Samuel Payne

Male, #43210, (circa 1793 - circa 1864)
Father*William Isaac Payne (1755 - 1818)
Mother*Mary Abigail Swint (1768 - 29 Aug 1852)
Birth*circa 1793 Samuel was born at Columbia Co., Georgia, circa 1793. 
Relocationbetween 1808 and 1815 He was an accompanying familiy member in the relocation of William Isaac Payne between 1808 and 1815 at Twiggs Co., Georgia
War of 1812*between 1813 and 1814 Samuel was reported in one genealogy to have been a major or colonel in the Army during the War of 1812. However, while he may have fought in it, it is unlikely he would have held such a high rank ar such an early age. 
Marriage*circa 1813 He married Elizabeth Stuart at Georgia circa 1813. 
Birth of Soncirca 1815 His son Claiborne John Payne was born circa 1815 at Georgia
Death of Father1818 His father William Isaac Payne died in 1818 at Twiggs Co., Georgia.1 
Deed*Sep 1818 He was granted a deed in Sep 1818 at Butler Co., Alabama,

Records from the Cahaba Land Co. Receivers Office in Milledgeville, GA, (Book 300) show John and Samuel Payne of Twiggs Co. bought land at Sec 3, Tsp 10, Rng 14. At the same time William Payne from Twiggs Co., GA bought land in Butler Co., AL, Sec 26, Tsp 11, Rng 14.2,3 
Relocation14 Jan 1819 "On the evening of the 14 Jan 1819, the peace of the happy forest of oaks was disburbed by a train of emigrants" and the Paynes were listed among the first settlers to arrive (in what was soon to become Butler Co., AL). In Ball's History of Clarke County, AL (pp. 330-331), there is the assertion that "William Isaac Payne and Mary Abigail Shouse [sic] (from Twiggs Co., GA) joined the Coleman Caravan in Dalton, GA in 1817 and moved west to Lowndes Co., AL." Actually, William Sr. died in Twiggs Co. in 1818, and the William cited must have been his son William Jr. who moved with his brothers and their Mother. Also, the 1817 date seems premature based on the date of death of William Sr in Twiggs Co.4 
Voted1 Aug 1820 Butler Co., AL was created 13 Dec 1819 and the first election was held in Aug 1820. Included on the list of voters were three of the sons of William Payne: Samuel, Daniel and John.5 
1830 Census*1 Jun 1830 Samuel was listed as the head of a family on the 1830 Census at Butler Co., Alabama. (Samuel Payne, 1M0-4, 1M5-9, 1M30-39, 2F0-4, 1F5-9 1F30-39).6 
1840 Census*1 Jun 1840 Samuel was listed as the head of a family on the 1840 Census on 1 Jun 1840 at Butler Co., Alabama.
((Samuel Payne, 1M15-19, 1M40-49, 1F40-49)).7 
1850 Census*1 Jun 1850 Samuel was listed as the head of a family (Samuel Payne, 57, M, Farmer, 2000, GA; no other family members) on the 1850 Census at Butler Co., Alabama.8 
Death of Mother29 Aug 1852 His mother Mary Abigail Swint died on 29 Aug 1852 at Sandy Ridge, Lowndes Co., Alabama.9,10 
1860 Census*1 Jun 1860 Samuel was listed as the head of a family (Saml Payne, 66, M, Farmer, RE=13,000, PE=83,065, GA; living alone and next door to son, C. J. Payne) on the 1860 Census at Butler Co., Alabama.11 
Death*circa 1864 He died at Butler Co., Alabama, circa 1864. 
Probate*after 1864 A probate action was taken on his estate after 1864 at Butler Co., Alabama,

Reportedly (no proof yet found), the heirs of Samuel Payne were his grandchildren., the children of Claiborn J. and Dorcas Sanderson Payne. 


Elizabeth Stuart (circa 1796 - before 1850)
Marriage*circa 1813 He married Elizabeth Stuart at Georgia circa 1813. 
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