Robert Sammons Culpepper1

Male, #4516
Father*Charles Chaissaignac Culpepper (23 Jan 1899 - Jun 1976)
Mother*Ethelwyn Hart (13 Oct 1903 - 10 Jan 1994)


Mary Eleanor Hancock
ChartsSampson Culpepper of Wilkinson Co., GA: Descendant Chart
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  1. Bob Culpepper, former mayor, recalls Farmington, New Mexico as a small town

    FARMINGTON, N.M. - From horse-drawn wagons and apple orchards to fiber optics and large national retail stores - these are some of the tremendous changes Farmington has seen during the past 100 years, four former mayors say…

    Bob Culpepper, 72, mayor from 1978-82, remembers Farmington as a small town. 'It was a great place to grow up. I liked to hunt and fish. I'd get up in the morning and ride my bike down to what is now B-Square Ranch. I remember shooting ducks.'

    Culpepper recalls the sidewalks on Main Street containing rings to tie up horses. Many of the rings weren't taken out until the 1970s, he said. He also remembers Navajos using wagon teams to travel into Farmington to trade.

    'They, in large part, are responsible for our prosperity,' Culpepper said. 'A lot of Native Americans come to shop here on the weekend or live here now…'

    Source: Excerpt of article from the Denver Post, 22 Jan 2000.