Mary Culpeper of Wadhurst, co. Sussex1

Female, #37710, (say 1635 - circa 1685)
Father*Sir William Culpeper of Preston Hall in Aylesford, 1st Bart. (1588 - 1651)
Mother*Helen Spencer (s 1591 - 1677)
Name-AltSpell This surname is sometimes spelled Culpepper. 
Name-AltSpell This surname is sometimes spelled Colepeper. 
Birth*say 1635 Mary was born say 1635. 
Death of Father1651 Her father Sir William Culpeper of Preston Hall in Aylesford, 1st Bart. died in 1651.2 
Death of Mother1677 Her mother Helen Spencer died in 1677. 
Will*10 Jun 1684 She made a will on 10 Jun 1684.

Image of Mary's will may be found at:
If anyone would like to transcribe this will and furnish Culpepper Connections with a copy, it would be greatly appreciated.3 
Death*circa 1685 She died circa 1685. 
Probate*1685 Probate action was taken on Mary's estate in 1685 at co. Kent, England,

P.C.C. 32 Cann. 
Biography* Spinster. 
Research note*Oct 2012 From: John Buckley
Sent: Thursday, October 4, 2012
To: Warren Culpepper
Subject: Mary Culpeper of Wadhurst 1635-1685
You have posted a link to the will of Mary Colepeper of Wadhurst Sussex and invited a transcription. I don’t have time at the moment to make a full transcript, but I hope you will make do with my annotation.
Mary Colepepyr of Wadhurst Sussex, spinster, identifies herself as the daughter of the late Sir William Colepepyr. She left all her land and property (60 acres called Goost* in East Malling, 50 acres in Cobham and some land near the Little Bridge in Maidstone) to her nephew Sir Thomas Colepeper of Aylesford, Baronet. Out of this he was to pay all her debts and funeral expenses, doctor’s bills and dole out the following legacies; £200 to each of her two sisters, Alicia wife & Lady of Sir Thomas Culpeper of Hollingbourne; and Frances wife of Thomas Porter of Dewhurst, Wadhurst, Sussex. Her beloved maidservant Susanna Double was to be given £400; her brother (in law) Thomas Porter 20 shillings; John Chantler of Mayfield 40 shillings; Aylesford parish £10. All her personal estate was to be equally divided between her two sisters who were to be her joint executors. If her nephew Sir Thomas Culpeper of Aylesford failed to pay the legacies, then everything would go to her two sisters. She appointed her brother (in law) Sir Thomas Culpeper of Hollingbourne and Thomas Porter to be the Overseers of her will, which she signed on 10 June 1684 and which was proved by her two sisters on 13 March 1684/85.

As was the case in the 1680 will of her mother Helen Colepeper, the land & properties were left to the only son of Sir Richard Colepeper, namely Sir Thomas Colepeper 1654-1723 the lover of Elizabeth Wythens nee Taylor.

Kind regards
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