Albert Culpepper1

Male, #58879, (1 Feb 1919 - 4 Jan 2000)
Father*Frank Culpepper of Clarke Co., MS1 (12 Aug 1876 - )
Mother*Melanie (?)1 (c 1892 - )
African* He was an African-American.1 
Birth*1 Feb 1919 He was born on 1 Feb 1919 at Mississippi.2,3,1 
1920 Census1 Jan 1920 Rufus, William and Albert was listed as a son in Frank Culpepper of Clarke Co., MS's household on the 1920 Census at Hurricane Creek, Lauderdale Co., Mississippi.4 
1930 Census1 Apr 1930 Rufus, William, Albert, Tom and L. was listed as a son in Frank Culpepper of Clarke Co., MS's household on the 1930 Census at Clarke Co., Mississippi.1 
SSNbetween 1936 and 1950 His Social Security Number was issued between 1936 and 1950 in Texas.3 
World War IIbetween 1943 and 1945 He served in World War II between 1943 and 1945
(Seaman First Class in the US Navy.)2 
Death*4 Jan 2000 He died at Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., California, on 4 Jan 2000 at age 80.2,3 
Burial*13 Jan 2000 His body was interred on 13 Jan 2000 at Riverside National Cemetery, Riverside, Riverside Co., California.2 


Last Edited25 Dec 2010


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    Rent Farm, Radio=N
    Frank Culpepper, Head, M, Black, 53, md@33, MS/AL/AL, Cannot read or write, Farmer, General Farmer, Vet=N
    Lizzie Culpepper, Wife, F, Black, 37, md@16, AL/AL/AL, Cannot read or write
    Rufus Culpepper, Son, M, Black, 17, sng, MS/AL/MS, Laborer, Farm
    William Culpepper, Son, M, Black, 13, sng, MS/AL/MS, Laborer, Farm
    Albert Culpepper, Son, M, Black, 11, sng, MS/AL/MS
    Tom Culpepper, Son, M, Black, 10, sng, MS/AL/MS
    L. D. Culpepper, Son, M, Black, 9, sng, MS/AL/MS
    Rena Culpepper, Daughter, F, Black, 6, MS/AL/MS
    Annie M. Culpepper, Daughter, F, Black, 4, MS/AL/MS.
  2. National Cemetery Administration, compiler, US Veterans Gravesites, 1775-2006, Online database at, 2006.
    Albert Culpepper, 1 Feb 1919 - 4 Jan 2000, Served 17 Dec 1943 to 17 Oct 1945 as Seaman First Class in the US Navy, Interred 13 Jan 2000 in Riverside National Cemetery, Section 50, Site 3685.
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    Melanie Culpeper, Wife, F, Black, 29, md, AL/SC/AL
    Rufus Culpeper, Son, M, Black, 7, sng, MS/US/AL
    William Culpeper, Son, M, Black, 3 7/12, sng, MS/US/AL
    Albert Culpeper, Son, M, Black, 1 7/12, sng, MS/US/AL.
  5. E-mail written Dec 2010 to Warren Culpepper from Raphael Ramon Culpepper (#62084), e-mail address.