Thomas Gardner Jr. (2nd of 2)1

Male, #45715, (16 Mar 1756 - 25 Nov 1815)
Father*Thomas Gardner1 (8 Aug 1721 - 10 Nov 1773)
Mother*Martha Pryor1 (10 Apr 1723 - 13 Mar 1780)
Birth*16 Mar 1756 He was born on 16 Mar 1756 at Edgecombe Co., North Carolina.1,2 
Death of Father10 Nov 1773 His father Thomas Gardner died on 10 Nov 1773 at Halifax Co., North Carolina.2,3 
American Revolution*between 1775 and 1783 He provided service in the American Revolutionary War between 1775 and 1783
(DAR Listing: Thomas Gardner, born circa 1750, died before 25 Nov 1815 in South Carolina, married Eliza Kinard, Private, South Carolina.)4 
Marriage*12 Feb 1778 He married Betty Gardner on 12 Feb 1778 at age 21.2 
Death of Mother13 Mar 1780 His mother Martha Pryor died on 13 Mar 1780 at Halifax Co., North Carolina.2,3 
Death of Spouse14 Nov 1806 His wife Betty Gardner died on 14 Nov 1806.2 
Marriage*15 Mar 1808 He married Elizabeth Kerk on 15 Mar 1808 at age 51.2 
Death*25 Nov 1815 He died at Camden, Kershaw District, South Carolina, on 25 Nov 1815 at age 59.5 
Note: This Bible was published in 1805 by Mathew Carey, Philadelphia. The original owner was Rev. Thomas Gardner (1756-1827), a Baptist minister, of Halifax and Warren Counties, N.C. He began the record (inclusive dates, 1721-1882) with the births of his parents and their children. The Bible is (1969) in custody of a descendant, Mildred Allen Adams (Mrs. James E., Sr.), Warrenton, N.C. This typescript was edited and transcribed by Mildred A. Adams and Malcolm E. Gardner.


Thomas Gardner was Marryed to Betty Gardner his wife February the 12th 1778
Thomas Gardner was Marryed to Elizabeth Kerk his second wife on March the 15th 1808
Winfield S. Gardner was born Oct. the 7 1849 Son of Thomas P. Gardner, Finetta S. A. W. Myrick his wife
John C. Gardner was born March the 5 1851 Son of T. P. Gardner
Polley Gardner was Marryed to Francis Balthrop December the 27th 1804
Betsey Gardner was Marryed to Joseph Tanner January the 19th 1812
Martha P. Gardner was Married to G. Talley January the 20th 1826
Thomas P. Gardner was Marryed to Finetta S. A. W. Myri[ck] his wife March the 8 1848

The age of Thomas Gardner Senr born August the 8th 1721
Martha Gardner his wife was born April the 10th 1723
William Gardner born May the 6th 1744
Thomas Gardner born January the 17th 1746
John Gardner born December the 11th 1748
George Gardner born November the 30th 1750
Thomas Gardner Junr was born March the 16th 1756
Betty Gardner his wife was born January the 7th 1754
Nancey Gardner born December the 27th 1778
Polly Gardner born June the 2d 1780
Betsey Gardner born December 16th 1781
Frances Gardner born March the 16th 1784

Christopher Gardner born [Oc]tober the 26 1752
Kemp Gardner born July the 5th 1754
Thomas Gardner the Younger born March the 16th 1756
Pryor Gardner born January the 19th 1758
Betty Gardner born November the 18th 1759
Starling Gardner born May the 5th 1762
John Waller Gardner born January the 9th 1786
Patsey Pryor Gardner born January the 20th 1788
Thomas Pettis Gardner born February the 17th 1831 Son of John W. Gardner and Nancy P. Gardner his wife
Patsey Kemp Balthrop born November the 17th 1805
Betsey Waller Balthrop born October the 23d 1807 [sic]
Thomsa Gardner Balthrop born January the 7th 1808 [sic]
John Christian B[alt]hrop born [Ap]ril the 8th 1810
William Balthrop born September the 29th 1811
James Madison Balthrop born april the 17th 1813

Thomas Gardner Senr Departed this life November the 10th 1773
Martha Gardner his wife Departed this life March the 13th 1780
Ann Ray Mother to my wife Departed this life May the 5th 1796 in her Sixty seventh year
Nancy Gardner Daughter of Thomas Gardner Junr Departed this life August 6th 1800
Betty Gardner the tender Loveing wife of my you[th] Departed this life Nove[mber] the 14th 1806
Polley Balthrop my Dau[ghter] Departed this life May the 13th 1813
Elisabeth Gardner my Second Wife Departed this Life August the 19th 1824

Thomas Gardner Departed this Life October 15th 1827
Martha P Talley Departed this life August the 8th 1829
John Waller Gardner Departed this life February the 4th 1837 about 3 oClock P. M. after a painful illness of nine days which he bore with Christian fortitude
[F]rances Johnson an unknown date aughter of the Revd [T]homas Gardner [de]parted this life at an unknown age ugust 16th 1841
Pattie Petis Gardner Daughter of Finetta & Thomas P. Gardner Depated this life August the 7 1857

Winfield S Gardner was born Oct 7 1849
John C Gardner was born March 5 1851
James M. Gardner was born Jan 17 1853
Franklin P. Gardner was born April 5 1854
Pattie Pettis Gardner was borne Sept[ember] the 28 1856
Pattie Ray Gardner was Born Nov the 28 185[7]

