Rev. John Morgan Timmons1

Male, #51425, (14 Dec 1800 - 30 Oct 1869)
Birth*14 Dec 1800 He was born on 14 Dec 1800 at South Carolina.1 
Marriage*22 May 1823 He married Elizabeth McCullars Myers on 22 May 1823 at age 22.1 
Death*30 Oct 1869 He died at Darlington Co., South Carolina, on 30 Oct 1869 at age 68.2 
Burial*say 2 Nov 1869 His body was interred say 2 Nov 1869 at Elim Baptist Church Cemetery, Elim, Darlington Co., South Carolina.2 
Family Bible* The Rev. John Morgan Timmons Family Bible
Darlington Co., SC

Source: Melda Morris, compiler, Family Bible Records, Hemingway, SC: Three Rivers Historical Society, 1991, Pages 95-99. (Repository: South Carolina Historical Society, Charleston, Call No. 929.3.M67 1991)

Handwritten vital statistics notations, from The New Testament of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Translated out of the original Greek; and with former translations diligently compared and revised. Stereotyped for Collins and Company by B. & J. Collins. Boston: Published by C. Ewer, T. Bedlington, and J. H. A. frost. 1828.

This Timmons Bible is believed to have been owned originally by Rev. John Morgan Timmons and beginning notations are in his handwriting. This Bible was later owned by Emil T. Cannon and is now in the possession of Frank C. Patten of Florence, South Carolina, who kindly submitted this valuable material.

The numbers in parentheses are person numbers within this family tree.

John Morgan Timmons was born December 14, 1880 (sic), Sunday (#51425)
Elizabeth McCullars Myers was born August 21, 1808; Sunday (#51426)

Their Children:
Mary Eleanor Timmons was born June 23, 1824, Wednesday evening.
Elizabeth McCullars was born August 21, 1825, Sunday morning.
Sarah Henrietta Timmons was born April 7, 1827; Saturday night.
Rebecca Ann Timmons was born May 15, 1829; Friday morning.
James Maxcy Timmons was born Feb. 28, 1831; Monday morning.
John Morgan Timmons was born Feb. 7, 1833; Thursday night.
Harriet Perkins Timmons was born Feb. 7, 1835. Saturday night.
Hester Myers Timmons and Frances Brown Timmons (twins) were born Feb. 19, 1837; Sunday morning.
Mary Harrell Timmons was born July 13, 1839, Friday morning
(#7180) (md. A. F. Culpeper)
William Timmons was born July 7, 1841; Wednesday night.
Martha Isadore Timmons was born April 11. 1843; Thursday morning.
Helen Jedidah Timmons was born Jan. 2, 1847; Saturday evening.
Margaret Ozella Timmons was born April 8, 1849; Sunday morning.

A. F. Culpeper was born 28th June 1843. (#3969)
John Morgan Culpeper was born 2 November 1868
Mary Timmons Culpeper was born 4 September 1870
Cathie Culpeper was born 10 November 1872
Bessie Culpeper was born 31 Dec. 1874
Rosa Culpeper was born 19 January 1877; died August 3, 1932 (#7183)
James Maxcy Culpeper was born 28 February 1879

The following notations are in different handwriting.
Fannie A. Cannon, first son of T. J. Cannon and H. M. Cannon was born August 31, 1860; Friday 9 o'clock p.m.
Theo J. Cannon, second child of Theo J. Cannon and H. M. Cannon was born May 29, 1862; Thurs. 8 o'clock p.m.
Ozello T. Cannon, third child of T. J. and H. M. Cannon was born February 20, 1866, Tuesday 7 o'clock p.m.
Hester Henrietta, fourth child of T. J. and H. M. Cannon was born January 11, 1871; Wednesday, 11 o'clock a.m.
Ralph Brooks, fifth child of T. J. and H. M. Cannon was born October 10, 1973; Saturday 9 o'clock p.m.
Clyde C. Cannon sixth child of T. J. and H. M. Cannon was born June 10, 1876; Saturday 10 o'clock a.m.
Ozello Woodward, first child of James F. and Fannie Woodward was born October 3, 1883; 11 o'clock p.m.
Bessie Woodward, fourth child of James F. and Fannie Woodward was born April 17, 1888; Tuesday.
Addie Beatrice, first child of T. J. and F. L. Cannon was born May 30, 1888; Wednesday 7 p.m.
Morgan Timmons Woodward, child of James F. and Fannie Cannon Woodward was born August 6, 1890.
Harry Mc. Woodward, child of James F. and Fannie Cannon Woodward was born January 24, 1895.
Fannie Hester, child of T. J. and Fannie Cannon born September 27, 1890.
Ruth, child of James F. and Fannie C. Woodward born October 8, 1892.
Lowell Edward, child of Robert E. Lee and Nettie Lee born October 24, 1892.
Hester Fannie child of Robert E. and Nettie Lee, December 18, 1894.

