Cynthia Pepper1

Female, #36458
Father*Edward Jackson Culpepper (14 Jun 1902 - 1 Apr 1979)
Mother*Dawn S. (?) (8 Sep 1913 - 30 Mar 2006)
ChartsRobert Culpepper Jr. of Lower Norfolk Co., VA: Descendant Chart
Last Edited7 Feb 2010


  1. Cynthia Pepper, Actress
    TV audiences got to know Cynthia Pepper, briefly, as Margie, a short-lived TV series (1961 - 62) about a teenager in the Roaring Twenties. Before that she had made guest appearances on a few shows, and was a regular in the first season of My Three Sons (1960). Her first big movie role, however, was as Corporal Midge Riley in Kissin' Cousins. She captivates Jodie, the blonde "country" Elvis in the movie, by giving him a good judo throw and Elvis retaliates by singing "Tender Feeling" to her.