Elijah Clark Culpepper1

Male, #36311, (Mar 1841 - 13 Mar 1906)
Father*Neil Culpepper (c 1814 - b 1 Jun 1850)
Mother*Elizabeth Channel (c 1822 - )
DNA* To help confirm Elijah Clark Culpepper's descent from Henry Culpepper of Lower Norfolk, we are seeking a male Culpepper descendant of Elijah's to participate in our free DNA testing project. For more information, go to: http://gen.culpepper.com/dna
Birth*Mar 1841 Elijah was born at Muscogee Co., Georgia, in Mar 1841. 
1860 Census*1 Jun 1860 Elijah listed as a household member in the 1860 Census at Barbour Co., Alabama.2 
Civil War*between 1861 and 1865 He served in the War Between the States between 1861 and 1865

     Co. I, 39th Alabama Infantry. 
Marriage*21 Aug 1866 He married Harriet Lucinda Barnes at Barbour Co., Alabama, on 21 Aug 1866 at age 25.3 
Birth of Soncirca 1869 His son James M. Culpepper was born circa 1869 at Barbour Co., Alabama.4 
1870 Census*1 Jun 1870 Elijah was listed as the head of a family on the 1870 Census at Barbour Co., Alabama.5 
Birth of SonSep 1872 His son William H. Eugene Culpepper was born in Sep 1872 at Barbour Co., Alabama
1880 Census*1 Jun 1880 Elijah was listed as the head of a family on the 1880 Census at Coryell Co., Texas.4 
Birth of Son20 Jul 1880 His son John Wesley Culpepper was born on 20 Jul 1880 at Texas.6 
Birth of SonJul 1883 His son Jefferson Culpepper was born in Jul 1883 at Texas
1900 Census*1 Jun 1900 Elijah was listed as the head of a family on the 1900 Census at Cass Co., Texas.7 
Death*13 Mar 1906 He died at Cass Co., Texas, on 13 Mar 1906. 
Burial*circa 15 Mar 1906 His body was interred circa 15 Mar 1906 at Cedar Grove Cemetery, Douglasville, Cass Co., Texas


Harriet Lucinda Barnes (Aug 1842 - 3 Aug 1917)
Marriage*21 Aug 1866 He married Harriet Lucinda Barnes at Barbour Co., Alabama, on 21 Aug 1866 at age 25.3 
ChartsHenry Culpeper of Lower Norfolk: DNA Status Chart (Male only, 8 generations)
Joseph Culpepper of Morgan Co., GA: Descendant Chart
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    Louisa Upton, 14, F, GA
    Elijah Culpepper, 18, M, Farm laborer, GA
    (Given the facts that (a) Elijah's mother was Eliza Channel and (b) this census shows Elijah living with a Channel family, it is likely that Sinthia Channel was probably the mother of Eliza Channel, James Channel and Rebecca (Channel?) Upton, and the grandmother of Elijah).
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    James Mint Culpepper, M, 10, Son, S, AL GA GA
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    Jas. Culpepper, Son, M, Sep-1870, 29, S, AL GA GA, Farm Laborer
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