Eddie Hickland Hall1

Male, #52661, (11 Nov 1894 - 29 Jul 1980)
Biography* Eddie Hickland and Valentine Culpepper Hall
     My father, Eddie Hickland Hall, was born 11-11-1894 in Henry County Alabama to Oberia Barnes Dukes and Robert Fowler Hall. He died 7-29-1980 in a Dothan hospital. He married Valentine Culpepper b.2-14-1903, daughter of Robert Lee and Eudora Arrington Culpepper of Henry County Alabama 9-05-1921. Valentine Hall died 11-12-1988 in the Abbeville Nursing Home.
     Eddie Hall served in World War I and was a politician. He did farm at times to supplement his income from his political elected office as Clerk of the Circuit Court in Henry County. My father was involved in politics in one form or another for a large part of his 85 years. When he wasn't campaigning for himself; he was campaigning for someone else. He served as Henry County circuit clerk for a total of 36 years and as register for another six years for a total of 42 years. He remembered serving as circuit clerk when they got about $ 1,000 a year. He said, "I plowed two mules in the daytime, then shaved and dressed and went up there and worked at night". My father was first elected clerk in 1922. After serving six years, he went into the banking business for about three years. He lost his job and "got turned out into the world without a dime during the Great Depression."
     At this time my parents returned to the Hall farm in the Barnes community. They moved into the log house built by his grandfather, Reuben Hicklin Hall, in 1845. The family moved to Baldwin County for a short while before returning to Abbeville. He ran for clerk again in 1935 and was elected. He stayed in that position until 1965.
     My mother, Vallie, as she was called was a homemaker and enjoyed visiting the sick and shut-ins. She was a good cook and known for her "Chicken Pie" and pound cake. She never knew whom my father might bring home with him for a meal or to stay overnight. Vallie was a clean housekeeper. We scrubbed the wood floors with a corn shuck mop and homemade lye soap. Sunning the mattresses and pillows was done often on the table built outside for this purpose. Our Saturday job was to sweep the yards and even under the house. No grass was allowed to grow in the yards. Our other chores included pumping water for the house and washing clothes, chopping wood for the stove and fireplaces, and milking the cows.
     To the union of Ed and Vallie were born six children: Robbie Lee Hall b.8-13-1922, d.8-30-1993; Roy Herschel Hall ; Edward Hall ; Vallie Wilson Hall ; Hannon Fowler Hall b.5-13-1932, d.2-18-1998; Mary Margaret Hall .
My parents moved back to the original log house in 1949 and lived there until Eddie's death. My mother was a faithful member… (balance of article and name of author have been lost.)1 
Birth*11 Nov 1894 He was born on 11 Nov 1894 at Henry Co., Alabama.1 
World War I*between 1917 and 1918 He served in World War I between 1917 and 1918.1 
Marriage*5 Sep 1921 He married Valentine Culpepper at Henry Co., Alabama, on 5 Sep 1921 at age 26.1 
Death*29 Jul 1980 He died at Dothan, Houston Co., Alabama, on 29 Jul 1980 at age 85.1 


Valentine Culpepper (14 Feb 1903 - )
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