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  1. Donna M. Culpepper, Retired U.S. Foreign Service Officer and President of CEP
         Ms. Culpepper served as President of CEP from 1996-2002 and she currently (January 2010) serves as a member of its Board of Directors.
         For 15 years, the Civic Education Project® (CEP), an international non-profit organization, has promoted pluralism and international standards in social science education in countries striving to develop their civil society capacity. CEP pursues these goals through the creation of knowledge networks and student-centered teaching. These networks are designed to foster and exchange cutting edge social scientific resources, knowledge and methods. Through its work, CEP encourages the dual role of universities in developing their own community and civil society, and engaging their countries in the wider global community.
         During her tenure as President, Ms. Culpepper was based at CEP's former headquarters in Budapest, Hungary and directed operations in 25 countries throughout Eastern Europe and Eurasia. Prior to her service with CEP, Ms. Culpepper was a career U.S. Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Information Agency. In this capacity, she held a variety of positions including Exchange Officer, Cultural Center Director and Information Officer in a number of locations including India, Vietnam and Indonesia. Ms. Culpepper's last posting prior to joining CEP was as Counselor for Public Affairs at the U.S. Embassy in Budapest, Hungary. Ms. Culpepper currently resides in France.

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  2. E-mail written 2003 to Lew Griffin from Catherine Culpepper Crottogini, e-mail address.