Winfield S. Gardner & Sallie N. Egerton were married Nov. 2nd 1875
Pattie Ray Gardner & Jas R Rodwell were married Jan 14th 1879
John C Gardner & Sallie B Rodwell were married Oct 29th 1879
Jas M Gardner and Cate H. White were married Nov 26 1879
Franklin P. Gardner & Dora Rodwell were married Nov 29 18[82]

The Names of Negroes Owned and born in my House
Peter was born February the 16th 1770
Affey was born September the 10th 1777
Sarah was born November the 6 1787
Bob was born September the 1st 1793
Sebrina was born January the 19th 1795
Henry was born January the 15th 1802
Mildred was born December the 17th 1802
Ephraim was born April the 17th 1804
Ned was born May the 7th 1806
Peter was born June the 30th 18[torn]
Nancy was born July the 15 1790
Sam was born September the 18 1814
Drusillar was born November the 28 1816
Dilley was born December the 21 1817
Luiss wsa born June the 11th [?] 1818
Mariah was born May the 27 1819
Nell [?] was born May the 29 1820
Jack was born September the 3d 1820
Nat was born June the 27th 1821
Cager [?] was born May the 17 1822
Polley was born July the 28 1823
was born September 14 1823
[Faded] was born July the 12 1824
was born January the 20 1826
was born February the 12 1826
Lucy was born July the 7 1826
Jane was born July the 13th 1827
Sarah was born August the 14th 1828
Robert was born September the 1st 1829
Cornelius was born April the 30 1831
Harry was born September the 25 1831
Dellar was born Febuary the 14 1853
Richard Henry was born May the 19 1856
Drucilla was born July the 4 1859
indiana Missouri was born September the 4 1861.2 
Research note*2 Nov 2014 Here's documented information about Thomas Gardner (son of Thomas Gardner of Halifax Co., N. C., and brother of Pryor Gardner):

Thomas Gardner settled in Warren Co., N. C., after leaving Halifax. He was a Baptist minister who served at Gardner's Meeting House, also known as Brown's Meeting House and Tanner's Meeting House.

History of Brown's Baptist Church, May 11, 1982 is "a typewritten document at the North Carolina Archives in the 'Warren County History' folder on the Mezzanine." "Historical data show that Tanner's Meeting House (now Warren Plains), Gardner's Meeting House and Brown's Meeting House grew out of Reedy Creek Church long before 1800. . . . It cannot be proven but it is very probable that John Tanner was the first preacher here at Brown's. Dates are unknown as to when he started or left. He was succeeded by Thomas Gardner, who served until 1825 or 1826. Both men served prior to the church's official date or organization in 1830. Willoughby Hudgins followed Brother Gardner and was the pastor when the church did organize in 1830. No records, unfortunately, were kept prior to 1830." This information comes from

Here is more about Rev. Thomas Gardner:

Warren County, N. C., Will Book Ten, p. 106 cites the following: "Will of William Wilson, 1 Oct. 1788; May Ct. 1799. Leg: Wife (not named); sons Daniel, William & Montford (& eldest son of Montford Wilson); Dtr. Judah Ragsdel (Ragsdal) to have land adj. James Myrick & widow Ray; William Vasser; children of John Wilson; Richard Wilson; Sarah Buford; Elizabeth Toleson (relationship of last five not stated). Exrs: William Varsser [sic] & Thomas Gardner. Wit: Betty Gardner and Thomas Gardner."

Warren County, N. C., Will Book Ten, p. 314: "Will of Billy Williams. 7 Feb. 1800; May Ct. 1800. Bequests to friend Thomas Gardner (for funeral sermon of his wife, and his own); Benjamin Capps, son of Raney Capps; nephew Willie Harris; niece Polly Merritt, dtr. of Sylvanus Merritt; Selah Harris, wife of Willie Harris; for educations of friendless orphan children. Exr.: Brittain Nicholson. Wit.: Willie (Wiley) Harris (Jurat) & Selah Harris (Jurat)."

More Gardner lore:

Note that the Gardner brothers Thomas and Pryor settled in counties named Warren, Thomas in N. C., Pryor in Ga.

Pryor Gardner's son William sold land to his sister Sarah's husband Thomas Harris. Deed Book B, Warren Co., Ga., p. 613 records the transaction. Deed dated Oct. 11, 1804, for 16 1/2 acres adj. grantee. Wit.: Pryor Gardner and Fannie Gardner.

Thereafter William headed west. He migrated to Mississippi Territory, settling in Amite County. His name appears in the Miss. Territorial Census, 5 Nov. 1810, line 27, Roll v 229-1. William's gravestone is pictured on the web site Find A Grave. It states that he was born in Roanoke Rapids, N. C., Halifax County, on Feb. 15, 1781, and that he died in Amite County on October 11, 1840. Only 59.

Did you know that William had only one ear?

Deed Book B, Warren Co., Ga., p. 180, states: "John Law, in a statement entered of record, acknowledges he bit off the ear of William Gardner on Dec. 19, 1800, in a fight between them 'which fact I acknowledge so that it may become a matter of record.' Wit.: J. Persons."

Hunter Cole, descendant of Pryor Gardner.6 

Family 1

Betty Gardner (7 Jan 1754 - 14 Nov 1806)
Marriage*12 Feb 1778 He married Betty Gardner on 12 Feb 1778 at age 21.2 

Family 2

Elizabeth Kerk (say 1780 - 19 Aug 1824)
Marriage*15 Mar 1808 He married Elizabeth Kerk on 15 Mar 1808 at age 51.2 
Last Edited2 Oct 2014


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