Burwell Boykin1

Male, #45791, (1752 - 17 Aug 1817)
Father*William Boykin II1 (b 1710 - c 1784)
Mother*Elizabeth Bryant1 (s 1712 - )
Birth*1752 He was born in 1752 at Southampton Co., Virginia.1 
Relocationcirca 1755 He, as a family member, accompanied William Boykin II in relocating circa 1755 at Craven Co., South Carolina; from Southampton Co., VA2 
Biography* Burwell moved with his parents to Camden District, S.C., c. 1755, where on 3/26/1756, a conveyance was made to William Boykin by Ann Sinnexon, formerly Ann Duyett, of 300 acres in Fredricks Township, adjoing lands of Benjamin McKinnie, near Town Creek(Bk. R-R, p. 369). He possessed in a high degree the family qualities of enterprise and sturdy manhood. He too was militant patriot of the Revolution, every ready to respond to the call of Marion, Sumter and other leaders.

He was an eminently successful planter, and acquired a great deal of choice land, in c. 1773 he acquired 400 acres in grants; in 1776 he bought land, the Town Creek tract, to be known as Fredericksburg Town, amounting to 1050 acres, from Major Pierce Butler of Charleston, S.C. for L7300; surrounding his faather's settlement, extending from Town Creek to the lower side of Swift Creek; including the mill on latter stream, now the property of the estate of the late Lemuel Whitaker Boykin II; Hickory Ridge, Swamp, and Stoney Hill plantations. He drew indents of land for military service during the Rev. War, in which he served, 30 days of military duty as 1st Lt. of Mounted Rangers, in his borther Francis Boykin's Co; and he supplied provisions and forage for the continental troops. (History of the Boykin Family, Dr. Edward M. Boykin, 1876; Our Children's Ancestry, Sally Cantey Whitaker Allen, 1935; Royal Grants, 23:652; State Grants, 11:647)

He was elected by the District Easward of Wateree River to serve in the eighth General Assembly (1789-1790). Locally, he served in the following positions: (1774-1775) Vestryman of St. David's (Greg's Old Cheraw, p. 227); in 1795, commissioner to approve of securities offered by the sheriff of Camden District; in 1797, he wa included in a list of persons given exclusive right to open a canal from Pint Tree Creek to the town of Camden; in 1778 and 1779, he served as road commissioner (St. Daavid's journal, P.31.)3 
American Revolution*between 1775 and 1783 He served as a military officer in the American Revolutionary War between 1775 and 1783
(DAR Listing: Burwell Boykin, born 1751 in Virginia, died 17 Aug 1817 in South Carolina, married Elizabeth Whitaker, married second, Mary Whitaker, Lieutenant, South Carolina.)1,4 
Biography In 1775, Burwell Boykin was appointed on the "Committee of Observation" for St David's Parish, and took an active part in the Revolution, serving under Marion Sumter, and others, and according to his Daughter Charlotte, was a Lieutenant in his brother Francis' Company of Militia. In 1777 he was a Commissoner of roads on the east side of the Wateree. In 1790, Burwell Boykin was a Member of the State Legislature. He was a most sucessful planter, and acquired an immense area of land south of Camden. In his will he says: "On no pretext whatever... must any portion of my land be sold." A great deal of his property is still in the possession of his grandsons. In 1812 he built his house at Pleasant Hill, still the home of his descendants. His nephew, Dr. Edward M. Boykin, in his sketch, A Record of the Boykins, describes the life at Pleasant Hill; "The stables full of horses, kennels filled with hounds, rooms filled with guests." In 1774 he was a Vestryman of St. David's Parish. In 1782 he married Elizabeth Whitaker, and after her death he married her sister, Mary. She is said to have been a strikingly handsome woman, tall and slender, of a strong character and marked influence. After her husband's death, in 1817, she maintained his house at Pleasant Hill.5 
Marriage*1782 He married Elizabeth Whitaker in 1782.6 
Death of Fathercirca 1784 His father William Boykin II died circa 1784 at Camden, Camden District, South Carolina
Death of Spouse2 Oct 1787 His wife Elizabeth Whitaker died on 2 Oct 1787.6 
Will25 Dec 1791 Francis, Burwell and John named as executor(s) in the will of Samuel Boykin at Kershaw Co., South Carolina, on 25 Dec 1791.7 
Marriage*4 Dec 1793 He married Mary Whitaker at South Carolina on 4 Dec 1793.8 
Biography Burwell married twice, they were both daughters of William Whitaker, a descendant of the Whitaker family of Jamestown, Va., whose member Rev. Alexander Whitaker, the Prophet, baptized Pocahontas, (painting of occasion in rotunda of U.S. Capital) and later performed her wedding ceremony; the first wife, Elizabeth Whitaker, a daughter of Catherine Wiggins Whitaker, was born 9-07-1760, died 10-02-1887 and married in 1782. The second wife, Mary Whitaker, a daughter of Mary (Lenoir ) Whitaker, was born 12-03-1776 and died 10-07-1838, and married in 1792.9 
Biography1812 In 1812 Burwell Boykin built his home "Mt. Pleasant", south of Camden, S.C., in the sand hills. This old country-house was kept by Burwell's widow Mary as a home for her own large family, and a center of hospitality for relatives and friends. The country behind it for sixtymiles was a forest of primeval pine and oak, abounding with deer and other game. The horse, horn, hound and chase held sway, rooms filled with guest; there was plenty everywhere, and enough for all. Her large family of sons living with her, made it sort of an Osbaldistone hall, save the hard drinking, that could not be, for a true high hearted woman held the reins, and a mother and sisiter's influence was over it all. Neighboring estates where occupied by relatives and friends of similar taste and prusuits:the Canteys, Chesnuts, Whitakers, Langs, McRaes, Deas, Hopkins, English and Ancrums. Those were as feudal times touched with chivalry and romance. And a deer hunt in July, or a fox-hunt at Christmas was like a Highland gathering.6 
Will* He made a will

He wrote his will a few days before his death, and Burwell divided his estate among his wife and children. Monetary bequests made by him were in excess of $38,000. a lengthy inventory of his estate lists 288 slaves and shows a property value of nearly $143,000.10 
Death*17 Aug 1817 He died at Camden, Kershaw District, South Carolina, on 17 Aug 1817.11 
Burial*circa 18 Aug 1817 His body was interred circa 18 Aug 1817 at Boykin Cemetery, Camden, Kershaw District, South Carolina. His tombstone says, "He was the father of eleven sons and seven daughters."

This small cemetery lies south of Camden and north of Boykin near the intersection of Boykin Road and Tombfield Road. 

Family 1

Elizabeth Whitaker (7 Sep 1760 - 2 Oct 1787)
Marriage*1782 He married Elizabeth Whitaker in 1782.6 

Family 2

Mary Whitaker (5 Dec 1772 - 7 Oct 1838)
Marriage*4 Dec 1793 He married Mary Whitaker at South Carolina on 4 Dec 1793.8 
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