Roscoe Culpepper

Male, #46236, (5 Mar 1917 - 9 Nov 1954)
Father*Matthew Martin Culpepper (19 May 1877 - c 1920)
Mother*Mary Jennings (s 1880 - )
Birth*5 Mar 1917 He was born on 5 Mar 1917 at Covington Co., Mississippi
1920 Census1 Jan 1920 Clarence, Charlie and Roscoe was listed as a son in Mary Jennings's household on the 1920 Census at Oakohay, Covington Co., Mississippi.1 
Death of Fathercirca 1920 His father Matthew Martin Culpepper died circa 1920 at Covington Co., Mississippi.1 
1930 Census1 Apr 1930 Charlie, Roscoe and Buster was listed as a son in Mary Culpepper's household on the 1930 Census at Covington Co., Mississippi.2 
World War II*between 1942 and 1945 He enlisted in Camp Shelby, Forrest Co., Mississippi, and served in World War II between 1942 and 1945
(US Army, MS PFC 155 Inf, BSM.)3,4 
Death*9 Nov 1954 He died at Collins, Covington Co., Mississippi, on 9 Nov 1954 at age 37. 
ChartsJohn Culpepper of Jones Co., GA: Descendant Chart
Orphan / John Culpepper of Marion Co., MS: Descendant Chart
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  1. 1920 Federal Census, United States.
    ED 9, Sheet14B, Lines 87-93, Oakohay, Covington Co., MS (21 Jan 1920)
    Mary Culpeper, Head, F, Wh, 36, wid, MS/MS/MS Farmer
    Pearlie Culpeper, Dau, F, Wh, 14, sng, MS/MS/MS
    Clarence Culpeper, Son, M, Wh, 11, sng, MS/MS/MS
    Charlie Culpeper, Son, M, Wh, 9, sng, MS/MS/MS
    Carry Culpeper, Dau, F, Wh, 7, sng, MS/MS/MS
    Mabel Culpeper, Dau, F, Wh, 5, sng, MS/MS/MS
    Roscoe Culpeper, Son, M, Wh, 2, sng, MS/MS/MS.
  2. 1930 Federal Census, United States.
    ED 16-4, Page 14A, Beat 2, Covington Co., MS
    Rent Farm, Radio=N
    Mary Culpepper, Head, F, Wh, 39, Wid, MS/MS/MS, Farmer, General Farm
    Charlie Culpepper, Son, M, Wh, 19, sng, Cannot read or write, MS/MS/MS, Laborer, General Farm, Vet=N
    May Culpepper, Daughter, F, Wh, 15, sng, MS/MS/MS, Laborer, General Farm
    Roscoe Culpepper, Son, M, Wh, 13, sng, MS/MS/MS, Laborer, General Farm
    Buster Culpepper, Son, M, Wh, 10, sng, MS/MS/MS, Laborer, General Farm.
  3. Tombstone.
  4. National Archives and Records Administration, compiler, U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946, Online database at, 2005.
    Roscoe Culpepper, born 1917 in MS, White, Married, Education: Grammar School, Height/Wt: 67/118; Resided in: Jones Co., MS; Enlisted 21 Sep 1942 at Camp Shelby, MS (Drafted).