William T. Hough1,2

Male, #46834, (Feb 1874 - )
Father*Peter James Hough1 (27 Apr 1840 - )
Mother*Nancy A. E. Carmichael1 (Mar 1849 - )
Name Variation He was also known as Howe. 
Birth*Feb 1874 He was born in Feb 1874 at Alabama.1,3 
1880 Census1 Jun 1880 Joseph, William and George was listed as a son in Peter James Hough's household on the 1880 Census at Union Springs, Bullock Co., Alabama.1 
Spanish-American War*1898 He served in the Spanish-American War in 1898
(On 4 May 1898, William T. Hough enlisted for service in the Spanish-American War. He joined Company H of the 2nd Infantry Regiment, Alabama Volunteers, commanded by Col. James W. Cox. He was a Corporal, single, age 24, with dark complexion, dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. Born in New Providence, AL, he resided in Union Springs, Bullock Co., AL where he was a deputy Sheriff and the son of Peter Hough.) 
1900 Census1 Jun 1900 Joseph, William, George, James, John and Herman was listed as a son in Peter James Hough's household on the 1900 Census at Union Springs, Bullock Co., Alabama.3 
ChartsWLC / John Hogg: Descendant Chart (incl. Houghs and Howes)
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    Union Springs, Bullock Co., AL, page 1B. LDS transcription
    Peter J. Hough, Head, Md, 39, House Painter, GA/SC/GA
    Nancy Hough, Wife, Md, 31, Keepng House, AL/SC/GA
    Joseph Hough, Son, Single, 8, AL/GA/GA
    William Hough, Son, Single, 6, AL/GA/GA
    George Hough, Son, Single, 3, AL/GA/GA
    Elizabeth Carmichael, Other, Widowed, Female, 53, Boarder, GA/NC/GA
    Daniel Carmichael, Other, Single, Male, 16, Clerk in Store, AL/SC/GA
    Ben Hall, Other, Single, Black, Male, 13, Servant, AL/AL/AL.
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    Peter J. Hough, Head, Apr 1840, 60, md 30 yrs, GA/SC/SC, Overseer
    Nancy A. E. Hough, Wife, Mar 1849, 51, md 30 yrs, 7/7 children, AL/SC/SC, Milliner
    Joseph A. Hough, Son, Oct 1871, 28, Single, AL/GA/AL, Bookkeeper
    William T. Hough, Son, Feb 1874, 26, Single, AL/GA/AL, Electrician
    George A. M. Hough, Son, Mar 1877, 23, Single, AL/GA/AL, Fancy Groceryman
    James D. Hough, Son, Jul 1880, 19, Single, AL/GA/AL
    Mattie E. Hough, Daughter, Nov 1882, 17, Single, AL/GA/AL
    John Hough, Son, Sep 1885, 15, Single, AL/GA/AL
    Herman Hough, Son, Nov 1887, 12, Single, AL/GA/AL
    Kisiah B. E. Carmichael, Mother-in-law, Jan 1826, 74, Widowed, 1/1 children, GA/GA/GA.