The following 12 notations are in the handwriting of Lyndon Lee Cannon
Lalla Lee born December 3, 1896.
Lyndon Olene Lee born September 1899.
Robt. Edward Lee born September 25, 1902.
Marion Beatrice Lee born May 30, 1905.
Emmie Lee Cannon, first daughter of R. B. and L. L. Cannon born October 26, 1902.
Marguerite Nelson Cannon born Tuesday, Apr. 25, 1805.
Virginia Clare Cannon born April 5, 1910. (Tuesday)
Ralph Cannon Benson. first son of Dr. C. P. Benson and Addie B. Cannon born October 16, 1911, Tuesday.
Charles Prue Benson, second son of Dr. and Mrs. C. P. Benson born March 31, 1914. (Tuesday)
Emile Timmons Cannon, December 25, 1916; Christmas Day 8 p.m.
Snyder Woodward born July 1, 1895.
Helen Jedidah Woodward born September 11, 1899.

John M. Timmons and Elizabeth Mc. Myers were married May 22nd 1823 (#51425)
Their children:
Rebecca S. Timmons and Col. R. F. Hickson were married 23 December 1852.
J. Morgan Timmons and J. B. Brooks were married November 23, 1854.
Harriet P. Timmons and William A. French were married December 13, 1855.
J. Maxcy Timmons and Fannie Myers were married January 7, 1857.
Theodore J. Cannon and Fannie M. Lee were married November 7, 1896. (different handwriting)
John R. Cannon and Frances B. Timmons were married January 22, 1857.
Theo. J. Cannon and Hester M. Timmons were married May 7, 1857.
J. H. Blackwell and Isadore T. Timmons were married March 1, 1865.
C. C. Bristow and H. Jeddie Timmons were married June 20, 1867.
A. F. Culpeper and Mary H. Timmons were married 12 December 1867. (#3969)v
J. F. Woodard and Fannie A. Cannon were married December 27, 1882. (different handwriting)
Hester Henrietta (Nettie Cannon married Robt. E. Lee. January 27, 1891.) Written by Lyndon Lee Cannon.
Ralph Brooks Cannon married Lyndon Lee Cannon, November 24, 1901.
Addie Beatrice Cannon married Charles P. Benson M.D., October 24, 1910.
Fannie Hester Cannon married Montreville Mansfield Rector, September 20, 1916.

Theodore J. Cannon, Sr. died April 15, 1877; Sunday.
Ozello T., third child of T. J. and H. M. Cannon died August 15, 1880; Sunday.
Clyde C. Cannon, sixth child of T. J. and H. M. Cannon died October 16, 1887; Monday.
Frances B. Cannon died July 19, 1889.
Mary H. Culpeper died 23rd Sept. 1880 (#7180)
Cathie Culpeper died 17th July 1873 (#51423)
Bessie Culpeper died 25 October 1876 (#10968)
Hester M. Cannon died October 23, 1896.
Theodore J. Cannon died September 24, 1902.
R. E. Lee, husband of Nettie Cannon Lee died April 16, 1910.
Emmie Lee Cannon died January 5, 1908. (Scarlet fever)
Frances Lee Cannon, wife of Theodore J. Cannon died January 7, 1917.
Mary Culpeper Price died March 25, 1907 (#7182)
Rosa Culpeper Kells died August 3, 1932 in Lakeland, Florida (#7183)
Ozello Woodward John died Thursday, August 10, 1933 in Waynesville, N. C.
John M. Timmons III, son of John M. Timmons II, son of Rev. John Morgan Timmons I died July 1, 1932 in Florence, South Carolina.
Mrs. Helen Jedidah Bristow, daughter of Rev. J. M. Timmons died September 1, 1930 in Fairmont, North Carolina, buried in Dillon, South Carolina beside her daughter, Bessie who married J. C. Wood, Sr.

