John Culpeper of Grays Inn, Essex1

Male, #37691, (say 1529 - 1561)
Father*John Culpeper of Preston Hall, Aylesford, Esq. (s 1494 - 1550)
Mother*Jane Whetenhall (s 1497 - )
Name-AltSpell This surname is sometimes spelled Culpepper. 
Name-AltSpell This surname is sometimes spelled Colepeper. 
Birth*say 1529 John was born say 1529. 
Death of Father1550 His father John Culpeper of Preston Hall, Aylesford, Esq. died in 1550. 
Honor*1553 John was honored in 1553. 
Will*14 Sep 1559 He made a will at Greys Inn, co. Essex, England, on 14 Sep 1559.

In the name of God Amen.
     In the fourteenth day of September in the year of our Lord God One Thousand Five Hundred Fifty Nine and in the first year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth. I John Colepepper of Greys fine health of body mind and remembrance do make and Ordain my Last Will and Testament in manor and form following.
     Inprimis I commend my soul into the hands of my maker loving Lord and sole Saviour Jesus Christ who by his dear sons death and precious pardon hath paid the ransom for my sins and redeemed me from the …… and bondage of my mortal foe the death.
     Item my body I will to be buried according to the discretion of my Executor.
     Item I give to my brother Richard Colepepper (Richard Culpeper of St. Bartholomew in Smithfield) and to his heirs and Assigns all my Lands Tenements Rents Annuities Goods Chattels Debts and Duties Millings and …. … the same Richard to…me … and …. Discharged against all….. to whom I shall stand indebted or charged either in right or in con….at …. Governor of my death.
     Item I make the said Richard my sole Executor of this my last Testament and if it fortune the said Richard to die before me then I make my sister Sedley (Anne Sedley) …. …. and all my Lands Ponds Fonts …. Annuities Heriditaments Goods Chattels and Duties.
I will then to remain and to be my brother Thomas Colepepper (Sir Thomas Culpeper of Preston Hall, Knight) and his heirs so that he shall nothing three months after my death put in sufficient bond of money …..insomuch to ... as my sister forsaid. I meant my dearest Sister shall name and appoint that he shall for me discharged against all … to …..
     I shall in con…. stand chargeable at the time of my death and also that he shall do his de.oi.t to can….my brother Edwards (Edward Culpeper) first son Noel and eventually to be bought up in good learnings and that he shall give …the younger of them Twenty Nobles a year to fund they time at his books during his …ynorite …. and nominate the payment thereof to begin the first annually at the said feast and the same ….. to be bestowed upon the child. By the discretion of any said Executrix and such other ….. as she shall think correct…. Provided always that my said brother Richard do survive me that they the making of my said ..sister mine Executrix with the decease made unto my said brother Thomas and all the Dependents though shall be … said and of no other And no matter … or …….. above writing be taken or reputed for my Will but only so much as it is beneficial and available to the said Richard.
     In witness whereof I give writing and publish this … …. my own hand the year and day about writing by me John Culpepper de Grays, June …. George Sorrell Edward Stansoppe James Good Doctor of Medicine.2,3 
Death*1561 He died in 1561. 
Probate*say 1561 Probate action was taken on John's estate say 1561 at co. Kent, England,

P.C.C. 5 Street. 
Will23 Dec 1648 He is mentioned in the will of Sir William Culpeper of Preston Hall in Aylesford, 1st Bart. at Aylesford, co. Kent, England, on 23 Dec 1648.4 
ChartsThe 12th century Culpepers of England: Descendant Chart (16 generations, Males only)
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