Martin L. Culpepper Jr., Ph.D.1

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  1. Martin L. Culpepper, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT

    Professor Martin Culpepper is a widely-respected leading authority in the field of precision engineering. His research focuses on the design, fabrication and testing of high- performance machine systems that make, manipulate or measure parts and features at length-scales and/or precision levels not previously possible or practical. Research from his group has produced landmark achievements in precision machine systems while also laying a foundation for both academicians and practicing designers, providing new tools to enable design of next generation precision systems. Professor Culpepper's HexFlex Nanopositioner is widely considered a signature achievement in the design and fabrication of small scale, multi-degree of freedom positioning systems. Professor Culpepper has recently developed a foundational framework, considered by many to be a breakthrough in the field, for the design of multi-degree of freedom systems; the FACT (Freedom and Constraint Topology) framework rigorously accounts for the freedom and constraint space of the desired motion and provides families of design topologies that will achieve the required degrees of motion. FACT is widely recognized as amongst the most significant advances in the field in recent years. Professor Culpepper is widely respected for his commitment to education and mentoring of students. His courses at MIT challenge students in the rigorous design of machine elements based on engineering principles and truly embody the mens et manus MIT motto. Furthermore, he has brought this approach to industry through a series of professional education courses directly impacting the practice of precision machine design. Professor Culpepper has a long history of service to his profession and to MIT. He has played an active leadership role in shaping the Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity, and currently serves as Graduate Admissions Officer in Mechanical Engineering. Professor Culpepper has been recognized with several awards including the prestigious NSF PECASE award, R&D 100 Awards, and, most recently, was named a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

    Source: Promotion announcement e-mail by Mary Boyce and Gareth McKinley, February 5, 2013.
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