The following notations, in an unknown handwriting appear on four tattered pages, attached to each other, which were found loose but included in the foregoing Timmons Bible.

Ann M. Cannon was born 19 June 1790.
Henry Ellison Cannon was born 20 July 1810.
William Muldrow Cannon was born 16 June 1812.
Robert Augustus Cannon was born 22 January 1815.
Ann Elizabeth Cannon was born 20 Jan. 1816.
Mary Ervin Cannon was born 29 March 1818.
John Robert Cannon born 15 June 1820.
___na Louisa Cannon born 25th Sept. 1822.
___vin Cannon ___ 25 March 1825.
Adaline Ellison Cannon was born 10 October 1826.
Josiah Theodore Cannon was born 20 August 1828.
Eli Hugh Cannon born 4 April 1830.
Henrietta Eliza Cannon born 21 Dec. 1834.
Hugh Charles Cannon born 13 January 1837.
Anna Jane Cannon born 13 January 1839.
Fannie Annie Cannon born Friday 31st day of August 1860
Ozello Timmons Cannon, second daughter of T. J. C.and H. M. Cannon born Tuesday, February, 1866 at 7 o'clock p.m.
Hester Henrietta Cannon, third daughter of T. J. and H. M. Cannon born January 11, 1871 at 10 2/3 o'clock a.m.
Eli Hugh Cannon born 3rd October 1841.
Ralph Brooks Cannon, second son of T. J. and H. M. Cannon born October 10, 1873.
Clyde C. Cannon, third son of T. J. and H. M. Cannon was born June 10, 1876; Saturday.
George Alexander Bacot born March 16, 1866.

Hugh Ervin Cannon and Ann Muldrow were married 5 October 1809.
Henry E. Cannon and Amanda M. Crawford Cannon were married 13 December 1832.
Wm. Muldrow Cannon and Margaret Jane Ervin were married 10th day December 1840.

     (Pencil notation in handwriting of LLC "went to Mississippi")
George Fountain and Mary Ervin Cannon were married 18 May 1836.
Thomas Fountain and Louise Susannah Cannon were married 15 February 1838.
Jno. R. Cannon and Fannie B. Timmons were married 22nd Jan. 1857.
Theodore J. Cannon and Hester Timmons were married May 7, 1857.

Robert Augustus Cannon died March 18, 1815.
Ann Elizabeth Cannon died 23 August 1824.
Caroline Ervin Cannon died 23 June 1822.
Adeline Ellison Cannon died 21 Dec. 1826.
Eli Hugh Cannon died 28 August 1833.
Ann M. Cannon died September 1875; age 85 years, 3 months.
Henry Ellison Cannon died 17 Feb 1843.
Theodore Josiah Cannon died April 15, 1877; Sunday; aged 48 years, 8 months.
Ozello Timmons Cannon, daughter of T. J. and H. M. Cannon died August 16 (Sunday), 1880; aged 14 years, 5 months and 25 days.
Wm M. Cannon died 11th September ___6.
Hugh Ervin Cannon died 17 August 1840 in 53rd year of his age being born of September 4, 1787.


Elizabeth McCullars Myers (21 Aug 1808 - )
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    John Morgan Timmons was born December 14, 1880 (sic), Sunday.
    Elizabeth McCullars Myers was born August 21, 1808; Sunday.
    John M. Timmons and Elizabeth Mc. Myers were married May 22nd 1823.
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