Hon. John O. Culpepper

Male, #4850, (Oct 1866 - 10 May 1932)
Father*John Sampson Culpepper (4 Dec 1832 - 6 Jun 1900)
Mother*Dorothy S. Chastain (25 Sep 1837 - 13 Nov 1909)
Birth*Oct 1866 John was born at Georgia in Oct 1866. 
1870 Census1 Jun 1870 Dorothy, Palestine, Cincinnatus, John and Sarah listed as a household member living with John Sampson Culpepper on the 1870 Census at Thomasville, Thomas Co., Georgia.1 
1880 Census1 Jun 1880 Cincinnatus, John, Walter and Julius was listed as a son in John Sampson Culpepper's household on the 1880 Census at Thomas Co., Georgia.2 
1900 Census1 Jun 1900 John was listed as a brother in Cincinnatus Thomas Culpepper M.D.'s household on the 1900 Census at Perry, Taylor Co., Florida.3 
Death of Father6 Jun 1900 His father John Sampson Culpepper died on 6 Jun 1900 at Ochlocknee, Thomas Co., Georgia.4 
Marriage*26 Aug 1902 He married Daisy Lee Morse at Brooks Co., Georgia, on 26 Aug 1902 at age 35. 
Birth of Son9 Dec 1907 His son John Broward Culpepper Ph.D. was born on 9 Dec 1907 at Perry, Taylor Co., Florida.5,6 
Death of Mother13 Nov 1909 His mother Dorothy S. Chastain died on 13 Nov 1909 at Thomas Co., Georgia.4 
1910 Census*15 Apr 1910 John was listed as the head of a family on the 1910 Census at Perry, Taylor Co., Florida.7 
Birth of Son4 Aug 1917 His son Frank Morse Culpepper was born on 4 Aug 1917 at Taylor Co., Florida.8,9,5 
1920 Census*1 Jan 1920 John was listed as the head of a family on the 1920 Census at Perry, Taylor Co., Florida.8 
Death*10 May 1932 He died at Perry, Taylor Co., Florida, on 10 May 1932 at age 65. 
Brother of Mrs. Kate Wilson of this City was prominent man.
Judge John O Culpepper, County Judge of Taylor County for 24 consecutive years, died suddenly at his home on West Green Street about seven o'clock Tuesday morning, his death causing a great shock to the entire community.
Those who were intimately acquainted with him were not surprised at his going, but the shock and grief was none the less when it was reported around town that Judge Culpepper was dead.
For the past year Judge Culpepper had been under the care of a physician, being a suffered from diabetes, and about a year ago spent some time in the hospital. Recenlty close friends noticed he was failing rapidly but he continued his work, being a man of great energy and force and worked in his office until ten o'clock Monday night. A man of perfect system he never left his office until everything was attended to no matter if it took the entire day and night to complete his task.
John O Culpepper was born near Thomasville, Ga Oct 16, 1866, being 65 years on his last birthday. He grew up on his fathers farm near Thomasville, attending his public schools in that city. Desiring further education, at the age of twenty years entered the Southern Georgia College at Thomasville and after two years at this institution matriculated in the University of Georgia from which he was graduated in 1892, with the degree of Bachelor of Philosophy. He earned the money to defray the expenses of his education.
For several years Judge Culpepper was prinicpal of schools in South Georgia, coming to Perry in 1899 as superintendent of the Taylor County High School and held that position for three years.
In 1900 he became owner and editor for the Taylor County Herald and in 1905 and 1907 served as Secretary of the Florida State Senate. In 1902 Judge Culpepper founded his insurance business and wrote the first fire insurance policy ever written in Taylor County. He continued in the business til his death. In 1908 he was elected County Judge of Taylor County, and had continued in office every since, being a candidate for reelection.
As one of the leading citizens of this section of Florida, he was always active in politics and his advice and counsel was sought by people from many sections of Florida. Judge Culpepper will ever be remembered for his interest in the things which were the benefit to the people and his many deeds of kindness and charity were too numerous to account. No one was ever turned from him in want and his sage advice was the means of making many men and women better citizens. The community has lost one of its most valuable citizens who always took a leading part in the civic movements and could be counted upon on any and all occasions for the help and benefit of the people.
In 1902 Judge Culpepper was united in marriage to Miss Daisy Moore of Quitman, Ga and besides the loving and helpful helpmate, Mrs. J O Culpepper, he is survived by two sons and two daughters, Broward Culpepper is a teacher in mathmatics in the Leesburg High School, Frank the youngest being a student of the Taylor County High School, Miss Lucille Culpepper was an assistant in the office of her father, Miss Dorothy Culpepper, youngest daughter is a student in the woman's college at Tallahassee.
One brother J G Culpepper of Tampa survives. Also one sister Mrs. Kate Wilson of Thomasville, Ga. One niece Mrs. Effie Rigsby, of Thomasville, was also present at the sad last rites.
Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon from the First Baptist Church, of which the deceased a teacher of the Men's bible class, was a lifelong member and not only for his own church but for other denominations. One of the largest congregations ever to attend a funeral was at the last sad rites, the large auditorium class rooms and balcony being unable to seat all who came to repay their respects to the man whom they loved and honored. Rev A F O'Kelley, pastor of the church, assisted by Rev F F Hodnett of the Methodist Church, conducted the services which were beautiful and impressive. The beautiful music of old time songs and favorites of the deceased were sung by W Hugh Rowe, Mrs. J L Weeks, Mrs. L B Clark, and Howard Cranston. Funeral Arrangements were in charge of W S Widdon. The floral pieces were the largest and most numerous ever seen, coming from friends and admirers from many places. Interment took place in the family plot, in the city cemetery, the services at the grave being conducted by the Perry Lodge of Masons, of which the deceased was a member for many years.
The Pall bearers were members of the Judges Association and were Judges Winburn of Mayo, Moore,Tallahassee; Johnson, Jasper; Bird, Monticello; Smith, Madison; Barber, Cross City.
Judge Culpepper is gone and his place in the affairs of the people will be hard to fill as he was a leader in the many movements for the betterment of the community, and his generosity, thoughtfulness and activity will ever remain green in the memory of those knew him and loved him for his true worth to his community and friends.
Judge Culpepper is dead. No more will his cheery smile greet one as they enter the office of County Judge. For twenty four years he filled the office. He was our friends. We loved him for his many kind deeds. Several friends knew him longer, but none knew him better, nor do we believe any friends closer in a personal way. We knew him well for eighteen years. Politics made him as target, as all men of public office, for things untrue. He never denied any charges brought neither did he tell anyone of his many virtues, not letting his right hand know what his left was doing. Many times we have asked to be allowed to publish some of his splendid charitable deeds, but his response was always the same. " Leslie I would rather it would not be told." Only once did we go against his rule and that was when we published the fact that he was sending each month a check along to help with evangelistic work throughout the adjacent rural districts. We shall remember him for the last act of kindness we saw him perform was one of mercy and kindness to an old colored woman to whom he gave assistance and good advice never expecting to receive any reward, only as it is recorded in the good book. Judge Culpepper was loyal to his friends and charitable to his political enemies. He had no enemies save political-friends he had by score. That he was popular with the people was shown by the fact that he was reelected to the office of County Judge six consecutive times. We shall miss him as hundreds of other friends, but we feel we know more of life and are better for having known Judge Culpepper whose friendship we hold so dear. His rest will be sweet for he well earned the reward. Taylor County News.10 


Daisy Lee Morse (circa 1881 - Mar 1962)
Marriage*26 Aug 1902 He married Daisy Lee Morse at Brooks Co., Georgia, on 26 Aug 1902 at age 35. 
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