1984)
Birth*2 Sep 1927 She was born on 2 Sep 1927 at DeLeon, Comanche Co., Texas.1 
Married Namesay 1938  As of say 1938, her married name was Falgout.1 
Marriage*10 Sep 1947 She married Dell Loyd Falgout on 10 Sep 1947 at age 20.1 
Birth of Son23 Feb 1950 Her son Larry David Falgout was born on 23 Feb 1950.1 
Death of Spouse14 Aug 1968 Her husband Dell Loyd Falgout died on 14 Aug 1968 at Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., California.2 
Death of Son24 Feb 1977 Her son Larry David Falgout died on 24 Feb 1977.3,1 
Death of MotherAug 1984 Her mother Elizabeth Mitchell died in Aug 1984.1 
Death*8 Sep 2008 She died at Fountain Valley, Orange Co., California, on 8 Sep 2008 at age 81.1
Ernestene Handley Culpepper
Biography* My mother Ernestene has always been a hero to me-not because she ever did anything earth-shaking or worthy of being aired on the nightly news, but because she was one of a very few people I've had the privilege to know who always lived up to her fullest potential. Those who knew my mother understood that she was born with a bit less capacity than most for comprehension and learning. A former supervisor of hers described her learning process as sometimes seeming to be moving in reverse, interspersed occasionally with small lurches forward. Her cognitive limitation was never given a label during her formative years, but everybody who knew her understood that Mom took a little longer than most to "get" things, and some things were simply beyond her reach.

Despite her limitations, Mom achieved many small miracles. As a young girl, her mother sent her out to work to help support the family of seven children--a physically challenging job which she did without complaint or resentment. With a little help from siblings, she ultimately managed to graduate from high school. Later in her life, she became the sole breadwinner of her own family, doing menial labor and always with an eye toward working her way up to better jobs. She managed to raise her children to be decent, strong, and reasonably happy people.

These are accomplishments that many people might take for granted. Don't lots of single mothers do it? Well, yes they do and I can attest to how difficult a struggle it is. Even for a woman with average abilities, it is a daunting task. But for my mother, it was a miracle-a miracle that she brought about by always doing her absolute best with what she had. Halfway was never good enough for her, including the affection she showed to those she loved. She threw everything she had into the task at hand, and when she failed it was never for lack of trying her darndest. She was my personal hero, and will always be an exemplary role model for me to try to emulate.1 

Family 1

Dell Loyd Falgout (20 Nov 1919 - 14 Aug 1968)
Marriage*10 Sep 1947 She married Dell Loyd Falgout on 10 Sep 1947 at age 20.1 

Family 2

ChartsBenjamin (son of Robert) Culpepper of Edgecombe Co., NC: Descendant Chart
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