Florence Virginia Culpepper

Female, #35062, (8 May 1907 - 5 Aug 1967)
Father*George Green Culpepper (1 Jul 1852 - 16 Mar 1928)
Mother*Hattie Grace Herring (2 Jun 1865 - 28 Feb 1946)
Birth*8 May 1907 Florence was born at Lone Oak, Meriwether Co., Georgia, on 8 May 1907. 
1910 Census15 Apr 1910 Florence was listed as a daughter in George Green Culpepper's household on the 1910 Census at Lone Oak, Meriwether Co., Georgia.1 
1920 Census1 Jan 1920 Florence was listed as a daughter in George Green Culpepper's household on the 1920 Census at Lone Oak, Meriwether Co., Georgia.2 
Photographed*say 1923 She was photographed say 1923 at Meriwether Co., Georgia.
Florence Virginia Culpepper
Death of Father16 Mar 1928 Her father George Green Culpepper died on 16 Mar 1928 at Lone Oak, Meriwether Co., Georgia.3 
1930 Census1 Apr 1930 Florence was listed as a daughter in Hattie Grace Herring's household on the 1930 Census at Lone Oak, Meriwether Co., Georgia.4 
Marriage*30 May 1937 She married George Warren Johnson at Georgia on 30 May 1937 at age 30. 
Married Name30 May 1937  As of 30 May 1937, her married name was Johnson. 
Death of Mother28 Feb 1946 Her mother Hattie Grace Herring died on 28 Feb 1946 at Lone Oak, Meriwether Co., Georgia.5,6 
Death*5 Aug 1967 She died at Lone Oak, Meriwether Co., Georgia, on 5 Aug 1967 at age 60. 
Burial*6 Aug 1967 Her body was interred on 6 Aug 1967 at Allen-Lee Cemetery, Lone Oak, Meriwether Co., Georgia.7 
Biography* The following is from a 7 Jun 1997 letter from Mrs. Wayne (Rosalind Johnson) Edmondson: Eleanor has provided you most of the same information that I have, but I have a few tid-bits to offer. I am including some information about George Green Culpepper, youngest son of George Washington Culpepper, and father of Florence Virginia Culpepper Johnson, my mother. Also included are some excerpts from a booklet compiled by students, associates and friends of my mother titled "WIT AND WISDOM OF FLORENCE C. JOHNSON", that shows that she carried on the Culpepper traits of wit and wisdom. From the three issues of "The Crystal" Mother's, Margaret's and Eleanor's college annuals, I have copied the pages that reference them.... Getting to my mother, Florence Virginia Culpepper, there was virtually nothing that she couldn't do. She was a teacher, excellent cook, an artist, a poet, an athlete, played the piano, could sew, had beautiful flowers and garden, she could wire a lamp, refinish furniture, shoot a gun, name the constellations in the sky, she could name all the trees, weeds, wild flowers, snakes, lizards, birds; these were some of her talents. Florence Virginia Culpepper was born May 8, 1907 in Meriwether County Ga. Baptized October, 1916 Old Prospect Methodist Church, Lone Oak, Ga. Died August 5, 1967 in hospital, LaGrange, Ga. Buried at Allen Lee Memorial United Methodist Church, Lone Oak, Ga. She married George Warren Johnson May 30, 1937 in Atlanta, Ga. She graduated from the Georgia State Teachers College in Athens Ga in 1927 with an AB degree in Education with her major in math. She attended summer school at the University of Virginia to study higher mathematics in the early 1930's. In 1957 she attended summer school at the University of Georgia in Athens, Ga. for more courses in the newer math that was emerging in school curriculum. More detailed information is in the newspaper article from the Hogansvil1e Herald in 1958 when she was Star Teacher that Year in Hogansville High school. Sorry I do not have the exact date of the clipping. The following is from a 1958 issue of the Hogansville Herald courtesy of Mrs. Wayne (Rosalind Johnson) Edmondson: Mrs. Johnson Is 'Teacher of Year' Mrs. Warren Johnson, high school mathematics teacher, has been elected by her fellow teachers as Hogansville's "Teacher of The Year" for 1958. Mrs. Johnson, an unassuming mother of three, has carried the main portion of the mathematics load at Hogansville High School since 1946. A popular figure of the campus, Mrs. Johnson has made her influence felt in many ways besides in the classroom Mrs. Johnson was Florence Culpepper before her marriage. She attended a two-teacher ungraded school in the country near Lone Oak, where her people have lived for generations. With that thorough background she went on to finish her last two years of high school at State Normal in Athens. She then entered Georgia State Teachers College in Athens and hers was the last class to graduate before that school was made part of the University. Her first teaching job was in Luthersvll!e for two years and then she went to West Point for seven years. In 1937 she married Warren Johnson of Hogansville and taught one year before dropping out to start a family. She came back into teaching in 1946 and has taught continuously since that time. She is the mother of Nancy Grace Johnson, sophomore in college; Rosalind Johnson, junior in high school, and Bill Johnson, seventh grader. Mathematics has always been her major teaching field. She has also done some work in Physical Education. To add to her college work she attended the University of Virginia for two summers. Florence Johnson is first and foremost a dedicated teacher. She is known as one of the best mathematics teachers in this part of the country in spite of mathematics being a field in which women do not often excel. She is beloved and respected by the girls and boys in her class. Discipline comes natural to her; she holds her class through interest in the work and good fellowshlp rather