Linwood Martin Culpepper

Male, #42013, (7 Oct 1898 - 25 Jul 1957)
Father*Daniel Webster Culpepper (19 Nov 1866 - 30 Apr 1940)
Mother*Ida Adkins (Jan 1879 - )
DNA* Linwood has been proven by DNA and genealogical research to be a descendant of Henry Culpepper, III, who is a son of Henry Culpepper, Jr. of Lower Norfolk, VA, the son of Henry Culpepper of Lower Norfolk, the American Culpepper progenitor. 
Name Variation He was also known as Lynn.1 
Name Variation He was also known as Lin.2 
Birth*7 Oct 1898 Linwood was born at Currituck Co., North Carolina, on 7 Oct 1898.3 
1900 Census1 Jun 1900 Eddie and Linwood was listed as a son in Daniel Webster Culpepper's household on the 1900 Census at Washington District, Norfolk Co., Virginia.4 
1910 Census15 Apr 1910 Eddie and Linwood was listed as a son in Daniel Webster Culpepper's household on the 1910 Census at Butts Road District, Norfolk Co., Virginia.2 
World War I*between 1917 and 1918 He served in World War I between 1917 and 1918
(US Navy.)1,5 
Marriage*circa 1924 He married Madge Hazel Parker circa 1924.3,1 
1930 Census*1 Apr 1930 Linwood was listed as the head of a family on the 1930 Census at South Norfolk (city), Virginia.1 
1940 Census*1 Apr 1940 Lynn was listed as a patient on the 1940 Census at Eastern State Mental Hospital, Williamsburg (city), Virginia.6 
Death of Father30 Apr 1940 His father Daniel Webster Culpepper died on 30 Apr 1940. 
Death of Spouse14 Apr 1949 His wife Madge Hazel Parker died on 14 Apr 1949.3 
Death*25 Jul 1957 He died at Roanoke (city), Virginia, on 25 Jul 1957 at age 58.3 


Madge Hazel Parker (5 Feb 1904 - 14 Apr 1949)
Marriage*circa 1924 He married Madge Hazel Parker circa 1924.3,1 
ChartsHenry Culpepper Jr. of Norfolk Co., VA: Descendant Chart
Last Edited30 Oct 2012


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    Madge H. Culpepper, Wife, F, Wh, 26, md@20, NC/NC/NC
    Shirley V. Culpepper, Daughter, F, Wh, 4 6/12, sng, VA/NC/NC
    Lynn M. Culpepper Jr., Son, M, Wh, 2 1/12, sng, VA/NC/NC
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    Lillie R. Culpeper, Wife, F, Wh, 37, Md1-2 yrs, ch 0/0, NC/NC/NC, None
    Eddie C. Culpeper, Son, M, Wh, 14, S, VA/VA/VA, Laborer-Home Farm
    Lin Culpeper, Son, M, Wh, 11, S, VA/VA/VA, None
    Louis T. Culpeper, Nephew, M, Wh, 4, S, VA/VA/V, None.
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    Eddie Culpepper, Son, Wh, M, Jul 1895, 4, S, NC/NC/NC
    Sennie Culpepper, Son, Wh, M, Sep 1897, 2, S, NC/NC/NC
    -------- Culpepper, Son, Wh, M, Mar 1900, 1/12, S, NC/NC/NC
    Mattie Adkins, Mother-in-Law, Wh, F, Jan 1845, 55, Wd, ch 8/8, NC/NC/NC.
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