Emily Erwin Culpepper Th.D.1

Female, #58183
Father*Joseph Evans Culpepper2 (13 Oct 1904 - 13 Aug 1966)
Mother*Helen Roosevelt Erwin2 (11 Mar 1911 - 26 Dec 1983)


Janet Mary Lake
ChartsBenjamin (son of Robert) Culpepper of Edgecombe Co., NC: Descendant Chart
Last Edited5 Feb 2018


  1. Emily Culpepper, Th.D., Professor of Women's and Gender Studies and Religious Studies

    BA, Emory University (cum laude, honors in Philosophy)
    Master of Divinity, Harvard University (cum laude)
    Doctor of Theology, Harvard University (with distinction)

    Dr. Culpepper is the founding Director of Women's Studies at the University. She has been Director since September 1989, with a joint appointment with Religious Studies. She lives in Pomona, CA, with her partner Dr. Janet Lake, who is a Chiropractor. She is originally from Macon, Georgia, proud to be an activist for social justice since high school there.

    Research Interests
    Women and Gender in Western Religions, Contemporary Goddess Spiritualities, Women's Reproductive Health and Ethical Issues, Lesbian and Gay Issues and Religion, Feminist Ethics, Menstrual Attitudes, Customs and Health Issues

    Selected Courses
    Women, Sexuality, and Western Religions
    Sexuality Education, Birth Control, & Abortion: Current Struggles
    Lesbians, Gays and Religious Controversies
    Reproductive Ethics
    Women, Work, and Sexual Politics
    Women and Violence

    Source: http://www.redlands.edu/emily_culpepper.asp (Retrieved 12 Feb 2010).
  2. E-mail written March 2008 to Warren Culpepper from Emily Erwin Culpepper (#58183), Pomona CA and Macon GA, e-mail address.