than force. All boys and many glrls are called by their last names in her classes. Her abrupt but friendly manner and her ever-present sense of humor keep a natural easy atmosphere in her classroom. She has always expected and demanded a great deal from her students, prodding the brilliant to live up to their potential and showny [slowly?] with the slow to help them to catch on. Students always consider Mrs. Johnson fair and open-minded on any question pertaining to either classwork or outside problems. Athletics has always been interesting to Mrs. Johnson. As a young teacher, she taught physical education along with mathematics, and she has never stopped taking part in the athletic program. She can stlll outrun any girl in her classroom and sometimes proves it when she is getting them ready for an intramural track meet. This tendency to get close to the students through their athletic interests has continued through the years and is part of her secret of getting more out of them in the classroom. Over the years, she has assisted basketball coaches, played informal games during off periods, and is now a regular sponsor for the cheerleaders. In the last capacity she rides with players and cheerleaders on the bus to every out-of-town game. Here, as everywhere, she demands and gets the highest in personal behavior. Mrs. Johnson also helps with the senior program at the end of school, sometimes going on the senior trlp. At the same time she has managed to rear her own youngsters to the advantage or all concerned, in spite of a full schedule. Her interest in the morals of her students is one of the most valuable points of Mrs. Johnson as a teacher. Many a father or mother has called to ask her to talk to their child, or to say a word in his behalf if he were in trouble. All her students have felt that she had their real interest at heart and this has been one or her strongest ties with the students. In late years, when Mrs. Johnson has had advanced geometry students but not enough hours in the day to teach them, she has combined plane and solid geometry classes, the latter using the floor at the back of the room for a blackboard to work out their problems. Always by that time she and her advanced pupils are on such a firm footing that she can handle the two classes in the same hour with no trouble. Top Math Students Hogansville takes great pride in the achievement of its mathematics students in college and later life. Many have been placed in merit classes in college and in special advanced courses in the service. Two of her mathematics students have won four-year scholarships through competitive examinations. Her former pupils make a practice of reporting to her their progress and how much she helped them. Outside Activities Her school work comes first but she has also found time for church work, Boy Scout work and Girl Scout work. She has been very active in the Community Improvement Club; she is a teacher of a Sunday School Class at the First Methodist Church. Florence has been a member of the Garden Club. She has applied for a summer scholarship in mathematics at the University of North Carolina. She is a strong advocate of meetings with other mathematics teachers at GEA and always brings back new ideas. Florence Johnson is modest almost to the point of withdrawal from public limelight, and yet her presence has always been felt in all school and community activities. A youthful, slender and neat-appearing person, she has the selfless air of a real teacher, concerned mainly with the problems of others. She keeps a firm grasp on three main purposes in life--being a good teacher, a good wife and mother, and strong moral influence on young people. It is with great pride that Hogansville offers Mrs. Warren Johnson as Teacher of the Year for 1958. The following is from the LaGrange Daily News Saturday 5 Aug 1967: Prominent Teacher Dies Today Mrs. Warren Johnson, 60, Hogansville High School teacher died at City County Hospital Saturday morning following an illness of several months. A teacher for the Hogansville School system for the past 20 years, she had taught in West Point for nine years prior. She was graduate of the University of Georgia and was active in the WSCS and First Methodist Church of Hogansville. She was the daughter of the late George Culpepper and Grace Herring Culpepper, members of prominent and pioneer families of Meriwether County Mrs. Johnson was a native of Meriwether County having spent most of her life in this area. She was the Star Teacher for the years of 1959, '61, '64 and '66 with the Hogansville High School Annual being dedicated to her in 1965. She was the Teacher of the Year in 1958 and 59 and honor teacher of the Honor Council in 1964 and '65. Survivors are her husband, Warren Johnson of Hogansville; two daughters, Mrs. Norman Gray of Fayetteville and Miss Rosalind Johnson of Atlanta; one son G. Warren Johnson Jr. of Jacksonville, Fla; and four grandchildren. Funeral services will be held Sunday at 3 p.m. at the chapel of the Claude A. McKibben Funeral Home in Hogansville conducted by Rev. Kenneth Culp assisted by Rev. Donald Folsom. Burial will be in the Allen-Lee Memorial Methodist Church Cemetery at Lone Oak. The body of Mrs. Johnson will be at Claude A. McKibben Funeral Home in Hogansville. 


George Warren Johnson (24 Nov 1902 - 16 Jun 1983)
Marriage*30 May 1937 She married George Warren Johnson at Georgia on 30 May 1937 at age 30. 
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