Charles Wesley Howe1,2,3

Male, #39862, (15 Jan 1874 - 16 May 1950)
Father*Joseph Edward Hough (25 Dec 1821 - 18 Jul 1885)
Mother*Mary Elizabeth Bardóenes (11 Jul 1837 - 28 Feb 1903)
Birth*15 Jan 1874 Charles was born at Troy, Pike Co., Alabama, on 15 Jan 1874.4 
Relocationcirca 1874 He, as a family member, accompanied Joseph Edward Hough in relocating circa 1874 at Santa Rosa Co., Florida
1880 Census1 Jun 1880 Joseph, George, Charles and Victor was listed as a son in Joseph Edward Hough's household on the 1880 Census at Santa Rosa Co., Florida.5 
Census1 Jun 1885 He listed as son(s) in the census report at Santa Rosa Co., Florida, on 1 Jun 1885.6 
Death of Father18 Jul 1885 His father Joseph Edward Hough died on 18 Jul 1885 at Bagdad, Santa Rosa Co., Florida
Marriage*15 Aug 1898 He married Mamie E. Clark at Santa Rosa Co., Florida, on 15 Aug 1898 at age 24.7 
Death of Mother28 Feb 1903 His mother Mary Elizabeth Bardóenes died on 28 Feb 1903 at Bagdad, Santa Rosa Co., Florida.1 
Marriage*24 Nov 1903 He married Eva Dean at Milton, Santa Rosa Co., Florida, on 24 Nov 1903 at age 29.8 
Birth of Son1907 His son Cecil Charles Howe was born in 1907 at Florida
Birth of Sonsay 1910 His son Newton Howe was born say 1910 at Florida
Birth of Son1912 His son Francis Marion Howe was born in 1912 at Florida.9 
Death of Son1918 His son Newton Howe died in 1918 at Escambia Co., Florida.10 
1920 Census*1 Jan 1920 He was enumerated in the US Census of 1920 at Pensacola, Escambia Co., Florida.9 
Birth of Son9 Mar 1922 His son Walter Wiley Howe was born on 9 Mar 1922 at Pensacola, Escambia Co., Florida.11,12 
Birth of Son12 Jan 1925 His son Joseph Russell Howe was born on 12 Jan 1925.11 
1930 Census*1 Apr 1930 Charles was listed as the head of a family on the 1930 Census at Pensacola, Escambia Co., Florida.13 
Photographed*circa 1941 Left to Right:
Standing: Francis Marion 'Mack' Howe (son), Walter Wiley Howe (son), Charles Wesley Howe (the patriarch), Joseph 'Russell' Howe (son), Cecil Charles Howe (son)
Seated: Dorothy Dean Ferguson (granddaughter), Eva Dean Howe Ferguson (daughter), Jan Ferguson (granddaughter), Eva Dean Howe (wife of Charles), Elizabeth 'Beth' Howe Traxler (daughter), Anne Traxler (granddaughter), and Bernice Lewis Howe (Mack's wife).2,14
Howes & Deans
Death*16 May 1950 He died at Pensacola, Escambia Co., Florida, on 16 May 1950 at age 76.15 
Biography* Charles was a carpenter and a cabinet maker. 

Family 1

Mamie E. Clark (after 1870 - )
Marriage*15 Aug 1898 He married Mamie E. Clark at Santa Rosa Co., Florida, on 15 Aug 1898 at age 24.7 

Family 2

Eva Dean (24 Apr 1885 - 15 Nov 1966)
Marriage*24 Nov 1903 He married Eva Dean at Milton, Santa Rosa Co., Florida, on 24 Nov 1903 at age 29.8 
ChartsWLC / John Hogg: Descendant Chart (incl. Houghs and Howes)
Last Edited20 Apr 2010


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