Lawrence Decatur Chisenhall1

Male, #5862, (Apr 1856 - 8 Dec 1921)
Birth*Apr 1856 Lawrence was born at Cherokee Co., Alabama, in Apr 1856. 
Marriage*circa 1877 He married Virginia Ann Culpepper at Cherokee Co., Alabama, circa 1877. 
Photographedcirca 1889 He appeared as a husband in a family photograph circa 1889 at Johnson Co., Texas.1
Lawrence & Virginia (Culpepper) Chisenhall family
Photographed*say 1900 He was photographed say 1900.1
Lawrence D. Chisenhall
Photographedsay 1915 He appeared as a husband in a family photograph say 1915
Lawrence D. Chisenhall and wife Virginia Ann (Culpepper) Chisenhall, and James N. Webb and wife Sarah Louisa (Culpepper) Webb.1
Death*8 Dec 1921 He died at Harris Sanitarium, Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., Texas, on 8 Dec 1921 at age 65.1 
Burial*say 10 Dec 1921 His body was interred say 10 Dec 1921 at Burleson Cemetery, Burleson, Johnson Co., Texas.1 
Biography* Lawrence Decatur Chisenhall (1856-1921), one of five children of William Delaney Chisenhall and Sallie Reed of Alabama, and Virginia Ann Culpepper (1855-1927), one of 17 children of John Tyler Culpepper and Melvina Baker from Virginia, later Alabama, were married in Alabama in the middle 1870's, and as bride and groom traveled by train to Dallas, Texas. They were met there by friends, and went by horse and wagon to Marystown, Texas which was a township about seven miles south of Burleson. There they settled on 40 acres with a mule and began farming. Along with farming, Lawrence Chisenhall later built and operated a cotton gin in Marystown. There were ten children born from this union: Grace, Walter Delaney, Martin Brown, Marble Gertrude, Tollie Myrtle, Vera Mae, Sallie Lee, Willie Josephine, Lawrence Fletcher, and Mary Adlai (Cricket was her nickname, and the name she was always known by). The Chisenhalls were busy people. The family moved to Burleson in 1900 where the six younger children attended Burleson School. They bought a 230 acre farm about two miles south of Burleson which remains in the family. Part of this land was sold to the City of Burleson for a park which bears the Chisenhall name. The Chisenhalls also purchased land and built a home around 1901 at the corner of Bransom and Renfro Streets. That home was lived in for two separate periods of several years each by two of the grandsons, Winston Francis Taylor and his family, and Jack Chisenhall Taylor and his family. In 1964 it was moved to make room for the Burleson Post Office, and still is being lived in at 225 South Warren. In the early 1900's Lawrence Chisenhall founded a flour mill in Burleson, and called it Powder Puff Flour. This does seem an appropriate name since seven of their ten children were girls! Listed below are the ten Chisenhall children and those that they married: Grace married George Durham from Marystown; Walter D. married Mattie from Baird, TX; Martin B. married Edna Gordon from Burleson; Mable married James J. Walker from the Burleson-Everman area; Tollie married Charles Calhoun Taylor from Burleson; Vera married Claude W. Norton from Fort Worth; Sallie died at a young age; Willie married J. Grover Hackney from Burleson; Fletcher married Neltz Coleman from Ardmore, OK; "Cricket" married John D. Watkins from Tacoma, WA. At this writing, 1980, Willie Chisenhall Hackney is living and healthy in her 91st year, as well as John D. Watkins, "Cricket's" husband, who is in his 88th year. Shirley Taylor Miles. 


Virginia Ann Culpepper (1850 - 1927)
Marriage*circa 1877 He married Virginia Ann Culpepper at Cherokee Co., Alabama, circa 1877. 
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