Charlotte Matilda Sharp

Female, #36268, (22 May 1848 - 10 Jul 1931)
Father*Samuel Thomas Sharp (4 Apr 1813 - 10 Dec 1871)
Mother*Sarah Senn (31 Oct 1817 - 2 Sep 1900)
Name Variation She was also known as Dollie. 
Name Variation She was also known as Charlotte Matilda Shorter
(Surname was possibly Shorter and not Sharp.) 
Birth*22 May 1848 Charlotte was born at South Carolina on 22 May 1848. 
Marriage*Feb 1865 She married James Pickens Culpepper at Quitman Co., Georgia, in Feb 1865 at age 16. 
Married NameFeb 1865  As of Feb 1865, her married name was Culpepper. 
Birth of Son19 Aug 1867 Her son James Henry Culpepper was born on 19 Aug 1867 at Alabama.1 
Birth of SonAug 1871 Her son Robert Francis Culpepper was born in Aug 1871 at Alabama
Death of Father10 Dec 1871 Her father Samuel Thomas Sharp died on 10 Dec 1871. 
Birth of Son13 Jul 1875 Her son Edward Clayton Culpepper was born on 13 Jul 1875 at Georgia.2,3 
1880 Census1 Jun 1880 Charlotte was listed as James Pickens Culpepper's wife on the 1880 Census at Brooks Co., Georgia.4 
Death of Spouse1 Aug 1898 Her husband James Pickens Culpepper died on 1 Aug 1898 at Panola Co., Texas
1900 Census*1 Jun 1900 Charlotte was listed as the head of a family on the 1900 Census at Panola Co., Texas.5 
Death of Mother2 Sep 1900 Her mother Sarah Senn died on 2 Sep 1900 at Panola Co., Texas
1910 Census15 Apr 1910 Charlotte was listed as a mother in Edward Clayton Culpepper's household on the 1910 Census at Harrison Co., Texas.6 
Letter/Message Text*circa 1924  She wrote circa 1924 at Jefferson, Marion Co., Texas:
Friday 20 [Month and Year unknown]
Dear Lois,
     I get the Sharp record wrote the best I can. My grandmother Sharp dropped dead in the yard of her father in South Carolina. Then Grandpa moved to Pike Co, Alabama with his three youngest children two boys and a girl. The two boys went to the Civil War. One never came back. John came back and married twice and all died there in Alabama. My two sisters went back to Granitsville, South Carolina is why they married there, but I found an old boy good enough for me about one mile over in Georgia to marry. When I see you I will tell you how that come about. Now I tell you why I was never called my name. Pa wanted to name me Dollie Matilda. Mother wanted Charlotte but I never been called anything but Dollie. Never knew my other name until I was nearly gron and fount it in the bible.
     Well lois, we are all well but cold. Hope you all got well. Got a letter from Bernice telling me your address so I sent this letter to you-tell me if you get it. Frank came before I got my visit out. Alice and me was going to your house if I got to stay longer. Frank wrote this letter for me, I dictated and he wrote. I could have told you a lot more if you had asked me about it while I was there, -had so many that we could not talk. Alice never knew that your grandfather and grandmother were married in Alabama and your mother was born in Alabama.
     Love to every one of you, write,
     Your Aunt Dollie Culpepper
     Route 4
     Jefferson, Texas
Great-great-niece Judi (Cathy) Sharp Allen provided the letter above and added: "Dollie Culpepper aparently could not write very well as her son wrote the letter for her. It was her grandmother Sharp that fell dead but she does not say what her maiden name was. There remained family connections in South Carolina as her sisters went back to South Carolina and were married there. Samuel Thomas Sharp's father, who ever he was moved to Pike county Alabama some time well before the Civil war."7
Photographed*say 1925 She was photographed say 1925 at Jefferson, Marion Co., Texas.7
Charlotte M. (Sharp) Culpepper
1930 Census1 Apr 1930 Charlotte was listed as a mother in Edward Clayton Culpepper's household on the 1930 Census at Marion Co., Texas.8 
Death*10 Jul 1931 She died at Jefferson, Marion Co., Texas, on 10 Jul 1931 at age 83.9,10 
Burial*circa 12 Jul 1931 Her body was interred circa 12 Jul 1931 at Langley Cemetery, Beckville, Panola Co., Texas.11,12 
Researcher* Judi (Cathy) Sharp Allen would welcome receiving additional information on the Sharp family. (Contact info in footnote.)7 


James Pickens Culpepper (25 Oct 1840 - 1 Aug 1898)
Marriage*Feb 1865 She married James Pickens Culpepper at Quitman Co., Georgia, in Feb 1865 at age 16. 
Last Edited22 Nov 2011


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    She is referred to a Mrs. C M Culpepper in her request for pension as well, so this is most certainly her grave.